Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hump day Links

It is Wednesday or Humpy day as we like to call it here at the world headquarters. For us this means an entire day of meetings chock full of power point presentations and excel spreadsheets. For you, hopefully it means you can steal a few moments of the company time and check out some of the best recent posts from some of our pals in the blogosphere.
We note with glee that over in the UK, Alistair from the Urban Fly Fisher has aligned himself with the dark side and started fishing with a woolly bugger.
“I want to catch a trout on the dry fly” said my Italian friend - I decided to put on an olive sparkly woolly bugger - the first time I have ever fished with such a fly - from what I know about fishing with streamers the conditions seemed right.
His result is typical for those of us who fish sub-surface.
After catching three trout on almost consecutive casts I decided more of these flies were going in my box for occasions of high water - I suppose it means I can fish in times I would ordinarily not go - It was enjoyable in the way I find loch fishing enjoyable - not needing to think too much about drag or finding out what insects are hatching.
We welcome him eagerly into the darkness.
Bennett over at Moldy Chum is giving away schwag in the form of a Moldy Chum window decal that is the perfect way to adorn your preferred mode of fishing conveyance. Having one of these on your Cherokee is a sure way to attract the babes.
Pete from Fishing Jones and author of the article for Boating Magazine that allowed us to mention the words "Cindy Garrison Bikini" which to this day drives us hundreds of hits a month, has started an excellent contest that asks his readers to craft a "Papa style" six word fishing story. Writers block...can't think...going fishing.


Alistair said...

Just to let you know - you like me are being plaigerised


replace the xx with tt


Murdock said...

Thanks Alistair. Be aware that that page tripped the virus trigger here at work. It appears that page might have a evil code embedded in it.

Its odd someone would go to the trouble to steal my mindless patter.