Friday, August 24, 2007

Fly Fishing People: Heather Seitz

One of the top competitors at the recent FIPS-Mouche Southeast Qualifier was 18 year old Heather Seitz of Hampton, PA. Before the Southeast competition Ms. Sietz placed 20th at the World Youth Fly Fishing Championships. She is pictured here with her coach, Loren Williams.

On Fishing Creek, Ms. Seitz cast a hand-tied, beaded Red Devil nymph on a No. 16 hook with a No. 12 Stonefly dropper on 4X tippet -- a combination that pulled one trout from a submerged spring. She said she lost another and had several additional hits.

Ms. Seitz started fishing when she was 4. She took up fly fishing to spend more time with her father.
"No pun intended," she said, "but I got hooked. ... I've seen the numbers of women [fly anglers] growing. It's so positive. I've taken some of my friends out and taught them. Hopefully the numbers will be going up in the future."

We found out that Ms. Seitz was quite the competitor at the Southeast event when she came back to the score keeping room after the first day of fishing, soaking wet after going swimming in order to land a fish. In case you had not guessed, she qualified for the national championships later this year in Colorado.

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