Sunday, August 12, 2007

Can't say there's nowhere to fish in N.C.

The Charlotte Observer brings us news of Pawley's Island angler and Table Rock Trout Unlimited Chapter member, Bobby Kilby who has just completed his 12 year quest to catch trout in 1000 different North Carolina streams. Just to make sure his goal wasn't too easy, he imposed a two trout minimum on himself before allowing the stream to be counted. He caught trout in his 1000th stream while fishing the Henry Fork located in South Mountains State Park near Morganton, NC.

Since 1980, Kilby has logged every fishing trip, with stream name, location, date, number and kind of fish caught, a rating (A-D) and comments. The logs fill 16 notebooks. He keeps a record not only of his 1,000 N.C. streams but also of 610 other streams he's fished, in states from South Carolina to Vermont to Idaho.

Kilby began his quest in 1995. That year, for the first time, he exceeded fishing 100 streams and catching 1,000 trout. In 2006, he hit 199 streams and 2,151 trout. "In the early years, 1995-1996, when I first said I want to catch trout from 1,000 streams, I thought that was as good as you could possibly do."

Congratulations Mr. Kilby on this milestone. Now how can we get our hands on that logbook?

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