Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You always remember your first...

...striper on the fly.

As you can probably see from my reserved demeanor in this photo, I was a tiny bit happy about catching my first striper on a fly rod. This fish was caught off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia after a full and very successful day of trolling gear with giant lures. When it came time to pull in the lines our Captain, Danny Crabbe, let me have some time to cast my fly rod and I was able to hook up with my first fly caught rockfish on a chartreuse and white clouser minnow. This was by far the smallest fish of the day and for me the most exciting.

Gone Fishing

The Boston Herald website reminds us that the "Splendid Splinter" was a darn good fly fisher. A new exhibit at The Sports Museum honors three of Bean Town's own great sports figures and fishermen.

Although the city’s professional sports teams have long been the primary focus of fans, a new temporary exhibit honors the region’s outdoorsy side. Called “Gone Fishing: The Boston Sportsman,” the display honors three of the city’s famous fishermen: Williams, broadcaster Curt Gowdy and “Mad Fisherman” Charlie Moore.

View more great photos of Ted Williams like the one above at

"What ringtone are you using?"

Frank Galusha from The Mount Shasta News Site, goes under the pen name "Easy Writer" which considering his geo-location leads us to wonder if he knows of the infamous blogging Sacramento River Troutmiester, "TC Writer" from the Trout Underground Fly Fishing Blog?

Mr. Galusha, writes about a recent trip to fish the Sac during which the ringing of a cell phone went from being an interruption to a strangely surreal type of lure for trout.

We had caught more fish than anybody, I thought to myself, so I asked: What was that fly we were using?”
“That? Nothing special really,” he said, “just one of many I tie in my spare time.”“What should I call it?” I asked.“The fly had little to do with our success,” he replied. “Trout are very sound sensitive. Didn't you notice, every time the phone rang, we got a bite?” “By golly, you're right,” I said, “It was a sound bite.”

Somewhere Izaack Walton spins in his grave!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hardy - Swift TE Fly Reels

I rarely get excited about brand names on rods, reels and other fly fishing equipment. After all, for a small stream trout angler such as myself, reels hold line and rods are not much more than "fly poles." However, I have always been a real sucker for anything with the name Hardy on it.

For me the century plus old Hardy name stands for everything from fine craftsmanship to classic design. After all what fly fisher who has ever dreamt of casting a dry fly upstream on the River Test wouldn't want to own fishing equipment that is constructed under a Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

Lately the name Hardy has stood for a measure of innovation. Enter for 2007 the Swift TE fly reel with a "revolutionary balance compensating reel seat." The new reel seat allows you to adjust the position of the reel so as to give perfect balance.

This means you can fine-tune the reel's position on the rod to get the lightest possible in-hand feel. The feature allows you achieve the precise point of balance and the most perfect fishing sensation ever. It is something for the perfectionist, true, but then perfection is always our aim.

Someday, when I "make it" and can convince my personal banker (Wife) I plan on owning a complete Hardy rod and reel outfit.

When Animals Attack...

If you fish the Chattooga river between South Carolina and Georgia you might need to worry about more than lazy eyed banjo pickers if a recent sighting by a federal forest service employee is any indication. Terrance Fletcher came face to face with what he described as a 7-foot-long panther with "jet black" fur. Mr. Fletcher used good common sense when he encountered the creature:

"The animal started running ... so I decided to run and get away and jump in the river to get across to the other side," Fletcher said this week. "It was a life-changing event for me."

In other news of animal revenge, it seems a bald eagle in Juneau, Alaska knocked out power to 10,000 residents when it attempted to pick up a deer head from a local landfill and carry it back to the nest. The ambitious bird was unable to gain enough altitude and crashed into power transmission lines causing the power to go off. The reports that it would have been a sweet deal for our national symbol could he have made off with the loot:

"This would have been a major score," Wood said. "That eagle would have been the king eagle of the Lemon Creek group."

Anybody besides me thinking of an Animal Farm type conspiracy theory here? If you want to prepare for the coming darkness you might want to take Field and Stream magazine's latest survival quiz in which you take on the role of the unluckiest hunter in the world.

Monday, January 29, 2007

N.C. Gets a New State Park

Back in July we posted that the owners of North Carolina's Chimney Rock Park were putting the privately held tourist attraction up for sale for $55 million dollars. We are pleased to announce that according to the Associted Press reports that a deal has been struck for the State of North Carolina to purchse the land for less than half of the original asking price. The land will be part of a new Hickory Nut Gorge State Park. From the News and Observer article:

PARK PURCHASE: Nature lovers rejoiced as the state announced plans to spend $24 million to buy privately owned Chimney Rock Park. An anonymous, private donation of $2.35 million helped the state increase its earlier offer, rejected in July by the Morse family in favor of putting the land on the open market for $55 million. The 1,000-acre park in Rutherford County, largely untouched and located in one of the state's most biologically diverse areas, will be incorporated into the new Hickory Nut Gorge State Park.

Three cheers for "anonymous private donator"

$1,000 a Plate Wildlife Benefit

If you have a couple of grand to spare and want to help out Wildlife in North Carolina, you and the spouse might want to attend the North Carolina Wildlife Habitat Foundation benefit dinner at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro, North Carolina. Only 100 tickets will be sold at $1,000 each and each ticket purchaser will be entered to win some fabulous prizes.

There will be drawings for many door prizes and items that will be raffled for the cause. Every ticket holder will win valuable door prizes and more. The top raffle item will be a two year free lease on a 2005 Land Rover.

Some of the Wildlife Habitat Foundations projects have included construction of a wildlife education center, stocking bass in Jordan lake, and a sandhills quail improvement project.

If anyone out there wants to put up the two grand for the wife and I to attend, we will be sure to blog all about it. Conversely, if you are unable to attend the event but want to have an evening that involves a look at some real wild life bring your two grand and meet up with the staff. We will help you spend it.

For those of you who would still like to help the foundation but can't spare the big bucks, You can join the group for as little as $20 per year or $100 for a lifetime membership.

It's Fly Fishing Show Week in Charlotte, NC

The Fly Fishing Show will be in Charlotte this coming weekend (Feb. 2nd - 4th) at the Merchandise Mart. This is one of the few fly fishing events in our area so it always drums up lots of interest. One my favorite things to do at the show is to count the number of folks who are not exhibitors but are wearing fishing shirts to the show. I almost expect to see someone walking into the show in chest waders. In addition to my people watching pursuits, I will be looking for bargain gear and meeting up with some fellow anglers.

Jim Casada will be one of lecturers at the show and he has written an article for that explains why he enjoys the show each year.

It's a glorious opportunity to visit with old angling friends and make new ones, talk about the streams of the Smokies I know and love so well, check out all the new and noteworthy products in the sport, and maybe arrange a trip of two in the coming months.

The show starts each day at 9:30 AM and closes at 5:30 PM. Admission is $14 for one day, $24 for two days, and $32 for a three day pass. This gets you access to almost all of the seminars. Parking will be $6.00 per day. It always seems pricey but when you consider you are getting a full day of entertainment it actually is pretty cheap.

Leave a comment if you are planning to attend. The Flyfishmagazine guys should be roaming the show floor on Saturday.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hatchery In Danger

The Louisville Courier-Journal writes that an emergency draw down of Lake Cumberland in Kentucky may put the Wolf Creek Fish Hatchery in jeopardy.

There are a lot of unknowns," hatchery manager James Gray said. "If we have a hot, dry year, then we'll probably be in pretty good shape. If we have a wet, rainy year, we could be in trouble.
"Our goal right now is to continue normal operating procedure and monitor the situation. We'll just have to deal with things as they happen."

Photo Credit: James Gray, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

Friday, January 26, 2007

UK Invasion

Krafty (Raif Killips) from the Fly fishing and Beyond blog has a post about the invasive species problem in the United Kingdom. The usual suspects are involved, mitten crabs, zebra mussels, and even mink. Check out the thought provoking postings on his blog.

So what are we to do about all this? Well, I guess exercise caution and conduct ourselves responsibly and thoughtfully. While pollution may be a minor vector for species invasions it's not hard careful waste disposal and recycling we can reduce pollution. Between trips we can also follow basic biological control by decontaminating our clothes and equipment.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fly Fish with Jim & Ted

The Carter Center is auctioning off a fly fishing trip with former President Carter on North Georgia's Soque River. The package includes accommodations at the Brigadoon Lodge and a very rich guy to be your guide for the trip.

On this fantasy vacation, you and nine of your friends will go fly-fishing with President and Mrs. Carter. Ted Turner will serve as your guide. You'll also stay at the lodge for the night, and enjoy a cocktail reception and gourmet meal prepared by chef Vagn Nielsen, partner and corporate executive chef for Proof of the Pudding, Atlanta's premier catering company and exclusive caterer for The Carter Presidential Center. Fly-fishing equipment will be donated. Considerable advance notice will be required to schedule your vacation.

Estimated value for the trip is $10,000. If anyone wants to go in with me and place a bid I am up for it. Of course you have to promise not to bring up that whole Iran thing or make any reference to women named Jane.

Jay Moore Reports: Dam Problems for TN / KY

This tidbit of information comes from Jay Moore, the Middle Tennessee Editor.

Earlier this week we posted about issues at the Wolf Creek Dam on Kentucky's lake Cumberland and the problems a massive draw down that might be needed to avoid a dam breach would have on its tailwater trout fishery . It seems Jay's own home water the Caney Fork, could be at risk as well.

Center Hill Dam above the Caney Fork River is on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's list of most at risk dams, along with Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky, the Corps said today.The Caney Fork runs into the Cumberland River upriver of Nashville, which could also be affected by the seeping Wolf Creek Dam.That dam holds back Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, which feeds into the Cumberland River, with Nashville, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Carthage and several other towns along the way

Jay also reminded us that should either of these dams fail the city of Nashville would suddenly look very much like a scene out Sponge Bob Square Pants. Ever the optimist, Jay also suggested that in any case the fishing near the Country Music Hall of Fame could be quite good.

UPDATE** The state of Kentucky has announced measures such as a live webcam to show potential tourist that Lake Cumberland is still open for business in spite of Corps of Engineers claims that the dam is in danger of bursting. Here's a link to the story via WAVE Channel 3. I promise I did not make that up. The name of the station with the story about the potential dam break is called WAVE.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Carolina Fly Tier: Caleb Boyle

Caleb Boyle is a 17 year old gentleman from North Carolina. Caleb is an accomplished fly fisher and competitive fly tier with a long list of international awards and accomplishments that include placing at the prestigious Mustad Scandinavian Open. Caleb is a regular contributor over at the Southeast Fly Fishing Forum and often provides step by step tutorials for the patterns he ties. Be sure to visit his site and while you are there check out his excellent art flies.

This we would pay good money to see...

From an article about composer Barney Jones who is writing the music that dancers will use to represent Montana at the Beijing Olympics in 2008:

I need to learn all I can," Jones said. "I'm in the inhalation phase of taking it all in. I'm not ready to put anything out yet."The output could include everything from a powwow jingle dance to a Rockettes-style kick line in fly-fishing waders. Jones' interest wanders from the sounds of Butte mining smelters to schools of silver salmon.

Catch and Release

What could be better than Jennifer Garner in a fly fishing themed movie? According to this article in the Brandon Sun Online lots of things. I'll probably wait for the DVD:

There's no obligatory makeover montage edited to a perky pop tune, no mad dash to the airport in a last-minute attempt to salvage a relationship. For that at least, we can be thankful. But this fish-themed romance flops wildly all over the place - from heavy poignant moments to slapsticky comedy, with a healthy dose of soapy melodrama in between. What's worse is that her characters sound like people saying things that were written for them, not real people behaving organically, believably.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday Morning Fishy Newsiness

Tuesdays are odd days. They are not nearly as hated as Monday nor are they as looked towards as their more popular cousin Friday. By now most folks have taken full advantage of Monday's allowances for recovery from the weekend so Tuesday means time to get to work and actually accomplish something. However, you could always spend the first bits of the day catching up on some of the fly fishing news of the week:

According to the independent news site and coming to us via the Protect your Waters site, some folks think that New Zealand's Biosecurity Minister has waved the white flag when it comes to keeping "rock snot" aka didymo out of the country's fisheries.


Anglers wonder what might become of Lake Cumberland in Kentucky as the Corps of Engineers rushes to draw down the level of the massive lake in order to avoid a ruptured dam. The draw down could also hurt the tail water trout fishery below the dam. It is a costly problem to say the least:

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has estimated that a total loss of the fishery would cost $200M in the first year alone and that it would take 15 years from the time we resume normal operations to restore it to current levels. Changes to operation would negatively impact the USFWS fish hatchery. The hatchery is estimated to be valued at $50M in direct benefits and $75M in indirect benefits annually for all of Kentucky. Recreation would be adversely affected by loss of access, low water or grounding of marinas, lost aesthetics, lost fishery, and loss of other recreational opportunities.

Link to the FAQ about the draw down from the Corps of Engineers.


And from the, You think you have a rough job file, from Reuters comes the story of this Aussie abalone diver who was swallowed head first by a great white shark and lived to tell the tale. His lead weight vest took the brunt of the toothage.


Finally, dis the boss a few minutes more, and check out two new blogs that have been so kind as to link the FFMag.

Fly Fishing Fanatic is authored by Rick Passek:

Fly Fishing info for both the Beginner and experienced Fly Fisher,focusing on British Columbian lakes and rivers.

Fly Fish with Mel with photos and postings from Singapore Fly Flinger - Melvin Sim

Whoever said that there's no good fishing here?! - PEACOCK BASS on light weight is the way to go here. And now, on dry flies!

What fly do you use for those?

It seems the BMW are running on Branscombe beach in the UK. BMW are the target species in this photo but anglers are just has happy to land a mess of kegger.

Photo credit:

Jay Moore: Duck River Fishing Report

Jay Moore gives us another fishing report from the productive Duck River in Tennessee. This time he has another run in with the infamous "Green Cork Of Death."

"I think he caught two, but I'm not sure because I try not to watch a man disgrace himself. It's like watching a junkie shoot up. "

Don't forget that you too can achieve fame and fortune ....Well fame at least, by posting your fishing reports via our handy e-mail form.

Monday, January 22, 2007

DVD Review: Sporting Fly - Alaska's Kenai River

This weekend I sat down in the screening room to take a look at Sporting Fly Productions new DVD on fishing Alaska's Kenai River. The film could be best described as a "view from inside the boat" of host Dave Long's guided trip down the Kenai in search of big rainbow trout. In this DVD you go along for the ride as two anglers (Dave and Rob) and their guide (Josh Hayes) fish the often crowded river and fish filled river. Along the way they catch some nice trout and are pestered by big Dolly Varden, and "Humpies".

Let's be frank here, this DVD has nothing to do with dry flies fished upstream. It wasn't supposed to be for the tweed knicker set at all. To the contrary, these guys are fishing painted beads (egg patterns) under strike indicators, in what can best be described as a dead drift windshield wiper style. The purists may cringe at the mere thought but I have no problem with that at all. These guys are doing the same thing I would be doing if I get the chance to fish the Kenai. Fishing in a way that might possibly allow them to catch the fish of a lifetime on giant water.

Then there is the guide, Josh Hayes. At first I didn't know what to make of him as he barked orders at his customers, was secretive about his fishing techniques, and even yelled at them for missing fish. However, as the film went on I came to realize that this is a guide who is committed to getting his anglers on fish. He knows what it takes to do this and won't let anything get in the way of providing his client with the chance for a big payoff. By the end of the film I actually started liking the guy. The conversations in the boat even started to remind me of some of the ones I've had with my fishing buddies during our (mis-) adventures. We always say that big boys play rough.

Like all good movies there has to be a big finish and this one should win an piscatorial "Oscar" as the host reels in a 31 inch, 14.5 pound rainbow trout. The mere sight of this beast made me want to hock the Isuzu Trooper and buy a plane ticket to Alaska.

The DVD has great scenery and information about a part of the world every angler should visit during their lifetime. It also has some excellent special features with one of the best being the Host and Directory Commentary. Be sure to watch the film a second time with this feature turned on and you will get even more insight into what the host and director were thinking as they took part in the trip of a lifetime. I am looking forward to more films from the folks at Sporting Fly.

The Sporting Fly Productions film Alaska Kenai River Vol. I is available from the Sporting Fly website for $29.95 with free shipping. The widescreen DVD was filmed in high definition and Dolby surround sound and both looked and sounded great on the 106" screen in the screening room. It runs approximately 45 minutes and the extras include Host / Director commentary and a Dave Long mini segment on how to prepare for a trip to Alaska.

From the eBay Files: Slab O' The Year: 1907

A check of eBay finds this mount of a 36 inch long, 17.5 Brown Trout for sale in Wexford Ireland.

Here is a prime specimen brown trout,it was caught in1907 on the lower lake Killarney,inside the case there is a label which reads "CAUGHT ON THE LOWER LAKE,22nd MARCH 1907,WEIGHT 17.5 lbs."You will notice it does not mention Kilarney on the label,but hanging beside it,in the house where I bought it, was an old picture of the lower lake Killarney,and I was assured by the vendor that it was caught by her great grandfather in Killarney.Inside the case there is also the lure that this monster was caught with.

The Buy it now price is $3,000

Check out the results of the real Slab of the Year contest via Moldy Chum. Gotta love that traffic cone!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

This Dr. Has Heart!

Dr. Charles Edwards, a Charlotte, North Carolina heart surgeon, has done the unthinkable in some folks eyes. He has forever given up the right to develop 1300 acres of land on a pristine trout stream known as the Cane River located in the mountains of the state. The Charlotte Observer article says that the development rights are estimated to be worth in excess of 10 million dollars.

"If a developer had been able to acquire this property and put in that type of development, it would have been highly lucrative and easy to market," said Carl Silverstein of the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy. "The family is really giving up a lot."

Under an easement they signed with the conservancy, the Edwardses retained ownership of the land but ceded the right to develop it. It is permanently attached to the land title.

He gets to keep the land and gets a healthy tax deduction.

If we ever get a chance to meet Dr. Edwards we will be sure to shake his hand and try to wrangle an invite for a fishing trip.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hey Grandpa, What's For Dinner?

We've got fresh Rockfish filets, lightly marinated in a dash of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, lemon zest, and black pepper. Sauteed in olive oil and butter and served over garlic mashed potatoes and with spicy steamed corn.

Yum Yum.....

Note: I would never have thought about posting pictures of dinner. The concept was created by Skyblu over at the excellent A Step Apart Blog.

Fishing in the Cement Pond

We all have had occasion to fish hatchery supported trout water. However, one Maryland angler seems to have taken this sort of fishing to the limit and did his fishing at the source.

From a Maryland DNR press release:

Garrett County – On Wednesday, January 17, Mark A. Logsdon Jr., 18, of Frostburg stood trial in Garrett County District Court for theft of property valued under $500 and trespassing on posted property. Logsdon and Cory J. McKenzie, 19, of Grantsville were arrested and charged by NRP on July 18, 2006, for trespassing and theft of 14 trout valued at $344.50 from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fisheries Service, Bear Creek Trout Rearing Station, which is located in Accident.

Logsdon pleaded guilty to the theft charge and was sentenced to 30 days incarceration with all but 10 days suspended, one-year probation upon his release, $344.50 restitution to DNR, and is forbidden to enter upon the Bear Creek Trout Rearing Station. The State dropped the trespassing charge. McKenzie requested and was granted a postponement for his trial. No date has been scheduled at this time.

Perhaps his defense went something like, "Well your Honor, I sure thought there were a aweful lot of fish in that cement pond."

Super Fish - Ho Ha!

What looks like a rainbow trout, fights like a rainbow trout, bites like a rainbow trout, but is 10 times more resistant to whirling disease? Ho Ha Trout!

The Ho-Ha is a true rainbow and can reproduce, and because it is Utah's most popular game fish and is more resistant to WD, it is an ideal introduction. The Ho-Ha is a cross between a rainbow from Harrison Lake, Mont., which has proved to be more resistant to the whirling disease parasite, and a rainbow trout from Germany from the Hofer strain, which has proved to be even more resistant.

(photo: Ray Grass - Deseret Morning News)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

Flaming Burbot?

Burbot are invading the Green River and Flaming Gorge fisheries in Wyoming and Utah.

A species of fish called the burbot (pron: burr-bit) was illegally introduced into the Green River in Wyoming. They have since migrated to the Gorge. Burbot feed on crayfish, directly competing with small mouth bass and lake trout for that food source. In some cases, burbot will feed on the young of other species as well.

And he robbed me!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

There's a hole in the bottom of the river

It seems a sinkhole is in danger of swallowing up the famous Le Tort Spring Run in Pennsylvania. Area business and angling groups are working together to try to find and plug the leak.

"Signs of the problem can be seen along the stream bank, where water appears to flow straight into the bank or down into a 6-inch-wide hole in the streambed. At two points nearby, the ground has sunk in. At the bottom of both pits, water can be seen trickling away from the stream. “The fact that it all fell in there means the water is being drawn in from the creek,” said Rocky Stump, a CVTU volunteer who lives on nearby Bonnybrook Road."

...and the law won.

North Carolina Lawman, Ron Barnes, sent us this photo to show us what we can expect when we visit him during the Roanoke River striper run. Ron tells us that this is one of the smaller ones so he let it off with a warning and a promise to be in court (bigger) next season. Names may have been changed to protect the guilty.

Altered Oceans

Fly angler, Videographer, and all around interesting guy, Travis Rummel of "The Hatch and Running Down the Man" fame, writes us to point out the series, Altered Oceans. From algae blooms and dead zones to plastic debris, and fishing down the food web, the signs are clear. The planet's oceans are taking a beating. This series makes you think. Be sure to view the videos.

"90% of the ocean's stocks of tuna, cod and other big fish have disappeared in the past 50 years."

***Update: Our pal B2 from the MoldyChum blog has given us a heads up about the Oceans as Wilderness program sponsored by the good folks at Patagonia.

Patagonia's 2006-07 environmental campaign is devoted to the oceans. Our goal is to help us all see what is under the waters of the earth. How the vast schools of tuna are like those herds of buffalo. How bottom trawling is like clear-cutting an entire forest to get at a single tree. In our catalogs, retail stores and on our Web site, we'll spend 18 months with marine scientists and writers, surfers and fishermen, to teach ourselves and our customers just how close the connection is between the vitality of human life and the marine environment, so that we can all become better stewards of the ocean in our daily lives.

Keep an eye out for more information on this important awareness campaign.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Helmet Cam: Rockfish Rockstars

I've been out of town for a few days but wanted to do a quick post to let you know what I've been up to. Check out my latest helmet cam video. The fish shows up at around the 1 minute mark. I was also able to catch a much smaller version of one of these on my fly rod as well.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Underground Watch

Tom over at The Trout Underground, has been busy pounding the keyboard, asking life's hard questions and digging around the internet for gems of wisdom:

He makes us wonder why we don't know more about our home state when he posts about the North Carolina town that "Drops the Possum" to celebrate New Year's Eve. In his posting he refers to our fellow Carolinians as "sadists" for taking part in this practice so I want to make it clear to him that here in the Old North State we treat our possums quite well. We even feed them corn for a few weeks before we eat them.

If that is not enough the Underground reminds us of our own bouts of gastric distress by pointing out the Top Seven Things You Wish You Hadn't Eaten Before Fishing . Numero uno is reserved for the readers so be sure to visit his site and leave a little something.

The Gunnison Flows

Ed Dentry writes that, for now at least, the Gunnison is safe from threats of a federal water grab. Ed puts it forth in great style:

"The Wicked Witch retired to the private sector in March. Then, in September, her flying monkeys failed to convince a judge that the Bush administration was in its rights to throw away national park water rights without asking taxpayers. "

Monday, January 08, 2007

Rocky II

Later this week I hope to have a meaningful connection with a real Rockfish off the coast of Virginia.

Photo art by: Dawn Endico

Fly Fishing Film Tour 2007

Ryan Davey of The Angling Exploration Group, dropped us a note to remind us that they are kicking off their Fly Fishing Film Tour, Jan. 12th 2007 at the Patagonia HQ in Ventura, CA. Southeast anglers shouldn't feel left out as the new schedule includes tour dates in Florida and Atlanta,GA. We are still lobbying for Charlotte, NC but are not above a road trip should a few of our fishing buds be up to the challenge (and their significant others agree to let them go).

Mama Said...

There'd be days like this:

Let me make a confession right from the start: I was out-fished by a 6-year-old girl who was using a Disney "Little Princess" rod and reel.

It's called split-shot.

The Fiesta de la Trucha, however, proved to be my downfall. After their release, the trout went deep and hugged the bottom. My light flies couldn't get near them in the river current.

It went down hill from there.

For the record, I landed a nice, 8-inch rainbow. But please, do me a favor: Don't tell the guys at my fly fishing club that I caught my only fish of the day using red salmon eggs called "Balls O' Fire."

Sierra Trading Post Coupon & Deal O' The Week

Coupon 120x60

Direct from the shameless commerce division of

For the month of January, the good folk from Sierra Trading Post are offering free shipping on orders of $85 or more. This is in addition to their already discounted prices. Just shop via the coupon link above.

Here is my pick for this week: For the angler looking for a good back up fly reel, you might consider this Sage 1201 reel complete with line and backing for a price that is truly hard to beat. Now only $44.95! As of this posting it is even available in the popular 4, 5, & 6 line weights.

Sage 1201 Reel-Line Combo Kit

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Atlanta's Fly Fishing Festival - Jan. 20th & 21st

Atlanta Georgia's Gwinnett Center will be hosting the Atlanta Fly Fishing Festival January 20th & 21st. The list of attending experts and guides includes Lefty Kreh( all around fly fishing legend), Theo Copeland (of Appalchian Angler), Kevin Howell (of Davidson River Outfitters) and Ian and Charity Rutter (of R&R Fly Fishing Guide Service) just to name a few.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Killer Flashlights?

From the: I never thought of that one file:

Did you get one of those nifty flashlights that generate their own power through an almost obscene shaking motion? If so you might want to keep it away from your hard drive, pace maker, defibrillator, or other magnetically sensitive device. It seems that the flashlights are powered by a large magnet that can cause some large magnet like problems for folks who shouldn't be near magnets.

This caused L.L. Bean to recall a product which they had sold called an "Outdoorsman in a Bottle." The product was a nice water bottle packed with among other things the magnet powered flashlight and a compass. In addition to the risks to people and machinery from the magnet laden flashlight there was also a small problem with the compass. It seems that long time periods of being in close proximity to a large magnet does not really help a compass when you need to call on it to find north. Who would have thought that a mere flashlight could wreak so much havoc?

For the record, you should know that in typical fashion, the folks at L.L. Bean did the right thing and sent out a replacement compass to everyone who bought the product.

Put Some Sting In Your Fly Tying

Desert fly fishers agree that nothing matches the late night hatch better than Paul Whillock's realistic scorpion fly.

In essence, my scorpion is tied ‘upside down’ with the hooks point becoming the tip of the sting. I tie each of the abdominal sections in the same manner as the main body using tightly bound micro suede chenille however, the ‘Sting’ is the final part to be tied and has to be completed “In hand” as there is no way of holding the hook in the vice.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

For the purists among you...

Found on eBay: note high dollar electrical tape reel seat. (Link)

GSNP Wilderness Week: Jan. 13-21

January 13th - 21st marks Wilderness Wildlife Week in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The event, which is sponsored by the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism will include seminars in photography, wildlife, hiking, and of course fly fishing.

I think the reason they have Wilderness Week during the winter is because that's when the traffic jams in the park arn't so bad.

Arkansas Fishing Report

Fresh from the electronic pages of the online editon of the Pine Bluff Commercial comes their latest Arkansas fishing report. Paisley and I have been talking about a Spring trip to the visit the White River.

White River: The holidays and mild weather have put power demand at a minimum, so the water conditions have been low with one generator turned on for an hour or two. Trout fishing has been excellent, with a lot of trout being caught on red worms, wax worms, nightcrawlers and Berkley PowerBait. Fly anglers have done well with little generation.

Jewelers Asked to Boycott Pebble Mine Gold

How do you stop a proposed Alaska mine? Take a chapter from the folks concerned about blood diamonds and ask jewelers to pledge to boycott the gold that could come from it.

As an industry leader, you have a real opportunity to demonstrate your company's commitment to the highest environmental and social standards.
Customers want to know that their gold jewelry was sourced responsibly – not from areas of critical ecological value.

You can demonstrate your company's commitment to these principles by
signing the Bristol Bay Protection Pledge. To sign the pledge, or learn more about it, please contact us at

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

G.I. Joe's - $20 off Orders Over $120

Who doesn't remember G.I. Joe fondly?

Sure we might have been guilty of shaving his beard and he might have ended up missing an appendage or two that time that he and Steve Austin got into a fight, but the lighter fluid incident was totally our little sister's fault. Apparently he doesn't hold a grudge, because today he is offering us $20 off orders over $120 at his sporting goods store with whom we are an affiliate. Use the link below to make it up to the poor action figure and get great sporting gear at the same time!

Get $20 off orders over $120 at

Jim Casada Outdoors

Jim Casada has mailed out his latest newsletter. This month finds him writing about the Joys of January. I particularly enjoyed his recollection of a successful boyhood hunt. I haven't been squirrel hunting since I was a kid but his description of tossing his hat around the other side of a tree to turn a big grey made me want to grab my .22 and hit the woods. Be sure to sign up for his newsletter if for nothing other than the receipes always includes.

Outdoor Channel Garage Gear Contest

The nice folks over at The Outdoor Channel sent us a press release about their "Gear Up the Garage" Contest.


Contest Features The Ultimate Outdoor Package Which Includes Two ATV’s, a Snowmobile, Fishing Lures and More!

TEMECULA, CA—January 3, 2007 – The Outdoor Channel (TOC), the #1 television destination for outdoor enthusiasts, today announced the latest phase of its successful “Gear Up Your Garage” (GUYG) promotion-- an exciting new sweepstakes giving viewers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to win the products, goods and vehicles to fill the “garage of their dreams.”

Regarding the “Gear Up Your Garage” promotion, Denise Conroy-Galley, VP of Marketing & Research for The Outdoor Channel, remarked, “We know outdoor enthusiasts are passionate and gear-obsessed. Together with our sponsors, we’re glad to give these folks the opportunity to win the garage of their dreams this winter.”
The lucky winner of the “Gear Up Your Garage” sweepstakes will be awarded a garage full of prizes, including a package from Arctic Cat featuring two 2007 Arctic Cat Auto 4x4 ATV’s and a 2007 Arctic Cat F5 Snowmobile. Other participating sponsors include Bushnell, FoodSource Lures, Blackpowder Products, B&W Custom Truck Beds Inc. and XaviX/SSD Company Ltd.

This is the second of three phases to be showcased in TOC’s “Gear Up Your Garage” promotion. The final phase of GUYG will be launched in Spring, 2007.

Consumers are invited to visit to enter the sweepstakes and learn more. Once there, visitors will also have the chance to play an outdoors themed video game (a game of chance, not skill) giving them the opportunity to win a variety of prizes.

For more information about the “Gear Up Your Garage” promotion or The Outdoor Channel, please visit the website at:

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Royal Fly Fishing

Up for auction via ebay:

Be the first on your block to own this One Crown coin which depicts the Queen Mother trout fishing in New Zealand.

Unfortunately it looks as if HRH favors the spinning rod. We are not amused.

Update: We should have done more research. New Zealand Fly Fishing Icon, Tony Bishop, sets the record straight:

"Whatever the reel looks like on the rod, the Queen Mother was a keen and skilled fly fisher. She continued to fish in England and Scotland till, I think, her eighties."

Thanks Bish!

Here's a link to some addtional information about Royalty who could most likely outfish us:

But it was probably for her lifestyle and sense of fun that the Queen Mother will be best remembered. Into the 1980s, and her own eighties, she could be seen up to her waders, fly-fishing in the rivers of her Scottish estate.

More Pebble Mine News has more information on the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska. It seems the developers continue to pour massive amounts of cash into the effort to build the gold mine despite public concern about environmental issues.

As 2006 drew to a close, Northern Dynasty had invested $126 million into its Pebble exploration project. Bruce Jenkins, chief operating officer for the Canadian mining firm, said he anticipates the company will spend another $30 million to $45 million in 2007.

Also we got an email from Scott Hed of The Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska to remind us that the period for public comment about the proposed mine has been extended until Feb. 5th 2007.

Duck River - Normandy, TN

This past weekend I decided to drive out to Nashville, TN for some fishing with Jay Moore, the Middle Tennessee Editor for

They were generating on the Caney Fork so he reluctantly agreed to take me to fish one of his lesser known "secret" places on the Duck River. I thought it might be a good way to verify his claims of 20-30 trout days from his fishing reports while catching a few fish myself. We had a great day and caught around 40 between the two of us with Jay having the larger numbers. We only saw about three other anglers all day on Jay's secret water.

I will have to say that if this trip is any indication, Jay doesn't exaggerate when it comes to the numbers of fish he is catching on the Duck. Submitted as proof below is some unedited "hidden helmet cam" video from our trip. Beware it has all the cinematic grace of "The Blair Witch Project."

Monday, January 01, 2007

Deal of the Week: 72 Nymph Assortment

I found this deal via the nice foreign lady from 72 assorted fly fishing Nymphs for $78.99.

18 Assorted Hares Ear Nymphs
18 Assorted Pheasant Tail Nymphs
12 Gold Bead Prince Nymphs
12 Wired Nymphs
6 Wired Prince Nymphs
6 Caddis nymphs
Packed in a handy pocket sized plastic box

No info as to the sizes of the flies offered so buy at your own risk but with a bit of luck it could be an excellent deal.

Shipping appears to be only $2.95 on this item and Overstock is also offering 8% off your entire order during the month of January if you shop via this link.

A quick "doing of the math" indicates that for a bit more than $75 you can have 72 Nymphs and a handy box shipped to your door.

New Carolina Trout Stream Atlas

Word comes to us from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission that the updated version of their "North Carolina Trout Fishing Maps" publication is now available.

"This map book not only contains maps of the trout waters open to public fishing, but they are color-coded according to the signs posted on the streams, which detail the trout regulations in effect. In addition, the maps show the location of game lands, state parks and fishing rules in effect on the Blue Ridge Parkway."

I own the previous version of the book. While it is a bit too large to fit into the glove box of your truck it does make a nice atlas sized reference. The publication is available for $12 by calling 1-866-WILDSHOP (1-866-945-3746) or 919 707-0393.

Pending World Record Striper On The Fly

From the Richmond Times Dispatch: A new world record rock fish may be emerging from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

Harry Huelsbeck of Norfolk watched a 44-pounder inhale his oversized (Clouser) fly while casting at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel one night this week. This fish was the one he was looking for, and Huelsbeck now holds a pending fly line class world record.

Other articles indicate that the potential record is being considered for the 20 pound tippet class.