Monday, January 01, 2007

Deal of the Week: 72 Nymph Assortment

I found this deal via the nice foreign lady from 72 assorted fly fishing Nymphs for $78.99.

18 Assorted Hares Ear Nymphs
18 Assorted Pheasant Tail Nymphs
12 Gold Bead Prince Nymphs
12 Wired Nymphs
6 Wired Prince Nymphs
6 Caddis nymphs
Packed in a handy pocket sized plastic box

No info as to the sizes of the flies offered so buy at your own risk but with a bit of luck it could be an excellent deal.

Shipping appears to be only $2.95 on this item and Overstock is also offering 8% off your entire order during the month of January if you shop via this link.

A quick "doing of the math" indicates that for a bit more than $75 you can have 72 Nymphs and a handy box shipped to your door.

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