Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ross Announces New Large Arbor Reels

Ross Worldwide has announced three new affordably priced large arbor fly reels. The Flystart (pictured here) will retail for only $39 while the Flycast sells for $60 and the Flywater goes for $89.

Here is how their press release describes each of the new reels:

The Flystart is a hybrid large arbor fly reel. The drag system is Ross designed to be smooth, consistent and have a wide range of adjustment. You will be amazed with its quality in manufacturing tolerance, performance and sound. The Flystart series is a great fly reel for first-time fly fishing participants that demand quality but do not want to spend a fortune gearing up to fish.

The Flycast is a hybrid large arbor fly reel that is simply a lot of reel for the money! The drag system is based on a time proven design that is dependable, smooth and has an infinite range of adjustment. Each reel in this series is designed with a unique diameter and width to maximize the properties of drag consistency and line retrieval. Ross engineers spent considerable time refining this drag design to guarantee a low maintenance, high performance drag system that is truly outstanding. The first time you pick up a Flycast reel, you will be amazed with its quality in manufacturing tolerance, performance and sound. The Flycast series is the obvious choice for anglers who demand high-quality tackle at an affordable price.

The Flywater is a hybrid large arbor fly reel that is beautifully crafted with cosmetic innovation and precision workmanship. The open back frame design and extensive spool ventilation is attractive and lightweight, but the series is built to support a lifetime of flawless performance. The Flywater's drag is identical to the system used in our award winning Gunnison USA series. This is pretty impressive considering that the Gunnison sold for more than twice the price of the Flywater series, and during it's twenty plus years on the market, the Gunnison was awarded more industry awards that any other fly reel in the world. The Flywater is the perfect reel for those anglers who are equally concerned about impeccable drag performance, great aesthetics and rugged durability.

It is hard to tell without seeing one in person, but a quick look at the spec sheet for each reel shows them to be almost identical when it comes to size, weight, and line capacity. The higher priced models appear to give you better drag systems and a slicker look. I have always been a fan of Ross's Gunnison reel, so at $89 the Flywater certainly catches my eye. For more information visit

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