Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Product - Ross Worldwide Pliers

Ross makes tools for fly fishing that feature both slick design and functionality. This October they will be releasing new Pescador 6 & 7.5 pliers that will incorporate pliers with replaceable jaw, tungsten carbide cutters and a sharpening stone in one tool.

According to the company's press release they make their pliers out of a proprietary aluminum stock that gives them far greater strength and rigidity not normally possible.

"The stainless steel jaws are heat-treated, hardened and then finished with an electrophoresis coating to provide ample strength to safely remove hooks, tighten knots, crimp sleeves and connect wires. In addition, we have incorporated a medium grit diamond coated sharpening stone into the pliers’ jaw for convenient hook sharpening. While most competitive pliers require the purchase of a sheath and lanyard separately, the Ross Worldwide Pescador 6 and 7.5 pliers are shipped complete with a high quality, custom designed cordura sheath and self-coiling safety lanyard, all for one incredible low price."

At $139 for the 6 and $159 for the 7.5's these are a bit more pricey than those import needle nose pliers you currently carry, but for the serious angler these can be a lifetime investment not to mention the fact that they can take the place of several tools you currently lug around.

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