Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fishing Guides Vs. Realtors

If it were a fist fight or a casting compitition I think that we all could guess who would win this fight hands down. However, when it comes to folks building their dream houses right next to one of the country's more famous trout streams who knows what the outcome will be. The guides say they will lose business if the manicured lawns of the realtor's customers are too close to the river and the realtors say they don't mind moving back some but not as much as the guides would like them to in order to protect the trout.

"Surprisingly, there is no law in Montana requiring building setbacks from rivers and streams. When landowners buy prime riverfront property, they can plunk their dream house right next to the river’s edge – and then demand the river be rip-rapped to keep erosion from eating up their Kentucky blue grass"

“People move out here and want to put their deck over the (water),” said Eddie Olwell, a fishing guide and president of Bitterroot Trout Unlimited, who has been an active proponent of setbacks. “They don’t understand the dynamics of the river.”

Perhaps a fist fight would be the best way to settle this. (Link via

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