Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jay Moore Reports: Dam Problems for TN / KY

This tidbit of information comes from Jay Moore, the Middle Tennessee Editor.

Earlier this week we posted about issues at the Wolf Creek Dam on Kentucky's lake Cumberland and the problems a massive draw down that might be needed to avoid a dam breach would have on its tailwater trout fishery . It seems Jay's own home water the Caney Fork, could be at risk as well.

Center Hill Dam above the Caney Fork River is on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's list of most at risk dams, along with Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky, the Corps said today.The Caney Fork runs into the Cumberland River upriver of Nashville, which could also be affected by the seeping Wolf Creek Dam.That dam holds back Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, which feeds into the Cumberland River, with Nashville, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Carthage and several other towns along the way

Jay also reminded us that should either of these dams fail the city of Nashville would suddenly look very much like a scene out Sponge Bob Square Pants. Ever the optimist, Jay also suggested that in any case the fishing near the Country Music Hall of Fame could be quite good.

UPDATE** The state of Kentucky has announced measures such as a live webcam to show potential tourist that Lake Cumberland is still open for business in spite of Corps of Engineers claims that the dam is in danger of bursting. Here's a link to the story via WAVE Channel 3. I promise I did not make that up. The name of the station with the story about the potential dam break is called WAVE.

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