Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big Name Fly Rod - Only $39.96

You might not think you really need one, but at this kind of pricing what angler could pass on a new 5wt fly rod? I can't tell you what national company normally sells these rods, but I will tell you that it starts with "O" . These rods are selling for $89.00 right now (check Froogle if you don't trust me), but through the magic of the internet (read Sierra Trading Post) I am able to bring it to you for less than forty bucks. Yes I will admit that it is probably not their top of the line fly rod, but do you really want to loan that $600 rod to your brother-in-law? I didn't think so!

This is a 5 weight, 2 piece 8' 6" Mid-flex fly rod formerly sold by a large company. Sometimes these big companies don't like for their stuff to be sold so cheap, so you will have to do a bit of extra work to find this deal.
Outdoor Gear_Headlamp_90x180
Click the link above, then click the "Just Reduced" link on the lower left part of the page. Once you are there click on the link to "Fishing" in the tan box located in the center of the page and look for a $39.96 fly rod.

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