Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wild Dogs Couldn't Keep Me From Fishing

When it comes to invasive species causing havoc on our rivers, rock snot or mud snails might quickly come to mind. However, a new disturbing report tells of packs of wild dogs roaming free in Middle Tennessee. The issue has been blamed on a lack of animal control officers in the more rural counties coupled with an increase in instances of pet neglect.

"In rural counties without animal control services, unwanted animals are often dumped along the side of the road, Corsetti said.
"The people doing this often think that if they take them to an animal shelter in another county they might get euthanized, so they assume the animals will fare better along the road, but this is not at all true," she said.
In places like Hickman County, the practice has led to the appearance of wild packs of dogs, presenting a threat to humans and livestock, sheriff's officials there said."


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