Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Duck River - Normandy, TN

This past weekend I decided to drive out to Nashville, TN for some fishing with Jay Moore, the Middle Tennessee Editor for Flyfishmagazine.com.

They were generating on the Caney Fork so he reluctantly agreed to take me to fish one of his lesser known "secret" places on the Duck River. I thought it might be a good way to verify his claims of 20-30 trout days from his fishing reports while catching a few fish myself. We had a great day and caught around 40 between the two of us with Jay having the larger numbers. We only saw about three other anglers all day on Jay's secret water.

I will have to say that if this trip is any indication, Jay doesn't exaggerate when it comes to the numbers of fish he is catching on the Duck. Submitted as proof below is some unedited "hidden helmet cam" video from our trip. Beware it has all the cinematic grace of "The Blair Witch Project."

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