Monday, July 31, 2006

Tuesday's - Link and Release

Well actually it is Monday night but I won't let a little thing like the time space continuum stop me from posting some fly fishing linkly goodness for your Tuesday morning enjoyment. Here are a few of the best recent postings from the fly fishing blogosphere:

Pete over at Fishing Jones has posted a video from a striper trip. Watch it and see why he titles it "Airport Fishing". It is pretty obvious!

Brian, the keeper of the bucket over at Moldy Chum, has a link to a video of a hammer head shark making a meal out of an angler's freshly caught tarpon.

Alistair from Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin is now fishing bare, New Zealand Style. (Link is worksafe - thank the good Lord)

Tom Chandler, who lives at the base of a (we hope) inactive volcano, got the internet buzzing on several different sites with his posting on his Trout Underground site about the future of fly fishing magazines (we hope he means those paper ones with the little cards that fall on the bathroom floor).

And finally this morning, (wink, wink) the good folk from G.I. Joe's have provided a link that offers free shipping on "select tents and sleeping bags." Once can never have enough "select tents and sleeping bags." Click the pretty icon below to get yours.

GI Joe's

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