Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday Morning Fishy Newsiness

Tuesdays are odd days. They are not nearly as hated as Monday nor are they as looked towards as their more popular cousin Friday. By now most folks have taken full advantage of Monday's allowances for recovery from the weekend so Tuesday means time to get to work and actually accomplish something. However, you could always spend the first bits of the day catching up on some of the fly fishing news of the week:

According to the independent news site www.scoop.co.nz and coming to us via the Protect your Waters site, some folks think that New Zealand's Biosecurity Minister has waved the white flag when it comes to keeping "rock snot" aka didymo out of the country's fisheries.


Anglers wonder what might become of Lake Cumberland in Kentucky as the Corps of Engineers rushes to draw down the level of the massive lake in order to avoid a ruptured dam. The draw down could also hurt the tail water trout fishery below the dam. It is a costly problem to say the least:

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has estimated that a total loss of the fishery would cost $200M in the first year alone and that it would take 15 years from the time we resume normal operations to restore it to current levels. Changes to operation would negatively impact the USFWS fish hatchery. The hatchery is estimated to be valued at $50M in direct benefits and $75M in indirect benefits annually for all of Kentucky. Recreation would be adversely affected by loss of access, low water or grounding of marinas, lost aesthetics, lost fishery, and loss of other recreational opportunities.

Link to the FAQ about the draw down from the Corps of Engineers.


And from the, You think you have a rough job file, from Reuters comes the story of this Aussie abalone diver who was swallowed head first by a great white shark and lived to tell the tale. His lead weight vest took the brunt of the toothage.


Finally, dis the boss a few minutes more, and check out two new blogs that have been so kind as to link the FFMag.

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