Thursday, August 30, 2007

ESPN'S Baron: On Fishing With Billionaires

ESPN feature producer Don Barone is so entertaining that we should probably name him the "Outdoor Writer Laureate" of The fact that he is already a highly paid ESPN employee is however somewhat problematic.
Don's latest story lets us follow him as he goes small mouth Bass fishing on Lake Erie with Buffalo, NY whipped topping magnet and fishing Billionaire, Bob Rich. Heavy rains and lightning, Niagara Falls and a finicky outboard motor make for the kind of story you just know couldn't possibly be made up:
Since this is where all of Lake Erie drains into the Niagara River — which is something I'm kind of focusing on right now, since we are shooting along in the current in a boat with the motor turned off, and I know that the Niagara River has this nasty habit of draining over NIAGARA FALLS — and have I mentioned, the damned boat isn't turned on?
And when he goes to start it, the motor coughs and goes silent.

True story!
It's about here that I'm thinking maybe I've pushed myself too hard in trying to land that mocha layered ice cream dessert thing.

So as we shoot along in the current, Capt. Jim looks back at Bob and says, "I should probably have that engine looked at."
And maybe before you shut it off ABOVE the falls.
Read Don Barone's latest misadventure via ESPN Outdoors.

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