Thursday, August 30, 2007

Richard Bernabe's RiverVenture

Richard Bernabe is a very talented photographer, writer, and fly fisher who is going to be spending the next month paddling his canoe 250 miles across the state of South Carolina.

The most frequently asked (and obvious) question is, “Why?” I don’t have one answer that fully explains all of my motives. The closest explanation might be one borrowed from Teddy Roosevelt before his expedition on the River of Doubt in the Amazon in 1913.'It’s my last chance to be a boy again.'”

Richard will be blogging his trip from the North Carolina line down the Broad River and finally into Charleston harbor.

Paul Thompson: Back to Back

Marion, North Carolina hunting and fishing guide, Paul Garrett Thompson, has claimed back to back titles in the Field and Stream magazine's 2007 Total Outdoorsman Challenge. He won 25k and according to a report in the Asheville Citizen-Times he is a young man who has his priorities in order.

Thompson said after the competition that he would buy his girlfriend “a diamond.”

He meant he’ll buy her a bow, made by Diamond.

ESPN'S Baron: On Fishing With Billionaires

ESPN feature producer Don Barone is so entertaining that we should probably name him the "Outdoor Writer Laureate" of The fact that he is already a highly paid ESPN employee is however somewhat problematic.
Don's latest story lets us follow him as he goes small mouth Bass fishing on Lake Erie with Buffalo, NY whipped topping magnet and fishing Billionaire, Bob Rich. Heavy rains and lightning, Niagara Falls and a finicky outboard motor make for the kind of story you just know couldn't possibly be made up:
Since this is where all of Lake Erie drains into the Niagara River — which is something I'm kind of focusing on right now, since we are shooting along in the current in a boat with the motor turned off, and I know that the Niagara River has this nasty habit of draining over NIAGARA FALLS — and have I mentioned, the damned boat isn't turned on?
And when he goes to start it, the motor coughs and goes silent.

True story!
It's about here that I'm thinking maybe I've pushed myself too hard in trying to land that mocha layered ice cream dessert thing.

So as we shoot along in the current, Capt. Jim looks back at Bob and says, "I should probably have that engine looked at."
And maybe before you shut it off ABOVE the falls.
Read Don Barone's latest misadventure via ESPN Outdoors.

What the well dressed fly flinger is wearing this season..

We here at the home office like to think that we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the world of fly fishing. To that end we couldn't help but note that a few of our fellow fly fishing bloggers have recently been photographed wearing the same article of high end fly fishing couture.

Left to right Pete McDonald from Fishing Jones, Tom Chandler from Trout Underground, and on the far right some unscrupulous angler who just won't give up using strike indicators.

Want your own ticket into the world of hip fly fishing and the new media? Visit Reel Pure.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Book Review: "So Many Fish, So Little Time"

One look at Mark D. Williams' book, "So Many Fish, So Little Time" and you are immediately struck by sheer size of the tome. The book's 860 pages and the promise of taking you to "1001 places all anglers should visit before they go to that great fishing paradise in the sky" left me wondering how one man could possibly fish so much and at the same time feeling sorry for the poor postman who had to lug this gigantic book to my door.

"So Many Fish, So Little Time" is both a fly fishing reference guide as well as the diary of one angler's fishing adventures. The book is broken down into geographical sections that range from different regions of the United States to Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the South Pacific, and as they once said in those late night K-tel album commercials, much, much, more.

Each section of the book includes a few paragraphs on several of the notable streams and rivers of the area and the author does a great job of interspersing stories of his own fishing adventures through out the stream overviews. These anecdotes are what set this book apart from being a mere encyclopedia of fishing spots and make it a very entertaining read.

For instance, in the section on Colorado's Blue River the author refers to the popular fishing venue as one of the most expensive places to fish in the United States. Not because of fees or expensive lodging but rather because of the outlet mall that it flows behind and his significant other's love of shopping.

In another section about North Carolina's blue ribbon Davidson River he refers to it as "a great place to get fairly skunked too." He is absolutely correct and you have to admire a fishing author who isn't afraid to use the word skunked in an article about any river that has been written up as much as the Davidson.

In addition to the entertainment value each section also includes information about stream access, fly suggestions and a list of a few of each area's fly shops and fishing guides. Having all of this information in one location makes this a valuable reference.

Due to its size I do not think that this book intends to be one that many anglers will sit down with on a winter's night and read from cover to cover. However, after receiving the book for this review I have found myself continually referring to it as a planning tool for future trips or when I've found a few quiet moments to read about a spot I have heard of but have yet to fish.

"So Many Fish, So Little Time" by Mark D. Williams is published by Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY and is available via ISBN 978-0-06-088239-6

Fly Casting with Howell Morgan

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Want to bet?

"Lorne Weil will fish offshore. He'll fish for trout on the Connetquot River. He will fly fish for striped bass and bluefish in the waters off the north shore of East Hampton and Amagansett."I'm a fishing nut," says the chief executive of Scientific Games, a company that he's taken from $43 million in revenue in 1992 to roughly a billion dollars today."
Link via

The Bow and Arrow Cast

The blue line fly fisher's best friend!

Marketing to the Flyfisherman: Pocket Shots

Via Uncrate we bring you news of the latest innovation in the world of fly fishing. The Pocket Shot.

Pocket Shot is an innovative new concept that provides the consumer with “grab and go” convenient and user-friendly package for alcoholic beverages. Packaged with a distinctive shape to resemble a miniature bottle complete with bottleneck for easy pouring and a high quality sheen with bright graphics, Pocket Shot is truly the first new concept in alcohol packaging to hit shelves in North America.Each Pocket Shot comes in a 50 ml single serve flexible stand-up pouch containing 80 proof varietals including:

• Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged Four Years
• Imported Caribbean Gold Rum
• Premium, Triple Distilled Vodka
• London Dry Gin
• Especial Gold Tequila Imported from Mexico

Pocket Shot developer Jarrold Bachmann devised the idea for the product after seeing the workers at his farm in South Africa buy simple, crude 25 ml plastic sachets of alcohol to celebrate payday. “As someone who loves being outdoors, traveling and sports, I saw an opportunity to develop a product to fit my lifestyle and extend across all demographics from the older golfer to the Extreme Sport generation,” stated Bachmann. “Looking at how market demand has exploded for single serve, ‘on-the-fly’ convenient and easy-to-use products, I wanted to develop something that consumers want and can use anywhere,” said Bachmann.

Each pocket shot is designed to fit snuggly in the pocket of a fishing vest or the back pocket in the pair of cutoff jeans worn by a model trying to crank a reel with the wrong hand.

Monday, August 27, 2007

No Winter Draw Down for Tenn. Lakes

According to the TVA has announced that their will be no winter draw down on the state's lakes. The reason? Lakes are already at post draw down levels due to this year's extreme drought. The lack of rain and high temperatures are hurting the states fishing economy as well. Low water means wade-able tail waters and no float trips.
"I've sat here 3 or 4 days in succession and will do hardly any business," said Cal Ralston.Ralston owns CR Outfitters in Norris. He sells fly fishing supplies and guides tourists hoping to fish the Clinch river, but lately he spends most of his days not on the water, but in the shop.
"The people that wade this stream, they don't have a need for supplies, so they don't come by," Ralston said. "They come by and sit on the sofa and talk to us a little, but you can't put that in a cash register."

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where old bobbers go to die...

Click the photo to get the complete effect

Fly Fishing is....

In a moment of boredom on the computer and when I should have been taking a nap to help speed my recovery from last nights Finger Eleven, Puddle of Mud, Nickelback concert, I decided to play around with Google's search engine by asking the obvious question that is on all our minds, Fly fishing is... Here are a few of the answers:

Fly fishing is "reeling" in more women (most of whom I know would be extremely angry to think they had been reeled in by any one or thing.)

Fly fishing is easy (I wish they would quit telling people that. It is actually very hard and you can get eaten by bears or panthers so you should just stay home and read about fly fishing on the Internet instead.)

Interest in "fly fishing is not as acute as it was in the wake of the 1992 release of The Movie." (Obviously, this is because it is so difficult and dangerous and you could be eaten by bears or panthers. The better half does however say that we look pretty acute in our waders and fishing vest. )

"Fly-fishing is definitely an art, but it doesn't take Rembrandt to be good at it." (Obviously they have never seen my casting style. I would describe it as impressionistic at best.)

"Fly fishing is just a metaphor for taking control of your life again." How can we argue with that?

Note that we purposely left out all references to fly fishing is "the quiet sport." Obviously the folks who coined this over-used phrase have never fished with any of my pals. Usually the only quiet one is the one who isn't catching fish.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fly Fishing People: Heather Seitz

One of the top competitors at the recent FIPS-Mouche Southeast Qualifier was 18 year old Heather Seitz of Hampton, PA. Before the Southeast competition Ms. Sietz placed 20th at the World Youth Fly Fishing Championships. She is pictured here with her coach, Loren Williams.

On Fishing Creek, Ms. Seitz cast a hand-tied, beaded Red Devil nymph on a No. 16 hook with a No. 12 Stonefly dropper on 4X tippet -- a combination that pulled one trout from a submerged spring. She said she lost another and had several additional hits.

Ms. Seitz started fishing when she was 4. She took up fly fishing to spend more time with her father.
"No pun intended," she said, "but I got hooked. ... I've seen the numbers of women [fly anglers] growing. It's so positive. I've taken some of my friends out and taught them. Hopefully the numbers will be going up in the future."

We found out that Ms. Seitz was quite the competitor at the Southeast event when she came back to the score keeping room after the first day of fishing, soaking wet after going swimming in order to land a fish. In case you had not guessed, she qualified for the national championships later this year in Colorado.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Across the street from the liquor store...

Via the Hatch, Here's a link to an article about opening a flyshop in an urban area:

“My menu is a little different,” said Roche, using an analogy to match his former career. “If you like French food, you go to a French restaurant. If you like hamburgers, you go to McDonald’s. I am more of a French food kind of place.”

The owner of the liquor store across the street is excited about the future stream of fly fishers who will be visiting the neighborhood.

“It’s certainly a destination store,” said John Negrotti, 20-year owner of Silver Lake Liquors, which is two doors down from the fly-fishing shop. “And a lot of pedestrians will enjoy walking into the shop. I am excited about it. It will add and interesting dynamic to the neighborhood.”

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hump day Links

It is Wednesday or Humpy day as we like to call it here at the world headquarters. For us this means an entire day of meetings chock full of power point presentations and excel spreadsheets. For you, hopefully it means you can steal a few moments of the company time and check out some of the best recent posts from some of our pals in the blogosphere.
We note with glee that over in the UK, Alistair from the Urban Fly Fisher has aligned himself with the dark side and started fishing with a woolly bugger.
“I want to catch a trout on the dry fly” said my Italian friend - I decided to put on an olive sparkly woolly bugger - the first time I have ever fished with such a fly - from what I know about fishing with streamers the conditions seemed right.
His result is typical for those of us who fish sub-surface.
After catching three trout on almost consecutive casts I decided more of these flies were going in my box for occasions of high water - I suppose it means I can fish in times I would ordinarily not go - It was enjoyable in the way I find loch fishing enjoyable - not needing to think too much about drag or finding out what insects are hatching.
We welcome him eagerly into the darkness.
Bennett over at Moldy Chum is giving away schwag in the form of a Moldy Chum window decal that is the perfect way to adorn your preferred mode of fishing conveyance. Having one of these on your Cherokee is a sure way to attract the babes.
Pete from Fishing Jones and author of the article for Boating Magazine that allowed us to mention the words "Cindy Garrison Bikini" which to this day drives us hundreds of hits a month, has started an excellent contest that asks his readers to craft a "Papa style" six word fishing story. Writers block...can't think...going fishing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We wonder if there are any McCloud Trout There?

Actor Dennis Weaver's family is donating a 60 acre park to the town of Ridgway, Colorado.
The park, located north of Ridgway on the west side of US Hwy. 550, will be separated from a 175-acre tract purchased by Dennis Weaver in 1988. In addition to conservation benefits, the park will offer world-class fly-fishing and new scenic hiking and bicycling trails.
The remaining 115 acres of the tract will become a low-density “green” housing development called RiverSage. The 19 planned two-acre home sites have been strategically clustered in areas of minimal visual and wildlife impact, away from the river corridor and riparian areas that will be permanently protected from any future development.

Post Bubble: What to do with all that land?

The wife is safely in bed now so as I open the box that my shiny new four piece Orvis 9 foot 5 weight (you can never have to many of those you know) came in today I read that The Saint Joe Company, a Florida real estate developer / tract builder, has announced a strategic partnership with Orvis, Inc.

From their recent press release:

Northwest Florida is a place of incredible natural beauty,” said JOE chairman and CEO Peter S. Rummell. “By allying with Orvis, we believe we can help provide innovative and extraordinary outdoor experiences to visitors and JOE property owners. In addition, Orvis shares our commitment to conservation, and we will be looking for ways to work together to protect the lands with special environmental attributes in Northwest Florida for future generations.”

“In recent years, JOE has become a corporate leader in managing their real estate assets as natural treasures to be protected and enhanced,” said Orvis CEO Leigh (“Perk”) Perkins, Jr.

“No other real estate company has five full-time biologists on staff, has permanently protected more than 170,000 acres, has developed specific programs for protecting twelve threatened or endangered species, has partnered with two dozen federal, state and local environmental organizations, and has set a new standard for watershed protection through its large-scale regional planning efforts.”

“We are very excited to work with JOE to create opportunities for people to experience and enjoy Northwest Florida’s natural beauty,” said Perkins. “I believe our alliance will ultimately benefit local communities, visitors to the region and everyone who appreciates the importance of protecting our most special places.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will work to develop Orvis operated shooting and fly-fishing schools in Northwest Florida and will work as a team to envision a community concept created around the Orvis lifestyle
. In addition, the two companies will evaluate the creation of an Orvis Club facility in the region. Orvis designs and brands signature eco-travel experiences that can also be integrated into JOE’s rural recreational land sales program in the region.

“We look forward to working with Orvis to integrate their 150-year heritage of outdoor traditions and distinctive country living into JOE’s RiverCamps and other rural recreational real estate products,” said Rummell. “Through our combined experience, expertise and creativity, we believe we can find innovative ways for people to reconnect with nature in a meaningful way.”

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fly Fishing Team USA: Southeast Qualifier Results

The results are in from the Fly Fishing Team USA qualifier held in Cherokee, North Carolina this weekend. Conditions were tough to say the least as temps hovered in the 90's and river levels were at all time lows. 18 anglers caught a total of 88 countable trout during three sessions. Ten anglers qualifed to compete at the national championships in Colorado along with three additional fishers who had made the cut at previous events.

Loren Williams took the top spot at the event with 14 fish and 9260 points. Steve Parrot of Blue Quill Anglers in Evergreen, Colorado took second with a score of 5910 and 10 trout. Chris Lee rounded out the top three with 8 trout and 4810 points.

Stay tuned for more info about competitive fly fishings first trip to the Carolinas.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Southeast Qualifiers This Weekend

This weekend the FlyfishMagazine crew is packing up our camera gear and heading to Cherokee, North Carolina to cover the Southeast qualifier for Fly Fishing Team USA. Low water conditions and air temperatures in the 90's should make this a challenging event for the participants. Internet connections and for that matter even cell phone reception can be hard to come by in this somewhat remote part of the state. However, keep checking back here for an inside look at competitive fly fishing's first visit to the Carolinas.

Ross Essence FS & FC Fly Rods

Last month we brought you the news that Ross Reels Worldwide was expanding their product line to include fly rods. Now we have more details about their Mel Krieger endorsed FS and FC combo's that will enter the market at $199 and $249 price points.

NEW FOR 2008!

Essence FS and Essence FC Fly Fishing Outfits
Includes Mel Krieger’s Instructional DVD "Beginnings, An Introduction to Fly Fishing"

The Essence Fly Fishing Outfits are complete outfits. Simply tie on a fly and you are ready to fish! All of the products included with these outfits are top quality. In fact, they are the same high quality Ross products that we sell individually, but when purchased together as part of a complete outfit, you save money!

The Essence Fly Fishing Outfits are available in three sizes – 3/4wt., 5/6wt. and 7/8wt., covering everything from small streams to light saltwater. Each outfit is built around an Essence series fly rod, which is named after Mel Krieger’s most notable work – The Essence of Flycasting. These rods were designed with Mel to satisfy the most advanced anglers, as well as those just starting out. Mel Krieger is unquestionably the top fly fishing instructor in the world, and his Beginnings - An Introduction To Fly Fishing DVD that is included with each outfit makes learning the sport of fly fishing a fast, easy and fun experience for every level of fly angler.
Each outfit also includes a Ross designed fly reel that is pre-spooled with a high quality fly line, backing and a 9’ tapered leader. In addition, we have included a durable carrying case to protect your outfit when traveling or in storage. The Essence FS Fly Fishing Outfits are priced at just $199.00 and the upgraded Essence FC Fly Fishing Outfits are priced at just $249.00. These complete fly fishing outfits will get you on the water with quality tackle at an affordable price. For your money, there is not a better value on the market today! Available October 1, 2007.
For more information about these new fly fishing outfits, please contact the Ross factory at 970-249-1212 or visit the company online at
One exciting fact about these rods is that they are not your typical entry level 2 piece long rods, but rather four piece rods. Having the four piece rod and carrying case that allows the reel to remain attached opens a world of doors for the travel minded fly fisher. Although aimed at the new fly fisher, if these rods prove themselves at the casting pool Ross may have hit on one of the most affordable ways yet to add options to your fly rod collection.
These rods are definitely on our list to test cast during at the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver next month. According to a separate press release that we received the Essence rods will also be available outside of the combo:

All three series are 4-piece rods that ship complete with a rod sock and rod case. The three Essence rod series are priced at just $99.00, $149.00 and $199.00. These fly rods will set a new standard for what an angler should expect from an affordably priced fly rod. For your money, there is not a better value on the market today! Available October 1, 2007.
If any readers get their hands on one of these before we do be sure to send us a report.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Clark, Can we ride the Salmon Coaster?"

Lets pack up the Griswald kids and head out to LL Bean's new theme park slated to open around 2010.
The company wants to develop an outdoor adventure center with lodging and dining on 700 acres it owns at the corner of Desert Road and Interstate 295. A 9-hole golf course currently operates on part of the site. The course could be integrated, redeveloped or removed, depending on the final shape of the project. Bean is considering a variety of activities, including hiking, biking, camping, orienteering, climbing walls and skating.
In no time we will be taking in the view as we ride the Adirondak chair lift up Rugged Ridge Parka Mountian where we will wait in long lines to ride the moose flume.
Photo via Wikipedia

New plans for after the Fly Fishing Retailer Show?

It seems that Vail, CO might not just be the home to Gore Creek's "Gold Medal" fly fishing. If 10 year old Jacob Rhea's experience is any indicator, there might just be some "Gold Metal" in area streams as well.
That piqued Jacob’s interest, and he started looking in Gore Creek near the International Bridge. He found a few flakes, and then started finding little gold-colored rocks.“My fastest time was four in an hour,” Jacob said.The family got a visiting jeweler at the Squash Blossom, a Turkish man who goes by the one-name moniker Gurhan, to verify that it was, in fact, gold.
Maybe our plans should be to beat the post FFR show rush and try to pay for our trip while doing a bit of fishing on the side.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday is Panfish Day

The Southeast has been cooking under three digit temps for the past few days and the trout are stressed. This makes us appreciate that heartiest of fly rod quarry, the panfish.
Perhaps we should name The BlueGill Restaurant in Mobile, Alabama the official panfish named eating establishment of With the laggy Hampton Inn internet service I couldn't tell if they actually serve their namesake on the menu.
Here's a link to a Dan Kibler article in the Greensboro News Record in praise of Bream.

Monday, August 13, 2007

North Carolina Salmon?

Tonight finds me in Cookeville, Tennessee which is also known as the land of the spotty internet connection. I did however manage to find just enough bandwidth here at the Hampton Inn to let you know that the North Carolina Kokanee Salmon record was broken two times in one day. Yes you read that correctly, North Carolina Salmon.

RALEIGH, N.C. (Aug. 13, 2007) – It was a hot weekend for kokanee salmon fishing — literally and figuratively — as two state records for the small salmon were broken within a day of each other.

Mark Swann of Black Mountain reeled in his 2.48-pound record breaker on Aug. 3 while fishing Nantahala Lake. The next day, Levi Towery of Forest City brought in a salmon from Nantahala that topped Swann’s by a mere two-tenths of a pound.

Levi, 9, caught his 2.68-pounder, which measured 18.4 inches in length, using a Browning rod, with a 6500C Ambassador reel and a Doctor Spoon lure.

Levi, who was fishing with his grandfather Roy Toms, also of Forest City, says he expected to catch a record breaker. He has been fishing for salmon with his grandfather for the last three years and everything he knows about catching the silvery fish, he learned from him.

Toms says he’s been catching kokanee salmon from Nantahala since the early-1980s, many of them much bigger than the one Levi reeled in on Saturday. When he saw last year that the newly established kokanee salmon state record had been set by a 9.2-ounce fish, he knew it was just a matter of time before Levi reeled in a record breaker.

Nantahala Lake is the only spot in North Carolina where kokanee salmon are found. The fish, which is native to the western United States, was stocked in Nantahala Lake in the mid-1960s by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission in an attempt to establish the species as a forage fish for other predator fishes in the lake. This stock has remained and become a favorite target for anglers.

Kokanee salmon do not grow very large, generally less than 20 inches in length, which is the reason they were stocked as a forage species. They feed almost exclusively on plankton and on small aquatic organisms.

Jake Rash, district biologist for the Wildlife Resources Commission, certified the fish, which was weighed on scales at Ingles Market in Forest City.

To qualify for a state record, anglers must have caught their fish on a hook and line, must have their fish weighed on a certified scale witnessed by one observer, have the fish positively identified by a qualified expert from the Commission and submit an application with a full, side-view photo of the fish.

For a list of all freshwater fish state records in North Carolina or for more information on fishing in North Carolina’s public, inland waters, click here.

Story and Photo via The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Can't say there's nowhere to fish in N.C.

The Charlotte Observer brings us news of Pawley's Island angler and Table Rock Trout Unlimited Chapter member, Bobby Kilby who has just completed his 12 year quest to catch trout in 1000 different North Carolina streams. Just to make sure his goal wasn't too easy, he imposed a two trout minimum on himself before allowing the stream to be counted. He caught trout in his 1000th stream while fishing the Henry Fork located in South Mountains State Park near Morganton, NC.

Since 1980, Kilby has logged every fishing trip, with stream name, location, date, number and kind of fish caught, a rating (A-D) and comments. The logs fill 16 notebooks. He keeps a record not only of his 1,000 N.C. streams but also of 610 other streams he's fished, in states from South Carolina to Vermont to Idaho.

Kilby began his quest in 1995. That year, for the first time, he exceeded fishing 100 streams and catching 1,000 trout. In 2006, he hit 199 streams and 2,151 trout. "In the early years, 1995-1996, when I first said I want to catch trout from 1,000 streams, I thought that was as good as you could possibly do."

Congratulations Mr. Kilby on this milestone. Now how can we get our hands on that logbook?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

It works best when fished slowly....

Check out this very realistic Red Eared Turtle fly tied by artist Graham Owen. Visit his excellent site for a step by step photo tutorial.
Photo: Graham Owen.

All I want for Christmas..

According to my Dad it was 106 degrees in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina today. However, this article via the Fish and Fly site made me think about what I want for Christmas:
Eleven miles of banks along the Scottish river are being sold through agents Smith Gore with vacant possession for a minimum of £400,000.
Some 32 miles north of Aberdeen, the Pitfour Fishings as the stretch is known can command such a price as it can provide fly fishermen or anglers with both sea trout and salmon in substantial numbers.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We almost forgot this month's deals!

It seems that with all our recent travels we forgot to let you know about this month's deals from our partner websites.

Coupon 125x125

Sierra Trading post leads the way with one of their better offers of the year. Use the banner above to get 8% off your order of $88 or more until 9-5-07. Remember that has all of Sierra's fishing related items in one handy spot. Just visit our Deals on Gear page. They currently have a large selection of William Joseph chest packs and gear bags at excellent prices., Inc.
Just in time for your back to school fishing gear purchases, is offering the ever popular Free Shipping for new customer's who order over $50., Inc.
Old customers (and new ones alike) are not left out as they are offering 7% off your entire order. Hint: Do a search for "fly selection" after using the banner above.

Thompson Cigar
Thompson Cigar continues to offer their $120 dollar Ultimate Cigar Sampler for only $29.95. They are even giving two free gifts with the purchase.

Alibris connects people who love books, music, and movies to thousands of independent sellers around the world. Search over 60 million used & new books, music, & movies to find great deals!

Finally, If it is knowledge (or hard to find fly fishing books) that you seek. Bookseller Alibris can save you up to 90% on books.

Want to Produce a Movie?

Chapel Hill North Carolina native, Ben Knight, of Felt Soul Media snapped this excellent photo while working on their new film "Red Gold." Red Gold is part of Trout Unlimited's educational effort to save the Bristol Bay, Alaska area from becoming "an open pit mining district" aka the Pebble Creek mine.
You can help by donating funds towards the production of the film. Donations are tax deductible and if you give more than $500 to this worthy cause your name will be featured in the credits of the film.
Think of it as your big break into show business all the while helping preserve a beautiful and yet unspoiled part of the world.
Link to their blog, "The Wire."

Imagine your surprise...

when after a great day of back country fishing far from the nearest road you take a nasty spill and break your leg. Night is falling quickly but you aren't worried because you have one of those new fangled Personal Locator Beacons. You activate your beacon and start to wait for the all too familiar sound of the rescue chopper. Think you are home free? Think again.
According to this article that we received from Doug Ritter the Chairman and Executive Director of the Equipped to Survive Foundation not every PLB is created equal. In fact some of them aren't even close.
The recently introduced “TracMe Personal Locator Beacon” is only $150 and weighs just 1.6 ounces. It is so small it could fit on your keychain. Because the manufacturer (TracMe Beacons Pty Ltd of Australia) is using the same PLB nomenclature, you might be tempted to believe it has similar capabilities to a real PLB, and given the lower price, weight and size, be tempted to purchase it as a distress beacon. Don’t!

A distress beacon that doesn’t notify someone you are in distress and provide location information is no distress beacon. TracMe is simply a homing beacon, nothing more.The TracMe operates on FRS (Family Radio Service) channel 1. Yes, the same FRS frequency as used by those ubiquitous inexpensive “walkie-talkies” you see at Wal-Mart, Cabela’s and elsewhere.

When activated it transmits a recorded message, a beep and then “Help…Emergency,” every 15 seconds. This analog transmission does not serve as a distress alert, unless someone quite close just happens to be monitoring or talking on Channel 1, unlikely in most cases.
Here is a link to Mr. Ritter's entire article. When considering the purchase of a personal locator beacon be sure that it actually sends a signal to rescuers via satellite and that the signal it sends includes your coordinates.
Photo credit: Equipped to Survive Foundation

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hitting Newstands in September

The talented tiers from are preselling copies of the premiere issue of their print magazine, "Hatches." According to their press kit the initial run of the annual magazine will have 15,000 issues.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Pimp My Trailer contributing editor Jeff Paisley sent us a visual progress update on his latest project, a pimped out - hand built - teardrop - fly fishing camper. When finished the camper will sleep two, have a full galley, built in fly tying desk, as well as an integrated fly rod storage system. Our contribution will be a "Never Fish Vacant Water" license tag frame.

Key West Celebrity S.L.A.M.

That is slam as in Southernmost Light-Tackle Anglers Masters with host: Wade Boggs. Link Via Sport Fishing Magazine.
Scheduled Friday through Sunday, Sept. 7-9, the catch-and-release event pits participating anglers against tarpon, permit and bonefish. Releasing all three on the same day is known as a "flats grand slam."

The tournament's celebrity host is to be Major League Baseball Hall of Fame superstar Wade Boggs, lauded for his career with the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Other celebrity anglers include NASA space shuttle astronaut Bruce Melnick, who participated in both the Endeavor and Discovery missions.

The popular S.L.A.M. is the first in an annual Florida Keys autumn trilogy of Mercury Redbone celebrity angling challenges that raise money for the fight against cystic fibrosis.

There can be only one!

May it be Team USA! From the Colorado Steering Committee of the U.S. Fly Fishing Championships comes the following news:
Scotland in 2009

The International Federation of Sport Fly Fishing (Fips-Mouche), at the 38th Congress of The Confederation International of Sport Fishing (CIPS) in Prague, has announced Scotland has won the rights to host the 2009 World Fly Fishing Championships.

Dr Neil McCarry, International Organizer of the Scottish Anglers National Association (SANA), who presented the successful bid said: "For the first time the World Fly Fishing Championship comes to Scotland and it will be the biggest such event ever held in our country. The Championship will highlight our superb fishing, set in magnificent scenery and will enable anglers from all over the globe to enjoy the unique fishing experiences which we have to offer."
The event is expected to welcome more than 25 countries over seven days of competition and will be broadcast through cable television, showcasing the fishing sites and surrounding landscapes of Stirling and Perthshire to an international audience.

Paul Bush, Acting Chief Operating Officer of Event Scotland, the national events agency, said: "Attracting the World Fly Fishing Championships in 2009 is a coup for Scotland and will help to promote the quality of Scottish fishing, consequently raising the profile of the country as a fishing destination to anglers across the world.

"The award of these Championships also helps us to sustain Scotland's reputation as a destination for major, international events and builds upon our recent success in attracting World and European Championships to the country."
Just in case you were wondering, the tartan above is from clan Murdock.

Savannah Georgia: Lessons Learned

I just got back from taking the better half to Savannah, Georgia for her birthday get away. While visiting Savannah we learned many things.

  1. Ghost tours are a costly way to hear ghost stories and in general are disappointing rip-offs. They are not staffed by benevolent Roto-Rooter men. Every spot in the entire town of Savannah is haunted so just buy a book or watch TAPS.
  2. Cobblestone streets will turn an ankle in a heartbeat.
  3. If you eat more than two pecan pralines you will instantly become diabetic.
  4. Never trust the valet at your hotel with the keys to your wife's prized automobile even if they only charge $12 bucks a day. "You #$%@ well better have our keys in that cabinet!"
  5. 100 degrees in Georgia is "dang hot!" It is however, a "wet heat."

And finally, a word to any budding entrepreneurs from the state of South Carolina. Ditch the fireworks stand and open a gas station restroom cleaning service. Apparently, they do not have any.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Where Tom Brady Buys His Fishing Gear.

How can you get year round value from your new football stadium? Easy, just build a Bass Pro Shop across the parking lot from it. No outdoors experience required.

"We're not outdoors people," Jonathan Kraft, president of The Kraft Group, said Thursday from an impromptu construction site stage also occupied by four New England Patriots cheerleaders and Gov. Deval Patrick.

With the stadium looming in the distance, construction crews went about their work as a banner was unfurled to reveal a store sign reading, "Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World."

Even more amazing from a PR standpoint is the next quote from the story:

"We had never heard of Bass Pro Shops, so we found that very hard to believe that there could be something out there that unique that we had never heard of," Jonathan Kraft told reporters and dignitaries at a ceremony to provide a sneak peek of the store, due to open Nov. 15.

What is Kraft's favorite fishing bait? The cheese worm of course. Although, things could be much worse, we hear the Atlanta Falcons might be looking into a Petsmart franchise.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Do they really fly fish in New England?

From another article in the Providence Journal about the future construction of a Bass Pro Shop across from Gillette Stadium comes this photo with a telling caption:
Former Patriots linebacker Andre Tippett tries his hand fly-fish casting in front of what will be the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, to open at Gillette Stadium on Nov. 15. Tippett, Matt Light and some former players were on site.
When people write about "fly-fish casting" with those new fangled open face salt water "fly fish casting reels" they might end up being blogged about on the series of tubes that are the internets.

45 Days and Counting

It's only 45 days until we begin our in depth coverage of the 2007 Fly Fishing Retailer Show from Denver, Colorado. Thanks to some influential industry friends, and incriminating photos from last year's parties, we will once again be bringing you news on all the new gear and trends in the world of fly fishing.
The show's organizers did however make us promise not to attempt a back cast with a 14 foot rod at the spey pond again this year. Having learned our lesson, we will abide by their rules. Watch for more info as the days tick down.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Art: Duane Raver Reds

The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries has commissioned this print by Carolina artist Duane Raver to commemorate the launch of the state's first Coastal Recreational Fishing License. The prints which feature the North Carolina State Saltwater Fish, the Red Drum, can be purchased for as little as $50 up to $180 for an artist's Remarque.
About the artist:
Duane Raver Jr. grew up in central Iowa where he came to love the outdoors and wildlife. Raver soon found that he enjoyed drawing and painting, and many of the notes and sketches he uses today date from his early work in the 1940s.
He earned a degree in Fishery Management from Iowa State University in 1949, and was employed as a fishery biologist by the N. C. Wildlife Resources Commission in 1950. Artwork remained an important part of his life, and he contributed many illustrations to the monthly publication, Wildlife in North Carolina – including more than 200 cover illustrations. Raver joined the staff of the magazine in 1960, eventually serving as editor, before retiring in 1979.
He continues to do wildlife artwork at his home in Garner, N.C.

Rods and Reels Don't Float

Nelson Sigelman of the Martha's Vineyard Times wonders why anglers will spend big bucks on rod, reel, and then skimp on the stuff that just might save their lives?

If you fall overboard...

"Would you rather be clutching an Orvis large arbor Battenkill fly reel, cost about $250, or wearing a Hodgman inflatable fly fishing vest, cost about $250?

Serious fishermen are serious about their tackle. Not as many are very serious when it comes to the purchase and use of equipment that could save their lives. And the unfortunate truth is that every year fishermen across the country lose their lives for less than the cost of a good fishing outfit"

The article is aimed at blue water anglers but the same tenets hold true for the tail race trout fisher. Check out this video of how well these PFD's work on the Mustang Survival website.

Friends of who angle in some of the rougher parts of the world might be more comfortable in Mustang's Damage Tolerant Life Preserver.

"This life preserver can take a direct hit from a firearm or fragment and still inflate. The unique damage tolerant design makes this PFD well suited for use in high-risk tactical situations"

We have actually fished in a few places with our pals Paisley and Zugbug where these would have come in handy.

In case you missed the proclamation:

August is National Catfish Month. We are letting our whiskers grow out in its honor.