Monday, January 29, 2007

N.C. Gets a New State Park

Back in July we posted that the owners of North Carolina's Chimney Rock Park were putting the privately held tourist attraction up for sale for $55 million dollars. We are pleased to announce that according to the Associted Press reports that a deal has been struck for the State of North Carolina to purchse the land for less than half of the original asking price. The land will be part of a new Hickory Nut Gorge State Park. From the News and Observer article:

PARK PURCHASE: Nature lovers rejoiced as the state announced plans to spend $24 million to buy privately owned Chimney Rock Park. An anonymous, private donation of $2.35 million helped the state increase its earlier offer, rejected in July by the Morse family in favor of putting the land on the open market for $55 million. The 1,000-acre park in Rutherford County, largely untouched and located in one of the state's most biologically diverse areas, will be incorporated into the new Hickory Nut Gorge State Park.

Three cheers for "anonymous private donator"

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