Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Art: Duane Raver Reds

The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries has commissioned this print by Carolina artist Duane Raver to commemorate the launch of the state's first Coastal Recreational Fishing License. The prints which feature the North Carolina State Saltwater Fish, the Red Drum, can be purchased for as little as $50 up to $180 for an artist's Remarque.
About the artist:
Duane Raver Jr. grew up in central Iowa where he came to love the outdoors and wildlife. Raver soon found that he enjoyed drawing and painting, and many of the notes and sketches he uses today date from his early work in the 1940s.
He earned a degree in Fishery Management from Iowa State University in 1949, and was employed as a fishery biologist by the N. C. Wildlife Resources Commission in 1950. Artwork remained an important part of his life, and he contributed many illustrations to the monthly publication, Wildlife in North Carolina – including more than 200 cover illustrations. Raver joined the staff of the magazine in 1960, eventually serving as editor, before retiring in 1979.
He continues to do wildlife artwork at his home in Garner, N.C.


Gordon said...

I am sorry but that looks like a dead fish on a plate not a live red chasing minnows. Dead redffish is the only one a guy from IA had ever seen probably. I could not do better but you think that the state of NC could find a more lifelike representation. Bleh.

Murdock said...

Well if there is an authority on Reds in the Carolinas I would have to say it is Capt. Gordon. I'll have to take your word for it since sadly I have never seen one up close and personal. I almost saw one once but he got off before I could bring him to the boat. Just a flash of copper and then poof. I need to correct that soon.

Gordon said...

Sorry to have been so critical and come off as such a jerk. Bleh.