Monday, August 27, 2007

No Winter Draw Down for Tenn. Lakes

According to the TVA has announced that their will be no winter draw down on the state's lakes. The reason? Lakes are already at post draw down levels due to this year's extreme drought. The lack of rain and high temperatures are hurting the states fishing economy as well. Low water means wade-able tail waters and no float trips.
"I've sat here 3 or 4 days in succession and will do hardly any business," said Cal Ralston.Ralston owns CR Outfitters in Norris. He sells fly fishing supplies and guides tourists hoping to fish the Clinch river, but lately he spends most of his days not on the water, but in the shop.
"The people that wade this stream, they don't have a need for supplies, so they don't come by," Ralston said. "They come by and sit on the sofa and talk to us a little, but you can't put that in a cash register."

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