Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New plans for after the Fly Fishing Retailer Show?

It seems that Vail, CO might not just be the home to Gore Creek's "Gold Medal" fly fishing. If 10 year old Jacob Rhea's experience is any indicator, there might just be some "Gold Metal" in area streams as well.
That piqued Jacob’s interest, and he started looking in Gore Creek near the International Bridge. He found a few flakes, and then started finding little gold-colored rocks.“My fastest time was four in an hour,” Jacob said.The family got a visiting jeweler at the Squash Blossom, a Turkish man who goes by the one-name moniker Gurhan, to verify that it was, in fact, gold.
Maybe our plans should be to beat the post FFR show rush and try to pay for our trip while doing a bit of fishing on the side.

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