Thursday, May 25, 2006

NC Piers- An Endangered Species

Have a look at the North Carolina Fishing Pier Society's website. The NCFPS was formed to bring the plight of NC's coastal fishing piers to light. It looks to be bad news for those of us who grew up fishing off of these piers.

"Skyrocketing coastal real estate values and rising operation costs in recent years have done what many a hurricane has failed to do and that is destroy these piers. The land is becoming too valuable to operate a marginal business like a fishing pier and once the property changes hands the pier’s fate is almost certainly sealed."

"In 1996 there was 32 public fishing piers in North Carolina
In 2001 there was 25 public fishing piers in North Carolina
Today there is only 19 and only 18 are fishable"

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