Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wildlife Epidemiology

If you have an interest in avian flu, whirling disease, or other malady's that wildlife suffer you might want to download a new publication available from the USGS. "Disease Emergence and Resurgence: The Wildlife-Human Connection is available for free download via this link.


Alistair from Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin in the UK posted a picture that caught my eye. It seems he and some of his fishing buddies came across a phone booth sitting on the creek bank. They bravely posed for pictures with it, oblivious to the obvious Dalek presence in the area. Could it be that "the Doctor" dropped in for a spot of fly fishing? Could Alistair have a secret identity? I once heard he carries a sonic screwdriver in his fishing vest. You be the judge!

Fly Fish, Meet Women, Ask Questions

There is new content over at the Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio show. Their next planned podcast will feature some famous women in fly fishing. The great thing about their programs is that you can actually send questions in for the guests. Visit the site now for a chance to pose your best questions to Pudge Kleinkauf, Lori-ann Murphy and Diana Rudolph. (Link)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What a Waste

Florida authorities located an illegal gill net in the Indian River Lagoon that was over 200 feet long. When they pulled in the net they found it to contain over 100 dead Snook, Redfish, Trout, and Pompano.

"Moschella said neither a boat number or a commercial license number was marked on the net, so investigators are relying on witnesses to help them track down the owner.
"We have no idea who owns the net," she said. "It's very difficult to tie an unmarked net to a person or boat."

Anyone who may be able to help is asked to call the state's toll-free hotline at (888) 404-FWCC.

Follow Your Nose

I had absolutly no idea about this until I followed a link from the Find The River blog to this article in the New Bern Sun, about some people who are able to sniff out Bream beds by using the old snoz.

"They are anglers who have the knack for smelling bream beds. To them, the sweet-oily smell of bluegills’ nests signals that fishing season has arrived in earnest and that all is well in the world. " (Link)

Well I'll Be....

The Bush administration has proposed about 16 million dollars for what it calls its "open rivers" initiative for Dam removal. The object of the game is to remove some of the two million small, obsolete, dams that hamper fish migration.

"Dam removals have increasingly become the preferred way to open rivers for fish. Even the best fish ladders are not as effective as an open river plus, they require ongoing maintenance. Dam removals are cheaper than fish passage. In Pennsylvania, the average cost of dam removal is $30,000. The average cost of a fish passages is $35,000 per vertical foot."

Bonds, Canseco, and Trout contributing editor Jeff Paisley can often be recognized from across the river due to the girth of his biceps. Just look for the guy that seems to be casting with his legs and thats him. Well old Paisley might have finally met his match. It seems that Missouri University researchers have been enhancing the performance of rainbow trout by feeding them the popular body building supplement Creatine.

"The results have been striking. Preliminary findings indicated that some of the trout taking the creatine a naturally occurring amino acid, not a steroid or a hormone showed a five-fold increase in their stamina, measured by the length of time they were able to swim against a controlled current."

I can see it now, testing programs, Congressional hearings, and IFGA records thrown out of the book for doping. Read the whole story via (Link)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Thanks to those who Serve

It is Memorial day and a time to reflect on those who have served our country as well as those who are currently serving our country here and abroad. Without their sacrifice we would not have many of the freedom's that we take for granted today. (The ability to blog about fly fishing without worry is pretty cool in my book. ) With that said I want to say a special hello to the soldiers who are serving at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq. I just received an e-mail from LT. Col. William Jones who, in addition to his regular wartime duties, heads up the Baghdad school of fly fishing. I had dropped him a line recently to ask what we could do to help:

"Yes, we do need some extra gear and would welcome and be grateful for your support. The sand has taken a heck of a toll on the reels we have here. If you or a group of guys wants to chip in a send one out that would be great! Nothing fancy, please. We do not want to take advantage of your generosity."

Here is a link to the school's website that tells all about what they are doing to give hard working soldiers some "quiet" time on the water.

If you would be interested in sending the Baghdad School of Fly Fishing a fly reel drop me a line and I will email you with the mailing address. It would be great to see them have more equipment than they need.

UPDATE: I just found a great deal on a 7/8 weight fly reel at the Courtland Line Company's online store. It would make a great reel to send to Iraq since they can get hold of some large fish. The best thing is it is only $29.95 for a large reel with a lifetime warranty. (Link to this reel)

You Don't fish into the Wind

You don't step on Superman's cape and you can't cast into the wind. While I would never recommend testing the good nature of "the man of steel", I can say that I agree with this article in the Houston chronicle that reminds us that while wind can annoy your fly casting, it shouldn't end your fishing trip.

"Working with the wind is easy. Working across the wind is semi-easy. The hard part is turning the long (9- to 12-foot) leader over with a reasonably straight trajectory. Too little force encourages the fly and leader to kick downwind of the target. Too much force slams the rig on top of the fish. You try to lead upwind, allowing for a bit of drift to carry the fly back with a soft touch into the kill zone. " (Link)

Often what seems to be a far too blustery day for fly casting can be down right calm once you are below the banks of your favorite mountain stream.

Free Fishing in Tennessee - June 10th.

June 10th is free fishing day in Tennessee. Free fishing day is a great day to expose someone to the sport of fly fishing without having to spring for a license. Lots of youth events wiil be going on in the state as well.

"Event: `Kids Fish Free Day'' on the Clinch River will be hosted by the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited in cooperation with the Tennessee Valley Authority and the TWRA. The activities will take place at the TVA Miller Island Access on the Clinch River in Norris from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Volunteers will be on hand to teach kids to bait, spin, and fly fish." (Link)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Military Day of Fishing

Recently over 57 private and commercial boats participated an event that featured a day of fishing for NC military personnel. The idea, sponsored by the North Carolina Watermen took shape on an internet message board a great amount of support in the form of donations of money and food. Over 100 people participated. (link to the News&Observer article)

"The whole basis for this event is to show these guys that you appreciate them whether you support the war [in Iraq] or not. We can't do what we did to the Vietnam veterans," said Smith, 54, a Vietnam veteran whose brother was killed there."

Feed Your Senator

It looks as if the way to a lawmaker's wallet is through his stomach. Commercial fishermen recently lobbied Carolina lawmakers for funds to improve water quality by feeding them oysters. I am not sure I would eat oysters that came from a group who thought the water quality was bad. Here is a link to the whole story at The Star News Online's website.

NC Piers- An Endangered Species

Have a look at the North Carolina Fishing Pier Society's website. The NCFPS was formed to bring the plight of NC's coastal fishing piers to light. It looks to be bad news for those of us who grew up fishing off of these piers.

"Skyrocketing coastal real estate values and rising operation costs in recent years have done what many a hurricane has failed to do and that is destroy these piers. The land is becoming too valuable to operate a marginal business like a fishing pier and once the property changes hands the pier’s fate is almost certainly sealed."

"In 1996 there was 32 public fishing piers in North Carolina
In 2001 there was 25 public fishing piers in North Carolina
Today there is only 19 and only 18 are fishable"

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big Name Fly Rod - Only $39.96

You might not think you really need one, but at this kind of pricing what angler could pass on a new 5wt fly rod? I can't tell you what national company normally sells these rods, but I will tell you that it starts with "O" . These rods are selling for $89.00 right now (check Froogle if you don't trust me), but through the magic of the internet (read Sierra Trading Post) I am able to bring it to you for less than forty bucks. Yes I will admit that it is probably not their top of the line fly rod, but do you really want to loan that $600 rod to your brother-in-law? I didn't think so!

This is a 5 weight, 2 piece 8' 6" Mid-flex fly rod formerly sold by a large company. Sometimes these big companies don't like for their stuff to be sold so cheap, so you will have to do a bit of extra work to find this deal.
Outdoor Gear_Headlamp_90x180
Click the link above, then click the "Just Reduced" link on the lower left part of the page. Once you are there click on the link to "Fishing" in the tan box located in the center of the page and look for a $39.96 fly rod.

NC Coastal Recreational Fishing License

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has posted a guide to the new Coastal Recreational Fishing License requirement that will take effect January 1st 2007.

If you purchased a North Carolina lifetime fishing license prior to Jan. 1 2006 then you are in luck and are exempt from the requirement. Lifetime license purchasers who take the plunge after that date will still have to purchase an additional permit to fish in coastal or "joint" waters. Click here to read all about this new requirement.

The Badhdad School of Fly Fishing Update.

As promised, I obtained some additional information on The Baghdad School of Fly Fishing. They have a great website with some amazing pictures of the soldiers of Camp Victory in Iraq practicing "the quiet sport" often in the shadow of Saddam's former residences. Click here to visit the site.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The NC Department of Wildlife Resources has posted photos of many of the North Carolina state fishing records. Here is a photo of the 20lb 3oz Rainbow Trout caught by Leah Johnson on the Horsepasture River. Wow. Here is a link to all the photos.

Jay Moore - Leaky Waders and All

I have been playing around with this really great motivational poster maker from The site can take any photo you upload and turn it into a great motivational poster with a caption of your own choosing. I have found it to be a great way to torment my co-conspirators. Jay Moore is my latest victim er..subject. Be sure to check out his latest fishing report over at our e-zine.

Big Trout at Lake Jocassee

I was doing some research about some of the lakes on the boarder of North and South Carolina and came across this article on SCGame& about fishing for large trout on Lake Jocassee. Most of the anglers here use large spoons but I can't help but think big streamer and sinking fly line! (Link)


New Zealander website has a review of the "made for bargain bin at the video store" movie "Frankenfish." The author watches the movie, takes up her pen, and hilarity ensues.

"The fish, which looks like an extremely put-out orange roughy wearing slimy metallic paint to mask some form of acne, starts hopping on to people's shanties and boats and humping itself toward its victims like a seal, making a noise somewhere between a cappuccino machine and a snoring pug. Who knew fish had vocal cords?"

Women Enjoy Fishing Too! has just realized that women are enjoying the sport of fly fishing in greater numbers each year. Personally I am all for it. Some of my favorite people are women who fly fish (Hi Mom)

"There's an exclusive club where members are required to wade in the water, catch a fish, kiss it and then let it go. No, it's not a college sorority but a group of sportswomen lured by their love for fly-fishing."


Monday, May 22, 2006

Baghdad School of Fly Fishing

We fly fishermen will brave mosquitoes, snakes, alligators, and drunks for a shot at catching a fish on a fly but I don't think any of us can compare to the heroes at Camp Victory in Baghdad, who are members of the Baghdad School of Fly Fishing.

"There was one time when I was casting and a rocket landed in the lake about 400 meters from me," said Stewart, an avid angler and founder of the club dedicated to introducing U.S. soldiers in Iraq to what is known as the "quiet sport."

Ok fellow fly fishermen, bloggers, blog readers and etc. here is a challenge, lets find out how to contact these guys and send them some care packages. I propose "Flies 4 GI's 2006". Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Here is a link to the article at

His Favorite Old Trout reminds us that some men enjoy fishing more than sex and some men refer to their wives as an "old trout." It is a good match as rarely do men who refer to their wives as old trout ever get sex.

Albino Trout With Lasers?

Ever since the mid-60's the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources has stocked the states waters with albino trout. The reason: so anglers could see them in the water!

"We would get people coming in and telling us we weren't doing our job of stocking the lakes. That stopped when we started planting albinos," said Tim Miles, who oversees Division of Wildlife Resources hatcheries in Utah. "Instead of jumping on us they
would say, 'I didn't catch anything, but I sure saw those albinos swimming around.' It helps them know there are fish in the lake and takes the pressure off of us."

However, soon this practice will some come to an end, as hatcheries are clearing out the white trout with the pink eyes in favor of standard rainbow trout. I wonder if albino trout in the wild are considered evil assassins by other trout just like albino humans are always portrayed in the movies? Here is a link to the article in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Casting - Getting The Kinks Out

Sniper over at the Muskoka Outdoors blog is just getting started into fly fishing and has posted about a problem he is having with his cast.

"My line regularly gets hung-up on the bottom of my reel and my right hand becausese it is holding the rod. This happens when I cast the line from behind me"

I gave him my two bits worth, but my casting has been likened to a chimpanzee having seizurere so I am probably not the best one to help him out. Visit his site and leave him a comment with your suggestions. (Link)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Let's go get it weighed!

What happens when you catch a 4 foot long, 44 pound carp from a row boat? Something sort of like a Nantucket Sleigh Ride. I was initially drawn to read this article because it was about a new Colorado state record carp. Once I read it I thought it contained one of the best quotes that I have quite possibly ever seen in print.

"Noel's girlfriend and fishing partner Cindy Grey was amazed when Noel brought the fish back to town. "When I saw it I was like - Oh my gosh, it's huge. Let's go get it weighed," she said."

What red blooded American guy wouldn't want to hear his girlfriend say that? Link to the article but stay tuned for the T-shirt.

Yellow River by I.P. Freely

Sunny Delight is a sticky sweet orange flavored drink that mainly appeals to kids and unethical dentists. While many parents doubt that it is very good for their children we can be certain that it is not at all good for fish. This we know because of a fish kill that occurred when 8000 liters of concentrate was spilled into a waterway causing it to turn to a river of "Sunny D" that would have made Willy Wonka proud. The resulting fish kill is being reported at the Daily Mail website.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Uncooperative Trout

What do you get when you stock a lake with $500 worth of hungry trout and hold a fishing derby? You get prizes for a 13 inch largemouth bass and a 6" bluegill when the trout decide not to bite.

Stone Mountain Stream Designations

As if it wasn't already crowded enough the Raleigh News and Observer does its part to add to the fishing pressure by running an article on the already crowded streams of Stone Mountain State Park in the foothills of North Carolina. The article also gives you a primer on stream designations inside the park. Read and follow these regulations and stay out of the local jail.

I don't know why they publish this sort of article since there are no fish in the park and all of you should just stay away and fish for bass or something. Yeah, that's the ticket.

MHJHS Fishing Club Not In Trouble

Oh to be a kid again in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Mountain Home is not only blessed with the fabled trout waters of the White River. If you are young enough you can fish Dry Run Creek which is reserved for anglers under the age of 16. I wonder if I could join the Mountain Home Junior High School fishing club which was formed 5 years ago as a way to keep kids out of trouble?

"I would ask them why they did whatever they did to get in trouble, and they would say 'I was bored,'" he said. "We live in the greatest area for hunting and fishing. This way they can't say 'I was bored.' I've seen a turnaround in a lot of these kids."

World Record Certified By IFGA

Word comes today that the IFGA has certified the 385 pound lemon shark caught by Dr. Martin Arostegui as a world record. This makes it the heaviest documented fish ever caught on fly tippet. Dr. Arostegui seems to make a hobby of world record catches.

"A little background on Arostegui; last year the retired Miami-area physician received a lifetime achievement award from the IGFA for over 100 world record catches through 2004 and this past March took home a grand slam of honors at the IGFA World Record Achievement Awards ceremony for the most world records in 2005 in saltwater, freshwater and on fly. "

Once Bitten Twice Fly...Fishing

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Sam Crutchfield has returned to the sport of fly fishing. This would not be newsworthy were it not for the fact that just three weeks ago he was attacked by a 10 foot alligator while fly fishing.

"I never saw this one coming, never saw it above water until it bit me. It was frightening. He absolutely nailed me," he said from his home this week. "I probably did the best walk-on-water routine you'd ever see, but I also know you have to get back on the horse. It's not going to change my fishing habits, just my judgment about where I can go."

A fellow angler offers the following Sage advice:

"My rule of thumb is that if the alligator is bigger than you, let him have the area, and you find another place to fish," said Mike Reark, a fisherman from Sebring who runs Salty Cracker Charters. "And if you're fishing from the shore, there is no problem. You have a better chance of being run over by an airboat than you have of being attacked by a gator."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Fly Fishing Blog for Parrot Heads?

Any fly fishing blog that introduces itself by letting you know that it got its name from a story by Jimmy Buffet gets my attention every time. Check out Schmidts Walkabouts.

"Actually “Walkabouts” for me came from Jimmy Buffets book “Tales of Margarita Ville.” Tully Mars and his Walkabouts played a major role in those writings as a wandering soul escaping from the absurdity of the Pink Poodle Ranch Later. Later I learned of the Australian origins of the term Walkabout. Since then I've always felt that Walkabouts fit nicely into the world of fly fishing."

Can you say "Salt, Salt, Salt"?

Fishing Guides Vs. Realtors

If it were a fist fight or a casting compitition I think that we all could guess who would win this fight hands down. However, when it comes to folks building their dream houses right next to one of the country's more famous trout streams who knows what the outcome will be. The guides say they will lose business if the manicured lawns of the realtor's customers are too close to the river and the realtors say they don't mind moving back some but not as much as the guides would like them to in order to protect the trout.

"Surprisingly, there is no law in Montana requiring building setbacks from rivers and streams. When landowners buy prime riverfront property, they can plunk their dream house right next to the river’s edge – and then demand the river be rip-rapped to keep erosion from eating up their Kentucky blue grass"

“People move out here and want to put their deck over the (water),” said Eddie Olwell, a fishing guide and president of Bitterroot Trout Unlimited, who has been an active proponent of setbacks. “They don’t understand the dynamics of the river.”

Perhaps a fist fight would be the best way to settle this. (Link via

Doctor Gets 385 LB Lemon Shark on Fly

Yahoo News reports that Dr. Martin Arostegui has caught the heaviest fish ever documented on fly tackle. The 385 pound lemon shark was landed on 12 pound tippet.

"He fought the fish for one hour, and at one point the shark opened its jaws and attacked Delph's 29-foot boat.
"He could have eaten half of me or even all of me in one bite," said Arostegui, who stands at 5 feet tall."

(Link) photo from the AP

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bluefish & Brains

The Goldsboro News - Argus reports that the Bluefish are running in Beaufort Inlet. They also tell us that eating fish once a week can slow memory loss. Sounds like everything is falling into place for retirement on the Carolina coast. (Link)

Going, Going, Gone?

According to a report published a (subscription required) A new study partially sponsored by Trout Unlimited, says that native brook trout have been eliminated in over 80% of their previous habitat.

"According to the report, there are no intact populations of native brook trout in Georgia or South Carolina, only one intact population in Tennessee and North Carolina - headwaters streams in the Little Pigeon River watershed - and only 36 populations in Virginia, nine percent of their overall historic habitat."

The brookie or "speckled trout" as we Appalachian mountain folk have always referred to them are considered to be the only truly native American trout and are the subject of the Trout Unlimited conservation effort that goes under the name "Back the Brookie".

Oddly enough this new report comes on the heels of reports back in March of this year, that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is reopening several brook trout waters to fishing. (link to previous posting)

Size Does Matter For Stripers

Pete over at Fishing Jones reports on a story in the Charlotte, NC papers about local angler reaction to a change to the mimimum size limit for striper on Lake Norman. The proposed change down from 18 to 16 inches is said to be due to a lack of natural forage to support the population in the lake. This fact is being hotly contested by local fishing guides who feel there is plenty of food in the lake to feed the larger fish. Read all about it by following this link to Fishing Jones.

When A Young Man's Thoughts Turn To...

The Washington Post reminds us that it can be fun to catch Bluegill in the springtime. I know for a fact that a "slab" of more than a pound can be great sport on a light weight fly rod. (Link)
{photo courtesy NC Wildlife Resources Commission}

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Baby Momma Coupon Love

If you spent a bit too much time on the water this past weekend and let baby Momma's day slip your mind, you basically only have two choices: Order her a make up gift right away and beg forgiveness or get used to living in the dog house. Choose wisely and order Momma something from Sierra Trading Post. Click through the coupon below and save 10% on orders over $100. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers and expires 6-1-06 so act quickly.

Coupon 125x125

Dare Devil Fly Fishing

Our favorite fearless Singapore fly fishing blogger, Billy at the Fly Fishing Journal blog, has posted pictures of one of his secret fishing holes. How far will this guy will go for a chance to catch a big peacock bass on his bamboo fly rod? How about fishing from an inflatable Kayak in a Crocodile infested pond! This makes our prison fishery look tame by comparison.

Check out Billy's blog via this link

Fish Catches Man

When I was in school my journalism professors taught me that a dog biting a man was never really news but when a man bit a dog, now that was a headline. To that end SkyNews reports on an unfortunate Hungarian fisherman who lost his life in a battle with a 4ft long, 150lb catfish.

"The 53-year-Old's body was later pulled from the Szamos River still clinging to his rod."

(Photo courtesy

Smoky Mountain "Fishing"

This weekend the wife and I decided to take a quick trip to our estate (read camper) in the Smokies. On Saturday we made the trip over the mountain to the town of Pigeon Forge, TN where we did some of my wife's favorite kind of fishing at the outlet malls. She caught a new outfit from the Eddie Bauer store while I caught two pairs of Rockports. I did manage to spend sometime trolling the Smoky Mountain Knife Works store and snagged a couple of new pocket knives.

In contrast, If you want to read about some real fishing info then you should check out Jay Moore's new report posted at He had another "magical" day on the water and actually caught some trout instead of garments.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Largemouth On a Four Weight

Chris Doughtie from the low country of South Carolina gives us some good advice when he says Don't leave home without your fly rod. This article is about catching largemouth bass on the fly.

"It took the bass awhile to turn on but soon I saw explosion after explosion by bass, big bass, as they ate their fair share. With that popper, I caught no less than 15 bass in the 45-minute frenzy. Though there were no witnesses, I will put my hand on the Bible and tell you that on that four weight, I caught 4-5 bass in the 3- to 5-pound range and one that had to go over seven pounds! It was insane. "

Simply Fly Fishing

Finally, Fly Fishing is made simple!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Do You Feel Lucky Trout?

A new video game featuring Clint Eastwood in as Dirty Harry role will be coming out later this year. In an interview about the game, Mr. Eastwood indicated that the video game allowed him to reprise a role that he would otherwise be too old to play. He also revealed his interest in fly fishing.

"While he didn't talk much, Eastwood did say that the game is the only way he'd be able to step back into this role. He joked that the only movie alternative would be Harry Callahan fly-fishing with a .44 Magnum."

Now that would be a video game I could really get into.

The Heart of Rock Says Stay Off My Land

Montana has some of the most liberal (read good) stream access laws of any state in the US. However, a judge their has sided with wealthy land owners and ruled that an irrigation ditch is not a natural waterway and therefore not subject to these laws.

"In the Mitchell Slough case, many emphatically believe the 12-mile waterway is a natural channel, manipulated for more than 150 years by irrigators and now owned by wealthy landowners - including rocker Huey Lewis and investment mogul Charles Schwab - who believe it's always been a private fishery. They and others believe it is simply a big ditch, used to convey water to farmland and carry run-off from those fields back to the river. This side maintains the slough has been private and public access was only granted with permission, though many trespassed."

Asheville Guide Featured on ESPN Outdoors

Asheville, North Carolina fishing guide, Starr Nolan will be featured as part of a ESPN Outdoors titled "Rods and Wheels". She will guide two motorcycle riding anglers on the North Mills River.

"The show, which is being filmed by the Tulsa, Okla.-based Winnercomm Inc. for ESPN, features Joe Kowalksi, 48, of Cheshire, Conn., and Brad Beasley, 50, of Tulsa, Okla., as they ride across the Southeast. They were chosen to be on the show for their personalities and willingness to take the trip, series producer Jeff Murray said. The show will air in July, he said."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Watauga Tennessee Float Trip

Here are a few photos from contributing editor Jeff Paisley's recent float trip through the quality trout zone on the Watauga River near Elizabethton, Tennessee.

To be continued...

My Favorite Day

George W. Bush was recently asked by a reporter to name the best moment of his presidency. His answer was the time he caught a 7.5 Lb large mouth bass. Bush has caught a lot of flack over this answer recently but in a way I sort of understand where he is coming from. If you had a job that put you under major stress 24/7 one of your favorite things to do would probably be to hang out the gone fishing sign yourself. And hey, it was a 7.5 lb fish. If I were him I would have issued an executive order that proclaimed it a national holiday.