Monday, May 22, 2006

Albino Trout With Lasers?

Ever since the mid-60's the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources has stocked the states waters with albino trout. The reason: so anglers could see them in the water!

"We would get people coming in and telling us we weren't doing our job of stocking the lakes. That stopped when we started planting albinos," said Tim Miles, who oversees Division of Wildlife Resources hatcheries in Utah. "Instead of jumping on us they
would say, 'I didn't catch anything, but I sure saw those albinos swimming around.' It helps them know there are fish in the lake and takes the pressure off of us."

However, soon this practice will some come to an end, as hatcheries are clearing out the white trout with the pink eyes in favor of standard rainbow trout. I wonder if albino trout in the wild are considered evil assassins by other trout just like albino humans are always portrayed in the movies? Here is a link to the article in the Salt Lake Tribune.

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