Monday, July 23, 2007

Ross to sell Mel Krieger Endorsed Fly Rods

The folks at Ross Worldwide are getting into the fly rod game and have enlisted the help of fly fishing instructor Mel Krieger. These "Essence Series Fly Rods" will retail starting at only $99 and will include a rod case and sock. They will also be available as a complete outfit coupled with a Ross reel. Personally, being a big fan of affordable fly rods, I'd like to see how one of these rods performs. Text of their press release follows:

Mel Krieger Joins Ross Worldwide in the Development of "Essence" Series Fly Rods

After more than 40 years of teaching fly fishing and fly casting to thousands of people around the world, Mel Krieger has joined the Ross Worldwide team in the design and development of high quality, affordable fly rods. The first products scheduled for release are the Essence Series Fly Rods, named after Mel’s most notable work – The Essence of Flycasting.

When asked about this new partnership, Mel said,

"It is a pleasure to be working with the fine people at Ross. The company is well respected and makes great products. I am delighted with the design of the Essence series fly rods. These are quality rods that will satisfy the most advanced anglers, as well as those just starting out. While the price is absolutely affordable, these are top quality fly rods that perform every bit as well as tackle costing many times more. A great casting rod is an invaluable tool in the sport of fly fishing, and this is exactly what you get with every Essence series fly rod. I proudly fish these products myself".

The Ross Worldwide Essence series fly rods will be available September 2007, and will retail starting at just $99.00. The rods will be sold individually with a rod case and rod sock, and as part of a complete fly fishing outfit, including a pre-spooled reel, rod case and an instructional DVD, Beginnings – An Introduction to Fly Fishing, by Mel Krieger.

About Mel…

Mel Krieger is unquestionably one of the top fly fishing instructors in the world, and a master at unraveling the mysteries of fly fishing. Mel’s gentle approach and enthusiastic teaching style make learning the sport of fly fishing a fast, easy and fun experience for every level of fly angler; even those that have never cast a rod! Over his lifetime, Mel has helped thousands of people become great fly fishers, including many champion casters, expert anglers, guides and instructors.

For additional information, please contact the Ross factory at (970) 249-1212 or on the web at

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