Monday, May 29, 2006

Thanks to those who Serve

It is Memorial day and a time to reflect on those who have served our country as well as those who are currently serving our country here and abroad. Without their sacrifice we would not have many of the freedom's that we take for granted today. (The ability to blog about fly fishing without worry is pretty cool in my book. ) With that said I want to say a special hello to the soldiers who are serving at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq. I just received an e-mail from LT. Col. William Jones who, in addition to his regular wartime duties, heads up the Baghdad school of fly fishing. I had dropped him a line recently to ask what we could do to help:

"Yes, we do need some extra gear and would welcome and be grateful for your support. The sand has taken a heck of a toll on the reels we have here. If you or a group of guys wants to chip in a send one out that would be great! Nothing fancy, please. We do not want to take advantage of your generosity."

Here is a link to the school's website that tells all about what they are doing to give hard working soldiers some "quiet" time on the water.

If you would be interested in sending the Baghdad School of Fly Fishing a fly reel drop me a line and I will email you with the mailing address. It would be great to see them have more equipment than they need.

UPDATE: I just found a great deal on a 7/8 weight fly reel at the Courtland Line Company's online store. It would make a great reel to send to Iraq since they can get hold of some large fish. The best thing is it is only $29.95 for a large reel with a lifetime warranty. (Link to this reel)

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