Monday, January 22, 2007

From the eBay Files: Slab O' The Year: 1907

A check of eBay finds this mount of a 36 inch long, 17.5 Brown Trout for sale in Wexford Ireland.

Here is a prime specimen brown trout,it was caught in1907 on the lower lake Killarney,inside the case there is a label which reads "CAUGHT ON THE LOWER LAKE,22nd MARCH 1907,WEIGHT 17.5 lbs."You will notice it does not mention Kilarney on the label,but hanging beside it,in the house where I bought it, was an old picture of the lower lake Killarney,and I was assured by the vendor that it was caught by her great grandfather in Killarney.Inside the case there is also the lure that this monster was caught with.

The Buy it now price is $3,000

Check out the results of the real Slab of the Year contest via Moldy Chum. Gotta love that traffic cone!

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