Monday, August 06, 2007

There can be only one!

May it be Team USA! From the Colorado Steering Committee of the U.S. Fly Fishing Championships comes the following news:
Scotland in 2009

The International Federation of Sport Fly Fishing (Fips-Mouche), at the 38th Congress of The Confederation International of Sport Fishing (CIPS) in Prague, has announced Scotland has won the rights to host the 2009 World Fly Fishing Championships.

Dr Neil McCarry, International Organizer of the Scottish Anglers National Association (SANA), who presented the successful bid said: "For the first time the World Fly Fishing Championship comes to Scotland and it will be the biggest such event ever held in our country. The Championship will highlight our superb fishing, set in magnificent scenery and will enable anglers from all over the globe to enjoy the unique fishing experiences which we have to offer."
The event is expected to welcome more than 25 countries over seven days of competition and will be broadcast through cable television, showcasing the fishing sites and surrounding landscapes of Stirling and Perthshire to an international audience.

Paul Bush, Acting Chief Operating Officer of Event Scotland, the national events agency, said: "Attracting the World Fly Fishing Championships in 2009 is a coup for Scotland and will help to promote the quality of Scottish fishing, consequently raising the profile of the country as a fishing destination to anglers across the world.

"The award of these Championships also helps us to sustain Scotland's reputation as a destination for major, international events and builds upon our recent success in attracting World and European Championships to the country."
Just in case you were wondering, the tartan above is from clan Murdock.

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