Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Post Bubble: What to do with all that land?

The wife is safely in bed now so as I open the box that my shiny new four piece Orvis 9 foot 5 weight (you can never have to many of those you know) came in today I read that The Saint Joe Company, a Florida real estate developer / tract builder, has announced a strategic partnership with Orvis, Inc.

From their recent press release:

Northwest Florida is a place of incredible natural beauty,” said JOE chairman and CEO Peter S. Rummell. “By allying with Orvis, we believe we can help provide innovative and extraordinary outdoor experiences to visitors and JOE property owners. In addition, Orvis shares our commitment to conservation, and we will be looking for ways to work together to protect the lands with special environmental attributes in Northwest Florida for future generations.”

“In recent years, JOE has become a corporate leader in managing their real estate assets as natural treasures to be protected and enhanced,” said Orvis CEO Leigh (“Perk”) Perkins, Jr.

“No other real estate company has five full-time biologists on staff, has permanently protected more than 170,000 acres, has developed specific programs for protecting twelve threatened or endangered species, has partnered with two dozen federal, state and local environmental organizations, and has set a new standard for watershed protection through its large-scale regional planning efforts.”

“We are very excited to work with JOE to create opportunities for people to experience and enjoy Northwest Florida’s natural beauty,” said Perkins. “I believe our alliance will ultimately benefit local communities, visitors to the region and everyone who appreciates the importance of protecting our most special places.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will work to develop Orvis operated shooting and fly-fishing schools in Northwest Florida and will work as a team to envision a community concept created around the Orvis lifestyle
. In addition, the two companies will evaluate the creation of an Orvis Club facility in the region. Orvis designs and brands signature eco-travel experiences that can also be integrated into JOE’s rural recreational land sales program in the region.

“We look forward to working with Orvis to integrate their 150-year heritage of outdoor traditions and distinctive country living into JOE’s RiverCamps and other rural recreational real estate products,” said Rummell. “Through our combined experience, expertise and creativity, we believe we can find innovative ways for people to reconnect with nature in a meaningful way.”

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