Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bonds, Canseco, and Trout

Flyfishmagazine.com contributing editor Jeff Paisley can often be recognized from across the river due to the girth of his biceps. Just look for the guy that seems to be casting with his legs and thats him. Well old Paisley might have finally met his match. It seems that Missouri University researchers have been enhancing the performance of rainbow trout by feeding them the popular body building supplement Creatine.

"The results have been striking. Preliminary findings indicated that some of the trout taking the creatine a naturally occurring amino acid, not a steroid or a hormone showed a five-fold increase in their stamina, measured by the length of time they were able to swim against a controlled current."

I can see it now, testing programs, Congressional hearings, and IFGA records thrown out of the book for doping. Read the whole story via KansasCity.com (Link)

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