Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hardy - Swift TE Fly Reels

I rarely get excited about brand names on rods, reels and other fly fishing equipment. After all, for a small stream trout angler such as myself, reels hold line and rods are not much more than "fly poles." However, I have always been a real sucker for anything with the name Hardy on it.

For me the century plus old Hardy name stands for everything from fine craftsmanship to classic design. After all what fly fisher who has ever dreamt of casting a dry fly upstream on the River Test wouldn't want to own fishing equipment that is constructed under a Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

Lately the name Hardy has stood for a measure of innovation. Enter for 2007 the Swift TE fly reel with a "revolutionary balance compensating reel seat." The new reel seat allows you to adjust the position of the reel so as to give perfect balance.

This means you can fine-tune the reel's position on the rod to get the lightest possible in-hand feel. The feature allows you achieve the precise point of balance and the most perfect fishing sensation ever. It is something for the perfectionist, true, but then perfection is always our aim.

Someday, when I "make it" and can convince my personal banker (Wife) I plan on owning a complete Hardy rod and reel outfit.

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