Thursday, May 18, 2006

Once Bitten Twice Fly...Fishing

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Sam Crutchfield has returned to the sport of fly fishing. This would not be newsworthy were it not for the fact that just three weeks ago he was attacked by a 10 foot alligator while fly fishing.

"I never saw this one coming, never saw it above water until it bit me. It was frightening. He absolutely nailed me," he said from his home this week. "I probably did the best walk-on-water routine you'd ever see, but I also know you have to get back on the horse. It's not going to change my fishing habits, just my judgment about where I can go."

A fellow angler offers the following Sage advice:

"My rule of thumb is that if the alligator is bigger than you, let him have the area, and you find another place to fish," said Mike Reark, a fisherman from Sebring who runs Salty Cracker Charters. "And if you're fishing from the shore, there is no problem. You have a better chance of being run over by an airboat than you have of being attacked by a gator."

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