Thursday, August 23, 2007

Across the street from the liquor store...

Via the Hatch, Here's a link to an article about opening a flyshop in an urban area:

“My menu is a little different,” said Roche, using an analogy to match his former career. “If you like French food, you go to a French restaurant. If you like hamburgers, you go to McDonald’s. I am more of a French food kind of place.”

The owner of the liquor store across the street is excited about the future stream of fly fishers who will be visiting the neighborhood.

“It’s certainly a destination store,” said John Negrotti, 20-year owner of Silver Lake Liquors, which is two doors down from the fly-fishing shop. “And a lot of pedestrians will enjoy walking into the shop. I am excited about it. It will add and interesting dynamic to the neighborhood.”

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