Friday, August 03, 2007

Where Tom Brady Buys His Fishing Gear.

How can you get year round value from your new football stadium? Easy, just build a Bass Pro Shop across the parking lot from it. No outdoors experience required.

"We're not outdoors people," Jonathan Kraft, president of The Kraft Group, said Thursday from an impromptu construction site stage also occupied by four New England Patriots cheerleaders and Gov. Deval Patrick.

With the stadium looming in the distance, construction crews went about their work as a banner was unfurled to reveal a store sign reading, "Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World."

Even more amazing from a PR standpoint is the next quote from the story:

"We had never heard of Bass Pro Shops, so we found that very hard to believe that there could be something out there that unique that we had never heard of," Jonathan Kraft told reporters and dignitaries at a ceremony to provide a sneak peek of the store, due to open Nov. 15.

What is Kraft's favorite fishing bait? The cheese worm of course. Although, things could be much worse, we hear the Atlanta Falcons might be looking into a Petsmart franchise.

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