Monday, July 31, 2006

Tuesday's - Link and Release

Well actually it is Monday night but I won't let a little thing like the time space continuum stop me from posting some fly fishing linkly goodness for your Tuesday morning enjoyment. Here are a few of the best recent postings from the fly fishing blogosphere:

Pete over at Fishing Jones has posted a video from a striper trip. Watch it and see why he titles it "Airport Fishing". It is pretty obvious!

Brian, the keeper of the bucket over at Moldy Chum, has a link to a video of a hammer head shark making a meal out of an angler's freshly caught tarpon.

Alistair from Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin is now fishing bare, New Zealand Style. (Link is worksafe - thank the good Lord)

Tom Chandler, who lives at the base of a (we hope) inactive volcano, got the internet buzzing on several different sites with his posting on his Trout Underground site about the future of fly fishing magazines (we hope he means those paper ones with the little cards that fall on the bathroom floor).

And finally this morning, (wink, wink) the good folk from G.I. Joe's have provided a link that offers free shipping on "select tents and sleeping bags." Once can never have enough "select tents and sleeping bags." Click the pretty icon below to get yours.

GI Joe's

Montana On $211 A Day

Rachel Ray might be able to make it on $40 a day but to your average angler that amount is mere chump change. What is an angler worth to a local economy? Quite a bit more than non anglers according to the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

In 2005, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks surveyed anglers about how much money they spend pursuing their pastime, said Rob Brooks, who studies economics and other matters as the department's responsive management unit coordinator.
For in-state residents, the average spending is $40.43 per day, the survey showed. But for nonresident anglers, the average daily spending jumped to $211 per day.


Fishing For Cash Cows

Money may not buy happiness but according to this article in the Winston-Salem Journal, it can buy some big trout. Angus Phillips of the Washington Post taunts us with a story about a recent fishing trip to the Spring Ridge Club. He does however admit the irony of it all:

"Still, anytime a hacker like me can spend six hours fly-fishing on a stream and land a half-dozen trout longer than 20 inches, with one or two 4- or 5-pounders plus a couple dozen smaller fish in the mix, something's not right."

He also describes the cost of such pursuits:

"Now the bad news. It costs big bucks to create and sustain the kind of fishing that Spring Ridge Club offers, and nobody's giving it away. It costs $79,500 to join, then $6,000 a year in dues, plus a modest daily user fee to fish or stay at the various lodges."

I will be out for a bit, buying lottery tickets.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Arkansas Fishing Reports

The North Texas e-News has posted its latest Arkansas fishing report. We always like to keep up with how things are going on the White and Norfork Rivers.

"The best flies are Hank’s Razzle Dazzle nymph, sow bugs, woolly buggers and black ants. Be ready because the fish are rising fast in the current during generation."

Virginia Kayak Fishing Tourney - Sept. 30th 2006

If you are an angler who likes to fish from a kayak then you might want to take part in the Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association's 2nd annual charity kayak fishing tournament September 30th, 2006. The format of the tournament is catch, photograph and release. The contest will benefit the Wish-a-Fish Foundation and Lynnehaven River 2007. The paddle wielding anglers will seek Red Drum, Spotted Trout, Flounder, Striped Bass, and Largemouth Bass. There will be special prizes for multi species slams. (Link to the TKAA website)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Prev Posting: Conservation for The Wealthy

An anonymous comment on my previous posting about the planned Laurelmor project brings out a good point that I failed to mention during my rant.

"I understand where you're coming from, however Ginn does plan to allow public access to areas of land within the conservation easement, including [but not limited to] giving them the opportunity to fish under a catch- and-release program and allowing ASU biology students access to observe and collect research data as part of their curriculum."

While I do sometimes tire of this new trend of conservation developments, I must say that Mr. Ginn's plan certainly has much more merit than any I have seen to date. Perhaps I did speak too soon. Inevitably development will continue in the mountains of North Carolina. Sound management that includes catch and release trout fishing is always preferable to no management at all.

Thanks for excellent feedback.

Sort Of Like Powerball But With Fish...

This might be the best way to make money fly fishing yet. All you have to do is go to Maryland between now and September 4th and catch a tagged fish that qualifies you for a $1 million dollar prize. If you fish the Chesapeake Bay you can also have a shot at catching a tagged striped bass named "Diamond Jim." If you catch him before tomorrow night you win $25,000 and a pair of diamond earrings. (Link)

Wild Dogs Couldn't Keep Me From Fishing

When it comes to invasive species causing havoc on our rivers, rock snot or mud snails might quickly come to mind. However, a new disturbing report tells of packs of wild dogs roaming free in Middle Tennessee. The issue has been blamed on a lack of animal control officers in the more rural counties coupled with an increase in instances of pet neglect.

"In rural counties without animal control services, unwanted animals are often dumped along the side of the road, Corsetti said.
"The people doing this often think that if they take them to an animal shelter in another county they might get euthanized, so they assume the animals will fare better along the road, but this is not at all true," she said.
In places like Hickman County, the practice has led to the appearance of wild packs of dogs, presenting a threat to humans and livestock, sheriff's officials there said."


Fins Up! It's A Raid

Game Wardens in Maine recently raided the China Rose restaurant and seized ten illegal fish. The Koi are considered and invasive species by the state and are illegal to own. The owner, Choung Ly, could be fined up to $10,000. (Link to the WCSH story) Thanks for the heads up from the top resource for info on invasive species

US National Whitewater Center

The soon to open US National Whitewater Center is just a few miles down the road from my neighborhood. It is a man made class III and IV whitewater river that will be open to rafters and kayakers. Developers of the project feel that it will be a major tourist attraction for the area. If for some reason it should fail, I propose that we stock it with trout. (Link)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stephen Colbert Interviews Howell Raines

One of my goals in life is to someday be interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Here is a video of him interviewing Howell Raines about his new book, "The one that got away." (Link) Note you will need to enable popups to view the video.

For the Angler Who Has Everything

Would you like to own an working tourist attraction and North Carolina landmark? Chimney Rock Park is on the market for $55 Million clams. There is even a good trout stream nearby. If they get the asking price it will set the mark as the largest private property sale in the state's history.

As a next step in this thoughtful and deliberate process, we have chosen to list our property for sale with Sotheby's International Realty. Due to Sotheby's 260-year experience in handling unique treasures combined with its worldwide real estate organization that provides high level service in representing extraordinary estates, our family feels that Sotheby's is distinctly qualified to help us connect with individuals or organizations who truly appreciate the uniqueness of our property and respect its legacy. As we work through this process with Sotheby's, we will continue to explore all options, including on-going discussions with the state of North Carolina.

Personally, I think it would make one H#!! of a subdivision.

Noted Catskills Inn Burns

The historic Antrim Inn in the Catskills near the Beaverkill River burned this past week. The inn was built in 1890 and was currently undergoing a rather drawn out renovation when the fire occurred.

"The inn was the favorite meeting place for anglers who visited the area. The bar, located on the first floor, was called Keener's Hole — aptly named after the original owner, Frank Keener"


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Deal Alert - Sierra Trading Post

I'll bet you have been thinking that you haven't heard much from Murdock lately about those fabulous deals over at Sierra Trading Post. Well you are correct! The reason for my slackness is that while they have great everyday deals, I just haven't found anything that I would call "blogworthy." At last that has all changed as I have dug up some new deals for the fly fisher:

Redington Lucent Fluorocarbon Tippet $1.95 a spool - sizes 2x - 7x
Fish cannot see it. Don't fish without it. Buy it here and save 44%. Save even more when you buy a dozen ($1.66 each)

D B Dun Destination Bombproof 9 Fly Rod Case - 3-Piece Reg. Price $85.95 - Now $29.95
How often do you get to own something "Bombproof"?

Redington BarrierFlex Waist Waders (For Men) $99.95 (a savings of $69.05 off retail)
You have your chest waders and hip boots, but at this low price you can afford to buy some waist waders and cover all your bases...just not your chest.......

These are just a few of the great deals currently available at Sierra Trading Post. Be sure to check them out!

Conservation for the Wealthy

A new "vacation" development planned for North Carolina's Wilkes and Watauga counties is using conservation as a selling point in their bid to develop 6000 acres into a top dollar resort. The plan is to protect 1/3 of the property from development and to charge between $450,000 and 1.25 million for the remaining lots.

"Laurelmor will still have all the amenities of any high-dollar 21st-century resort: A massive, Biltmore Estate-inspired lodge, with spa, restaurants, clubhouse and an 18-hole Tom Kite-designed golf course, more than 400 condominiums and about 1,500 homesites, ranging in size from three-quarters of an acre on up. Ginn Co. also plans to buy the adjacent Leatherwood Mountains equestrian center."

This project should go a long way to help boost the economies of the counties involved. Wilkes county in particular has suffered some financial setbacks in the recent past. One of which being the relocation of Lowe's Companies, Inc's corporate offices to Iredell county.

I just wish marketers (of which I am a closet one) would stop trying to call the selling off of millions of dollars worth of land as conservation. If you really are concerned about conservation then buy the land and open a park for public use, not a gated community with a few extra trees.
(Link to the Winston Salem Journal Article)

Monster Shark - Minimal Protest

The Humane Society had to curtail their planned protest of the Boston Big Game Fishing Club's Monster Shark tournament. They had planned to fly over the event with a plane towing a large banner with a protest message, but were grounded due to high winds. The Monster Shark tournament has been the subject of debate because they actually kill the sharks they catch rather than releasing them.

"Doug Loughrey, a program manager with ESPN, said the tournament was regarded as one of the top sport fishing tournaments in the country and provides valuable specimens and data for scientists and shark researchers. He said he respected the right of groups such as the humane society to protest the event, but warned they need to be more accurate in their campaigns."

(Link to the article)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Wife's First Fish On The Fly

I finally managed to talk the spousal unit into giving fly fishing a shot. This past Saturday we packed up and drove to a secret pond in the mountains of North Carolina with the promise that she would give it a try for at least a half hour before returning to the book she brought "in case she did not like it."

This particular pond is stocked with a few trout and is absolutely full of bluegill. Once we arrived I strung up the four weight rod and gave her some very basic casting instruction. At first she was prone to trying to throw the line like one would if you were using a spinning reel but we were able to correct that and soon she was making 15 to 20 foot casts without too much difficulty. It was on about her third cast that I saw the strike indicator go under the surface hard. I yelled out, "set the hook!" to which she returned a blank stare as I had failed to mention that part of the equation. I quickly fixed this shortfall in my teaching and it was not long until she had landed a nice average sized panfish. Her first fish ever on a fly rod!

Actually catching a fish brought her a new interest for the sport and she began to work more on her casting. We were fishing near a small dock and I had remarked that I bet some larger fish might live under it. She took this to heart and did a sort of side arm roll cast that put the beadhead hare's ear directly under the dock. I was just about to correct her form (always a mistake with fishing with a spouse) when her strike indicator went to the bottom. I cried out the now familiar "set the hook!" and this time she instinctively raised her rod high above her head. This was a much larger fish than those she had caught before and it put up such a strong fight that she tried to hand me the rod. I told her to land her own fish and that she did, bringing to the bank a big fat bluegill, bigger than my hand, that must have weighed at least a pound. I unhooked it and released it back into the pond (my unhooking and handling the fish being a condition of her trying fishing) after which she took great pride in pointing out that her fish had been much bigger than any I had caught that day.

The half hour turned into three and as we left she remarked that she might like to try fly fishing again in the near future. I told her that if she continued to out fish me, I would most certainly leave her at home! (fish art courtesy of the NC Department of Wildlife Resources)

Mining Crooked Creek

Two companies from Mountain Home, Arkansas (near both the White and Norfork rivers) have applied for permits to mine gravel from Crooked Creek near Yellville, AR. Crooked Creek is known as a premier smallmouth bass fishery and has been the subject of numerous fights over the years between fishermen and miners.

Gene Dunaway, president of the Friends of the North Fork and White Rivers, said his group is skeptical of the permits. Dunaway said he would oppose the permits if scientists determine it will harm the ecology of the stream or if it will damage the streambed.
"When you remove a lot of gravel, it creates a hole," Dunaway said. "That hole is going to fill up with something."

The two companies, Mountain Home Concrete and Guy King and Sons, say that the gravel and sand they plan to mine will help support the local building industry. The permits are currently open to public comment until August and concerned persons should contact The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. (Link to the article in the Baxter Bulletin)

Rafting Woman Hooked by Angry Fly Fisher

A New Mexico woman was hooked in the lip while on a commercial rafting trip on the Taylor river in southwestern Colorado. Sheriff's deputies think the culprit might have been a disgruntled fly fisherman. They could not locate the suspect as he was obviously using tippet that was far too light weight for his intended quarry. (Link)

Seriously speaking, this is all we need to further fisherman / rafter relations. can never condone this sort of thing. It is lucky that the woman in the article was only hooked in the lip. Had she been foul hooked, she most certainly would not have qualified for a world record.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Reader Photo Gallery - Feel Free To Brag!

I am still tweaking it a bit, but I have added a reader photos page over at There is a link that you can use to email photos you would like to have included. What a great way to brag to all your fishing buddys about the big one that didn't get away!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cooler Times

If you live in the South East then you already know that it is "dang hot" outside. I thought this photo from opening day of trout season about seven years ago might serve to cool you down a bit. Our old fly fishing club ( The Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Association) got together and decided to fly fish side by side with the worm dunkers in Blowing Rock, NC. Needless to say there was quite a chill in the air. It was on this trip on which the events in "The designated fish cleaner of opening day" happened.

Friday, July 21, 2006

No More Natural Bait Exemption In N.C.

As of Jan. 1st, 2007 North Carolina will have repealed its longstanding rule allowing anglers to fish without a license in the waters of their home county, as long as they used natural bait. Now all anglers will have to purchase a license before fishing. The exception to the rule will be that persons who are on certain kinds of public assistance will be allowed a subsistence fishing waiver so that they may fish for food. (Link to the PDF File from the NCWRC site)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

South East Fly Fishing Forum

I have never been a big forum / message board participant. Mostly because I always found it hard to get around the elitist attitudes and egos etc. However, lately I have been lurking around the South East Fly Fishing Forum and have found it to be an excellent place to discuss fly fishing with a group of very knowledgeable and friendly anglers.

Here is a link to a recent thread about the theft problems fishermen are facing over on the South Holston river. Aside from a discussion of the obvious problem the postings manage to delve into the some of the root causes, such as the proliferation of meth users and labs in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. Who would have thought that meth labs would have had a negative impact on fly fishing?


Are you a fishing philosopher or Fishosopher? This article in The Daily Times of Farmington, New Mexico describes what it takes to be one.

"I have been thinking about the philosophy of fishing, dubbed "fishosophy" in this column last week. Last week's column was a simple introduction to the concept, a definition if you will. This week, we will dig a little bit deeper and expand on it."

This makes me wonder aloud, "If a trout jumps in the lake and there is no one to hear it, does it still make a splash?"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ross Announces New Large Arbor Reels

Ross Worldwide has announced three new affordably priced large arbor fly reels. The Flystart (pictured here) will retail for only $39 while the Flycast sells for $60 and the Flywater goes for $89.

Here is how their press release describes each of the new reels:

The Flystart is a hybrid large arbor fly reel. The drag system is Ross designed to be smooth, consistent and have a wide range of adjustment. You will be amazed with its quality in manufacturing tolerance, performance and sound. The Flystart series is a great fly reel for first-time fly fishing participants that demand quality but do not want to spend a fortune gearing up to fish.

The Flycast is a hybrid large arbor fly reel that is simply a lot of reel for the money! The drag system is based on a time proven design that is dependable, smooth and has an infinite range of adjustment. Each reel in this series is designed with a unique diameter and width to maximize the properties of drag consistency and line retrieval. Ross engineers spent considerable time refining this drag design to guarantee a low maintenance, high performance drag system that is truly outstanding. The first time you pick up a Flycast reel, you will be amazed with its quality in manufacturing tolerance, performance and sound. The Flycast series is the obvious choice for anglers who demand high-quality tackle at an affordable price.

The Flywater is a hybrid large arbor fly reel that is beautifully crafted with cosmetic innovation and precision workmanship. The open back frame design and extensive spool ventilation is attractive and lightweight, but the series is built to support a lifetime of flawless performance. The Flywater's drag is identical to the system used in our award winning Gunnison USA series. This is pretty impressive considering that the Gunnison sold for more than twice the price of the Flywater series, and during it's twenty plus years on the market, the Gunnison was awarded more industry awards that any other fly reel in the world. The Flywater is the perfect reel for those anglers who are equally concerned about impeccable drag performance, great aesthetics and rugged durability.

It is hard to tell without seeing one in person, but a quick look at the spec sheet for each reel shows them to be almost identical when it comes to size, weight, and line capacity. The higher priced models appear to give you better drag systems and a slicker look. I have always been a fan of Ross's Gunnison reel, so at $89 the Flywater certainly catches my eye. For more information visit

Earlier Trout Season for Parts of PA.

If you live in the South East (or just about anywhere else) you know that it is oppressively hot outside. That's why it is nice to think about the fact that Pennsylvania has decided to open up its trout season two weeks earlier next year. The new opening for 18 counties will be the first Saturday after March 28th rather than the first Saturday after April 11th.

"Starting the trout season earlier in parts of Pennsylvania expands fishing opportunities and improves our stocking and management efforts," said Doug Austen, the commission's executive director. "Opening day has long been a time of great anticipation for anglers. This change, along with stocking trout statewide that are 30 percent larger on average, promises to add more excitement in 2007 to an already popular pursuit."

Maybe an earlier trout season in PA. will mean some cooler weather here this weekend? I didn't think so. (Link to The York Dispatch Article). You might also want to check out Tom Remington's take on it over at the "Daily Bag Limit Blog"

There Can Be Only One!

Alistair, the kilted angler, over at the Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin pointed out "The Highlander Way" website which promotes the virtues of traditional fly fishing.

No "look how big a fish I can catch" No name dropping, no blonde bimbos hanging on my arm & no I don't do competitions, sell cigars or fine wines. What I do "sell" is a gentler time when fly fishers treated their quarry with respect. Where fly fishers could sit & pass the time of day without mentioning, bag limits boobies & blobs.

At first glance the I was a bit concerned that Highlander fly fishing might involve immortals wielding swords and chopping off the heads of their rivals. Instead I find a great site with some nice examples of traditional wet flies with names like "The Goat's Toe" and "the Clan Chief".

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jay Moore Fishes - Makes Friends contributor Jay Moore has been hitting the waters of Middle Tennessee's Caney Fork once again. This time Jay found himself in the company of a fellow Texan while preparing to fish. After donning their ten gallon hats and giving the mandatory "Hook'em Horns" salute they hit the water and Jay caught a bunch of fish on a soft hackle courtesy of his new friend.

"We fished a small spot of fast water and I caught 19 fish in about an hour and a half. All but three were landed on emergers."

Read his entire fishing report at

Champion Outfitters Fly Rod Sale

I got an email today from the guys over at Champion Outfitters (who send us fishing reports from time to time) with some news about a St. Croix Avid and Imperial fly rod sale that they are having. Here is a sampling of what they are currently offering (from the text of their email):

These are New In Tube FACTORY ST. CROIX AVID and IMPERIAL Fly Rods- The 2005 models. LIFETIME WARRANTY Attached. Made in the U.S.A. Below are the 2 piece St. Croix Avid Fly Rods- These are Medium Fast rods. An overall great Fly Rod: 1-6' 3wt.- Retail $160- SALE- $111 2- 7' 3wt.and 7'6"-2wt.- Retail- $160- SALE- $115 3- 8' 3 wt. and 8' 4wt.- Retail $180- SALE- $122 4- 8' 6"-4 and 5 wt.- Retail $190- SALE - $125 5- 9' 4 wt. and 9' 6 wt.- Retail $190 - SALE- $125 6- 9' 7wt and 9' 7 wt.- Retail $200 - SALE- $130 7- 9' 6"-7 and 8 wt.- Retail- $210- SALE- $135 8- 9' 10 wt.- Retail $ 210- SALE- $135 9- 9' 12 wt.- Retail $250- SALE - $160 10- 9' 12 FG- Retail $250- SALE- $160

They are offering quite a few more rods so if you are intrested check out their site at Tell them you read about it on the Flyfishmagazine blog.

Chesapeake, VA - Not Fishing

I am currently in Chesapeake, VA. on business and not fishing. I was also trapped in a Holiday Inn last night without internet access. Between the travel and the day job blogging has suffered. For now, check out some of the articles and fishing reports at

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kevin Howell - Fly Fishing Masters

It seems that North Carolina's own Kevin Howell of Davidson River Outfitters has been busy lately as a competitor on the Outdoor Life Network's, "Fly Fishing Masters" competition which will begin airing starting July 26th on OLN. A recent article in the Charlotte Observer tells us that participants are all sworn to secrecy as to the outcome but Kevin must have done pretty well as he admitted to landing a 24.5 inch trout at one point during the contest.

Kevin comes from an angling family. My father considered Kevin's father, Don Howell, to be one of the best anglers he had ever fished with. I sure would be great to have someone from the South take home the masters title.

New Product - Ross Worldwide Pliers

Ross makes tools for fly fishing that feature both slick design and functionality. This October they will be releasing new Pescador 6 & 7.5 pliers that will incorporate pliers with replaceable jaw, tungsten carbide cutters and a sharpening stone in one tool.

According to the company's press release they make their pliers out of a proprietary aluminum stock that gives them far greater strength and rigidity not normally possible.

"The stainless steel jaws are heat-treated, hardened and then finished with an electrophoresis coating to provide ample strength to safely remove hooks, tighten knots, crimp sleeves and connect wires. In addition, we have incorporated a medium grit diamond coated sharpening stone into the pliers’ jaw for convenient hook sharpening. While most competitive pliers require the purchase of a sheath and lanyard separately, the Ross Worldwide Pescador 6 and 7.5 pliers are shipped complete with a high quality, custom designed cordura sheath and self-coiling safety lanyard, all for one incredible low price."

At $139 for the 6 and $159 for the 7.5's these are a bit more pricey than those import needle nose pliers you currently carry, but for the serious angler these can be a lifetime investment not to mention the fact that they can take the place of several tools you currently lug around.

Jake Ties Dad Some Flies

I am back in town, fresh from a trip with my son Jake, (14 years old going on 35) to Cherokee and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The weather was very hot and we had a couple of flash floods that rendered much of the rivers the color of mud, but we still managed to catch a few fish and spent a lot of quality time together. Our nights at the basecamp were filled with fly tying. Here you see Jake tying a streamer designed specifically for the hatchery trout on the reservation. Jake was able to tie quite a few flies and got pretty good with the bobbin and whip finisher by the end of the trip. I look forward to keeping him busy on future trips.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No Service

For the next three days I will be taking part in some much needed Father/Son R&R as we visit the Base Camp (read as: 1970 something Prowler Camper) located on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in the remote mountains of North Carolina (remote as in: you can't see the casino from the camp).

The base camp is sort of like Gilligan's island in that there are no phones, no lights, no motor cars, not a single luxury....Ok so I suppose I tend to get a bit carried away when I talk about the base camp. While there actually are no phones, we do have lights and even air conditioning and I will have the Isuzu Trooper to get around in. But there is positively no high speed internet access at base camp so I will resume posting next week. For now get your fill of fly fishing goodness by visiting the links on the right hand side of this page.

You've Fished the South East - Now Fish the West!

With my proclivity for visiting Las Vegas, I don't know how I have missed the Fish the West website until now. They have a great looking site and blog with lots of information about fishing the other end of the country. I wish I had found them before my last trip out to Vegas. You should have seen the look on the casino concierge's face when I asked her about booking a fishing trip. Sidebar links have been added. (Link to the Fish the West Site and Blog).

Paisley's Pick - Arkansas Trophy Trout tailwater guru Jeff Paisley sent me a heads up about the Arkansas Trophy Trout site which is hosted by fishing guide Gabe Cross. Be sure to sign up for Gabe's newsletter as it is full of good info about fly fishing on the White and Norfork rivers as well as other great fisheries. This months edition has some great information about fishing on the San Juan. (Link)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Seth Thompson's Guide to Fly Fishing and Rod Recovery

I received an email from Seth Thompson with some great photos from a few of his fly fishing adventures this past Spring. Seth has been fishing both Maryland's Susquehanna Flats for striper and North Carolina's Buzzard Bay Flats for redfish. The photo's seem to indicate that he had a quite a bit of success. Seth's email gives us a great play by play account of landing this big bruiser and also describes a great method for recovering a rod gone overboard.

"While we were in transit I look to my left in time to see my new 11wt. rod with my new mach VI reel fly out the back of the boat! Gone! We turned quickly to see.....nothing. It was gone. Or was it."

Click this link to read the entire tale and see the photos from Seth's trips in the "Fishing Reports" section of Thanks Seth!

Mayflies So Thick They Show on Radar

A record hatch of mayflies in Wisconsin this past week was so large that it showed up on National Weather Service radar screens as a large rain storm.

The bugs were so thick that they showed up as a rainstorm of mayflies on National Weather Service radar.
For about 1 1/2 hours starting at 9 p.m., the insects drifted north, with the radar showing them blanketing areas along the Mississippi River.
"They were dive-bombing in the root beer floats," said Gary Rudy, owner of Rudy's Drive-In, whose family has been slinging burgers and soft drinks since 1966.

I witnessed one of these events as a teenager while on vacation near lake Michigan. Mayflies as long as your pinkie finger filled the air and literally covered the ground like snow. We were relieved when we found out that 1. They didn't bite and 2. they would be gone by morning. If only I had been a fly fisherman back then!

(Link) Thanks for the heads up Boing Boing.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ode to Something Wooly

If you are a fly tyer then the first fly you probably ever tied was a wooly bugger. If you are a fly fisherman there is a good chance it is also the first fly that you ever fished. What is it about this large fly that makes it both easy to tie and able to entice just about anything that swims to bite it?

"The wooly bugger is a large, somewhat unsophisticated streamer fly that does not represent the classic approach to fly fishing. I used to believe the best fly fishermen caught the most trout with the smallest flies and the lightest tippet they could use."


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fly Fishing For Hippos

Question: What should you do when you hook a hippopotamus while fly fishing?

Answer: Run like H3!!

That's the advice Cindy Garrison gave at the recent Mid South Fly Fishers Expo in Germantown, Tennessee:

"I dropped my pole and ran," Garrison recalled. She escaped. The hippo smashed the pole into 10 pieces.

(Link to the Article at - subscription may be required)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Gerat Deals on Fly Fishing Gear

Coupon 125x125
5% off web orders of $75 or more! - CLICK HERE to redeem! **Cannot be combined with other offers**

Sierra Trading Post is currently offering our readers a coupon for 5% off of any order over $75**. As you probably know by now STP is one of my favorite places to shop and they offer some great prices on close out fishing equipment and clothing. When you save an additional 5% off of their already discounted prices you are getting about the same rate as you could get on a 1 year certificate of deposit. That is why I like think that buying fishing equipment is like investing!

(**Not valid with any other offer. Offer expires 8-3-06. Yes as you might have guessed we are an affiliate of Sierra Trading post and earn a small commission off of things you buy from them. We use this money to keep our wife from complaining about how much we spend on web hosting on our primary site - - Thank you in advance for putting up with our blatant commercialism.)

Fly Fishing Raider Nation Style

When he is not playing center for the Oakland Raiders, former Virginia Tech Hokie center, Jake Grove enjoys the quiet sport of fly fishing. Grove has as many stories to tell about fishing as he does about football. It seems the football field isn't the only place a guy can get hurt.

"On the day before the NFL Draft, he was fishing for trout on Little Stony Creek, the tumbling mountain stream below the popular Cascades waterfall in Giles County.
Having a blast catching brook trout and rainbow trout, Grove wasn't even thinking about the important day that lay ahead.
"Then I heard this loud crack," Grove remembers.
Something smacked Grove in the head, temporarily stunning him. He could feel blood running down his face.
"I didn't know if I'd been shot or what," he said.
Grove quickly figured out what had really happened. He'd been struck by a falling tree limb."

He also had a mishap involving an inflatable pontoon boat and a waterfall. Read all about it in the article at

A Green Jacket For Fly Casting?

British Open and Masters champion Mark O'Meara is heading up the launch of a new casting competition for anglers. Details of the International Casting Championships will be revealed next week in Ireland. (Link)