Monday, May 29, 2006

You Don't fish into the Wind

You don't step on Superman's cape and you can't cast into the wind. While I would never recommend testing the good nature of "the man of steel", I can say that I agree with this article in the Houston chronicle that reminds us that while wind can annoy your fly casting, it shouldn't end your fishing trip.

"Working with the wind is easy. Working across the wind is semi-easy. The hard part is turning the long (9- to 12-foot) leader over with a reasonably straight trajectory. Too little force encourages the fly and leader to kick downwind of the target. Too much force slams the rig on top of the fish. You try to lead upwind, allowing for a bit of drift to carry the fly back with a soft touch into the kill zone. " (Link)

Often what seems to be a far too blustery day for fly casting can be down right calm once you are below the banks of your favorite mountain stream.

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