Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"What ringtone are you using?"

Frank Galusha from The Mount Shasta News Site, goes under the pen name "Easy Writer" which considering his geo-location leads us to wonder if he knows of the infamous blogging Sacramento River Troutmiester, "TC Writer" from the Trout Underground Fly Fishing Blog?

Mr. Galusha, writes about a recent trip to fish the Sac during which the ringing of a cell phone went from being an interruption to a strangely surreal type of lure for trout.

We had caught more fish than anybody, I thought to myself, so I asked: What was that fly we were using?”
“That? Nothing special really,” he said, “just one of many I tie in my spare time.”“What should I call it?” I asked.“The fly had little to do with our success,” he replied. “Trout are very sound sensitive. Didn't you notice, every time the phone rang, we got a bite?” “By golly, you're right,” I said, “It was a sound bite.”

Somewhere Izaack Walton spins in his grave!

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