Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fly Fishing is....

In a moment of boredom on the computer and when I should have been taking a nap to help speed my recovery from last nights Finger Eleven, Puddle of Mud, Nickelback concert, I decided to play around with Google's search engine by asking the obvious question that is on all our minds, Fly fishing is... Here are a few of the answers:

Fly fishing is "reeling" in more women (most of whom I know would be extremely angry to think they had been reeled in by any one or thing.)

Fly fishing is easy (I wish they would quit telling people that. It is actually very hard and you can get eaten by bears or panthers so you should just stay home and read about fly fishing on the Internet instead.)

Interest in "fly fishing is not as acute as it was in the wake of the 1992 release of The Movie." (Obviously, this is because it is so difficult and dangerous and you could be eaten by bears or panthers. The better half does however say that we look pretty acute in our waders and fishing vest. )

"Fly-fishing is definitely an art, but it doesn't take Rembrandt to be good at it." (Obviously they have never seen my casting style. I would describe it as impressionistic at best.)

"Fly fishing is just a metaphor for taking control of your life again." How can we argue with that?

Note that we purposely left out all references to fly fishing is "the quiet sport." Obviously the folks who coined this over-used phrase have never fished with any of my pals. Usually the only quiet one is the one who isn't catching fish.

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