Monday, July 10, 2006

Seth Thompson's Guide to Fly Fishing and Rod Recovery

I received an email from Seth Thompson with some great photos from a few of his fly fishing adventures this past Spring. Seth has been fishing both Maryland's Susquehanna Flats for striper and North Carolina's Buzzard Bay Flats for redfish. The photo's seem to indicate that he had a quite a bit of success. Seth's email gives us a great play by play account of landing this big bruiser and also describes a great method for recovering a rod gone overboard.

"While we were in transit I look to my left in time to see my new 11wt. rod with my new mach VI reel fly out the back of the boat! Gone! We turned quickly to see.....nothing. It was gone. Or was it."

Click this link to read the entire tale and see the photos from Seth's trips in the "Fishing Reports" section of Thanks Seth!


Mandy Blackard said...

Anyone know how I can get a hold of Seth?

IKnowInjustice said...

I know a seth thompson