Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Underground Watch

Tom over at The Trout Underground, has been busy pounding the keyboard, asking life's hard questions and digging around the internet for gems of wisdom:

He makes us wonder why we don't know more about our home state when he posts about the North Carolina town that "Drops the Possum" to celebrate New Year's Eve. In his posting he refers to our fellow Carolinians as "sadists" for taking part in this practice so I want to make it clear to him that here in the Old North State we treat our possums quite well. We even feed them corn for a few weeks before we eat them.

If that is not enough the Underground reminds us of our own bouts of gastric distress by pointing out the Top Seven Things You Wish You Hadn't Eaten Before Fishing . Numero uno is reserved for the readers so be sure to visit his site and leave a little something.


Tom Chandler said...

Yes, I would guess "sadist" was too strong a word, especially since the possum in question is lowered in a plexiglass cage.

I mean, that might actually be kinda fun.

Murdock said...

We used to lower him by his tail but that got to be too politically incorrect.