Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Earlier Trout Season for Parts of PA.

If you live in the South East (or just about anywhere else) you know that it is oppressively hot outside. That's why it is nice to think about the fact that Pennsylvania has decided to open up its trout season two weeks earlier next year. The new opening for 18 counties will be the first Saturday after March 28th rather than the first Saturday after April 11th.

"Starting the trout season earlier in parts of Pennsylvania expands fishing opportunities and improves our stocking and management efforts," said Doug Austen, the commission's executive director. "Opening day has long been a time of great anticipation for anglers. This change, along with stocking trout statewide that are 30 percent larger on average, promises to add more excitement in 2007 to an already popular pursuit."

Maybe an earlier trout season in PA. will mean some cooler weather here this weekend? I didn't think so. (Link to The York Dispatch Article). You might also want to check out Tom Remington's take on it over at the "Daily Bag Limit Blog"

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