Sunday, January 14, 2007

Altered Oceans

Fly angler, Videographer, and all around interesting guy, Travis Rummel of "The Hatch and Running Down the Man" fame, writes us to point out the series, Altered Oceans. From algae blooms and dead zones to plastic debris, and fishing down the food web, the signs are clear. The planet's oceans are taking a beating. This series makes you think. Be sure to view the videos.

"90% of the ocean's stocks of tuna, cod and other big fish have disappeared in the past 50 years."

***Update: Our pal B2 from the MoldyChum blog has given us a heads up about the Oceans as Wilderness program sponsored by the good folks at Patagonia.

Patagonia's 2006-07 environmental campaign is devoted to the oceans. Our goal is to help us all see what is under the waters of the earth. How the vast schools of tuna are like those herds of buffalo. How bottom trawling is like clear-cutting an entire forest to get at a single tree. In our catalogs, retail stores and on our Web site, we'll spend 18 months with marine scientists and writers, surfers and fishermen, to teach ourselves and our customers just how close the connection is between the vitality of human life and the marine environment, so that we can all become better stewards of the ocean in our daily lives.

Keep an eye out for more information on this important awareness campaign.


moldychum said...

Hey Murdock,

Patagonia is running a campaign titled Oceans as Wilderness check it out here.


Murdock said...


Thanks for the heads up! Those guys from Patagoina do some good stuff!