Monday, July 31, 2006

Fishing For Cash Cows

Money may not buy happiness but according to this article in the Winston-Salem Journal, it can buy some big trout. Angus Phillips of the Washington Post taunts us with a story about a recent fishing trip to the Spring Ridge Club. He does however admit the irony of it all:

"Still, anytime a hacker like me can spend six hours fly-fishing on a stream and land a half-dozen trout longer than 20 inches, with one or two 4- or 5-pounders plus a couple dozen smaller fish in the mix, something's not right."

He also describes the cost of such pursuits:

"Now the bad news. It costs big bucks to create and sustain the kind of fishing that Spring Ridge Club offers, and nobody's giving it away. It costs $79,500 to join, then $6,000 a year in dues, plus a modest daily user fee to fish or stay at the various lodges."

I will be out for a bit, buying lottery tickets.

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