Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fly Fishing Quote of the Week

Our latest quote of the week comes from a press release put out by the Missouri Trout Hunter that aims to take some of the mistique out of fly fishing and promote their fly fishing school.

Fulps asserts that trout are not smarter than other species of fish, nor do they have the sharp visual acuity for which many give them credit. "Trout fishermen have invented those beliefs over the years, simply because we needed an excuse for why we couldn't catch them as easily as we could other species. The biggest trout are not the smartest trout. They're simply the most frightened, which is why they're so difficult to catch. And human eyesight is actually about 14 times stronger than that of a trout."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NC Fly Fishing Team Website Live

The excellent anglers with the NC Fly Fishing Team have launched a new website. The site contains information about the team and their conservation and education activities as well as competition information. It is a snazzy looking site that would make a great spot for potential sponsors to show their support.

The North Carolina Fly Fishing Team is a group of Fly Fishing Enthusists that formed in 2006 as a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a competitive fly fishing team to participate in regional, national and international events. The Team also strives to participate and coordinate educational and conservation efforts aimed at teaching and preserving the valuabl e angling resources in North Carolina.

We are particularly proud to be associated with the team although we are not quite sure why a group of such excellent fishers let us tag along. Be sure to check out the photo gallery and promo video. The team has already had some success in Fips Mouche style competition so we are expecting big things in the future.

Their next big test comes this weekend at Lake Lure, North Carolina's Olympiad Fly Masters.

Tuesday's FlyfishMagazine Motivational Poster


Monday, April 27, 2009

Food: Candied Trout

Available from Cunningham's Scotch Cold Smoking; trout that will satisfy the angler's sweet tooth.
A favourite west coast treat, first developed by native peoples renowned for their creative smoked fish delicacies. At Cunningham's we put a twist on the idea by using trout instead of salmon. Our candy is marinated then cold smoked for 25 hours. When it has lost about 35% of its moisture it is finally kippered. It is sold vacuum-packed and frozen in portions between 110 and 180 grams.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alt View: Snakehead Eradication in Arkansas

Bryan Hendricks of the Northwest Arkansas News takes a tongue in cheek look at the recent eradication of a colony of invasive northern snakehead from the pro-snakehead point of view.
Those who knew them say the snakeheads were some of the most industrious, hardest-working fish they ever met. Some also say they were delicious, much more so than their distant cousins, the bowfins, which, coincidentally, endure their own indignities in the form of slurs such as "cypress trout" and the spiteful and demeaning "choupique."

It is true that leaders of the snakehead community expressed a desire to someday migrate into the White River watershed, where the full promise and potential of the American Dream awaited. That proved too much for the AGFC, which quickly deployed its armed forces to squash this exodus before it mobilized.
The rest of the article is certainly worth reading with our favorite qoute being:
Sadly, the snakehead seems to have gone the way of the ivorybill woodpecker, just as Brinkley was on the eve of launching a marketing campaign proclaiming itself "Snakehead Capital of the South."

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fin sighted in Carolina

Ran into Jason Puris of fishing website hanging outside one of my favorite suburban carp spots. He was in town working with the FLW bass tourney so we took the opportunity to have a brew and some fish taco's. Check out his website. It is an excellent all around hang out for the angling crowd.

At the same time Jason comes to town, we get reports of a Snakehead being caught in a local lake.

"Fisherman Gary Upton of McAdenville caught the 12-pound, 31-inch northern snakehead Sunday in the lake's Paw Creek arm in Mecklenburg County. He took his saw-toothed catch to a N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission biologist who identified it."

Coincidence? Perhaps....perhaps..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Lion is loose in the City

Photo: Wikipedia

The Editorial Trophy Wife sends a link to an article in the News and Observer that will either make Carolina coastal anglers watch their step or set off the next big thing in extreme saltwater angling. Beautiful but posion Lionfish are swarming the Carolina coast.

"If you go deeper than 100 feet, they're ubiquitous now," said Paula Whitfield, a researcher with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Beaufort. "They're absolutely everywhere

Unhooking them might be the extreme part of the equation when dealing with the venomous fish. However, they might have a place on the dinner table:

The researchers are joining forces with sport divers and even culinary instructors from Carteret Community College to see if the critters can be kept in check with spears, nets and tartar sauce.
Lionfish, it turns out, have a sweet, white meat similar to the tasty groupers and snappers they are threatening.

Chicago Earth Day Deep Dish

Carbon footprint: Massive
Enough cheese to feed a small nation.
One slice: A week's calories.
Good with beer.

Monday, April 20, 2009

TrashFlies: Sprinkle's Poptart Wrapper Midge

FlyfishMagazine's Editor of fly tying with found items, Brad Sprinkle just sent us this beautiful example of his art.

This is a simple one material fly. It was an idea that came one day when I was waiting for a long while in the Jeep and tying to pass the time. I hadn't taken very many materials and had tied as many as I wanted of what I had planned. I found a Pop Tart wrapper in the floor that my son had finished off earlier. Well what could be done with this thin silver material crossed my mind. Here's what came of it.

Hook: #18 Tiemco Scud
Abdomen: Pop Tart Wrapper cut to thin strips.
Rib: Black tying thread
Head: Black tying thread
Note: All coated with head cement, super glue, or Sally Hansens clear polish.

See Brad's previous article "Trash Flies" to get some insight on his inspiration and what he can do with the stuff most of us throw away.

You can also follow Brad on twitter @teachrtec (also, while you are at it, feel free to follow us as well @flyfishmagazine)

This happens a lot lately

If I pack a travel rod then there is no water in sight. Leave the rod home and what amounts to a brownline spring creek shows up outside my hotel window. If by chance you are wondering where in the world I am today. I'm in the town where Wayne and Garth's public access cable show aired. Party On!

Of course this song deserves its own posting.

Starting to tick us off...

photo courtesy
From an article in the about anti-pirate training for Captians:
Lang, who travels the world in search of the best fishing spots, took a fly-fishing cruise to the Seychelles Islands off the east coast of Africa last month.

Although his boat returned unscathed after a nine-day excursion, Somalian pirates hijacked a sister boat that left later for the same fishing trip.

Pirates are still holding the African crew of the Indian Ocean Explorer after two weeks.
"We had a very intense safety briefing when we got on ship," Lang said. "They talked about sharks, they talked about how remote we were and how hard it would be to get medical attention, but they never mentioned pirates."
Here at FlyfishMagazine two words come to mind. "Go Seals!"

Friday, April 17, 2009

Get the Potato Pancakes Ready

Photo Courtesy

We just found a whole new "brownline" opportunity for our Tennessee Editor, Jay Moore, Cumberland River Lake Sturgeon.

Watchable Wildlife
Tuesday April 14, 2009

Lake sturgeon scheduled for release into cumberland river near downtown Nashville
NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will have its second release of lake sturgeon in the Cumberland River which will be held Friday, April 17 at Shelby Park near downtown Nashville. The event is open to the public and is set to begin at 11 a.m. at the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center with a welcome, introductions, a brief history of lake sturgeon and comments from members of the organizations that are helping with the project. At 11:30, those in attendance will move to the Shelby Park Boat Ramp and the release will begin at 11:35 and is expected to take about 25 minutes to complete. The second major release follows the inaugural release of almost 1,100 lake sturgeon that were reintroduced to the Cumberland River in 2006 as part of a plan to duplicate the successful reintroduction of lake sturgeon into the upper Tennessee River near Knoxville.

Just be careful if you hook one. They are considered endangered and have some special guidelines:

Lake sturgeon are endangered in Tennessee and must be released. If you catch a lake sturgeon:
- Be as careful as possible not to harm the fish.
- Avoid holding lake sturgeon by their tails
- Remember that fish cannot breathe while they are out of the water.
- After release, please contact TWRA (your regional office or the Fish Management Division at 615-781-6575) to report your catch.

You will be asked to provide your name, address, and phone number and the following information about your catch:
-When and where you caught the lake sturgeon.
- The approximate length of the fish.
- What you were using for bait.

If you can take a picture without harming the fish, these are helpful also. In appreciation of your report, TWRA will issue a numbered Lake Sturgeon Certificate that features a color reproduction of a lake sturgeon drawn by renowned wildlife artist Joseph R. Tomelleri.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Father & son to fish 50 states in 50 days

A Virgina Father and Son team are planning a trip to fish 50 trophy waters in 50 days. The trip starts June 13th and has been planned as a way for the two to bond before the son goes off to college.

Our Mission: On June 13th, 2009 my son Taylor (age 17) and I will embark on a nationwide quest, a quest to Fish 50 Trophy Waters in 50 States in 50 Days. Our journey will span 15,000 miles by land, 6,000 miles by air (Alaska and Hawaii), cover 500 miles by water, with no shortcuts.

Our Cause: Our hope is that our adventure, our quest, will inspire others across the nation to realize their dreams for adventure and connect once again. To find and live out that adventure in their lives

The two have obtained an impressive list of corporate sponsors and are using their trip as a fund raiser for several charities including Trout Unlimited. You can pledge anywhere from .05 to $1.00 per fish. No tote bag but contributors get their name into the hat for a five night stay at the Gunnison River Lodge.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tax Day Fish Porn

Friend of and owner of, Troy Baker, used his Photoshop skills to clean up some of the pictures we took of the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team. The result made us wonder who took these great shots. Later we coyly realized it was us. Proof that even the proverbial blind hog can find an acorn from time to time. Even if it does take a little help from our friends.

Gear: Glacier Outdoor Combo Pack Demo Video

Here at FlyfishMagazine we have what the Editorial Trophy Wife some people have called an unnatural obsession with backpacks and pretty much any device that helps us schlep our gear around the country on our fishing expeditions. It is no wonder then that we were intrigued greatly when we got word of the new Combo Pack from Glacier Outdoor which incorporates some new features. From their Press Release:
The Combo Pack is a back pack with a universal chest pack attached for convenience and practicality. The Chest Pack has special straps that can be attached to any life-vest or any backpack. It can also be used alone when not attached to the Glacier Glove pack or any other backpack.
The Combo Unit Back Pack features a water resistant fleece lined pouch for glasses, ample storage, and bright interior lining for increased visibility. It also includes multiple fishing rod holders and comfortable form fitting straps. The Back Pack buckles to the Glacier Glove Chest Pack.
Check out this video product demo and you will understand why we think that Glacier Outdoor might be on to something with this combo pack.
The Combo Pack is available from the Glacier Outdoor website and retails for $149.99 or you can skip the back pack and buy just the chest pack for $59.99

Leading UK Jewelers Say “No” to Dirty Gold

Leading UK Jewelers Say “No” to Dirty Gold from Alaska Mine
Pledge Support for World’s Greatest Wild Salmon Fishery

London, England—Six prestigious UK jewelry retailers and designers representing 260 stores today pledged their support for Bristol Bay, Alaska, by announcing that they will not buy gold from Anglo American’s proposed “Pebble” mine, a massive open-pit operation being considered in the bay’s headwaters. The Bristol Bay watershed supports the world’s most productive wild sockeye salmon fishery, which is critical to the state’s economy and to the livelihoods of many Alaska Native communities. The UK is the largest consumer of Bristol Bay canned sockeye salmon.

UK jewelers Goldsmiths, Beaverbrooks, Mappin & Webb, Watches of Switzerland, Fifi Bijoux and April Doubleday took this step at the invitation of local Alaskans who seek to protect wild salmon, clean water and their traditional ways of life from the damaging effects of industrial metal mines.

"We at Beaverbrooks support the protection of Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed from large scale mining,” said Mark Adelstone, managing director of Beaverbrooks the Jewellers. “We need to be mindful and respectful of the Bristol Bay salmon fishery and the communities that depend on it. We feel that the precious metals that we sell need to be mined responsibly and in environmentally friendly ways and if this means looking to other places to source gold, then so be it."

In pledging not to source gold mined at Pebble, the UK jewelers join eight U.S. retailers who endorsed the pledge last year, including Tiffany & Co. (which has seven stores in the UK), Helzberg Diamonds, and Ben Bridge Jeweler. The threat to the Bristol Bay fishery has generated an unusual and diverse array of allies, including Alaska’s commercial fishing industry, over 140 sportfishing businesses, the Alaska Intertribal Council (a consortium of 231 Alaska Tribes), and numerous conservation groups.

“The support demonstrated by these respected UK jewelers is greatly appreciated and will help us to protect the wild salmon fishery that has sustained our economy and people for generations,” said Thomas Tilden, board member of the Choggiung Native Corporation.

The proposed Pebble gold-copper mine is a project of UK-based Anglo American, one of the world’s largest mining companies, and Northern Dynasty Minerals of Canada. The mine is projected to generate an estimated 9 billion tons of waste, much of it containing acids and toxic metals to be stored on site in what is now pristine Alaska wilderness.

“Sustainable development is surely a necessary value which is core to any 21st century business,” said Vivien Johnston of Fifi Bijoux. “I am surprised that Anglo American would pursue a programme in Bristol Bay which is clearly not in the best interests of the long term sustainability of the local community or the conservation of important ecosystems. I would ask them to revise their strategy and review their CSR standards to ensure that any new mining site need not compromise their vision of environmental integrity and community consultation.”

Alaska Native communities’ way of life, and Alaska’s largest private sector employer – the fishing industry – are heavily dependent on the continued health of Bristol Bay. Bristol Bay’s commercial fishery generates $320 million a year and 12,500 jobs. Bristol Bay residents harvest and consume an average of 315 pounds (143 kilograms) of fish per person per year, making the salmon a primary source of food. Unlike many of the world’s wild salmon populations, which are in serious decline, the pristine rivers and undeveloped landscape of the Bristol Bay watershed continue to support a sustainable world-class salmon fishery that supplies healthy seafood to consumers around the world. A third of the world’s commercial sockeye salmon are harvested there, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

These UK and U.S. retailers who have signed on to the Bristol Bay protection pledge have also endorsed the “Golden Rules” of the No Dirty Gold consumer campaign spearheaded by EARTHWORKS, which has called on mining companies to meet environmental and social standards. So far, some 55 retailers worldwide have endorsed the Golden Rules. A complete list can be found on the No Dirty Gold website. More than 100,000 consumers in over 100 countries have also signed the No Dirty Gold pledge, urging mining companies to provide alternatives to “dirty” gold.

“The Pebble mine would imperil one of the world’s most pristine and productive ecosystems,” said Bonnie Gestring of international mining reform group EARTHWORKS. “We applaud the jewelry retailers for signing on to the Bristol Bay protection pledge, and demonstrating their commitment to responsible sourcing.”

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flight Delays

Flyfish Cuba: Any day now?

Could an island 90 miles off our coast become a major destination for US fly fishers? The thought of virgin bonefish flats and good cigars has crossed my mind before this article by Tom Stienstra of about an expected loosening of travel restrictions to Cuba. The fishing sounds pretty good.

Cuba is where Rice became the first angler to catch-and-release the Grand Slam of Caribbean Flyfishing twice in three days. He landed a bonefish, the fastest of all fish in the world; the tarpon, the most acrobatic; and the permit, the most elusive. Some, like Hemingway, instead prefer deep sea fishing for sailfish, wahoo and other big game. There are also rumors of giant largemouth bass in lakes.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Put & Take Friday: Photo Zen

Click the photo to see the horror up close.

Put & Take Friday: Luther College Trout Fry

Unofficial College Fraternity + Fish Fry / Concerned College Officials = PARTY - Kegs

The possibility of federal charges being brought upon the fraternity members led to the biggest change for Trout Fry this year. The party is now bring-your-own style, and kegs will not be provided.
“It’s our choice not to have kegs. We had the order in, and [the sale] was going to be done legally, but because we would be making a profit off of them, it would be called bootlegging,” Marnach said.

Put & Take Friday: Quote of the Week

From comes this Friday's Put & Take Quote of the Week:

"Smoked trout taste like salmon, and, best of all, the fish are free! That is, unless you are factoring in the cost of a freshwater fishing license, which helps to support the 'farming' of the gorgeous, pink-fleshed fish the hatcheries stock our ponds with. And unless you add up the costs of rods and reels and tackle and waders and aerators and jars of Power Bait and hours of watching bobbers or flipping spoons and more hours of gutting and brining and smoking... oh, and, of course, the smoker. And splitting and curing maple and apple and even cedar."

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hustle & Fish

Hustle & Fish is a long awaited film from talented fisher and film maker, Steve Apple. The trailer is sweet!

"Hustle and Fish" Trailer V1 from Rollcast Productions on Vimeo.

We did our version of the Actor's studio and inteviewed the talented Mr. Apple.

Monday, April 06, 2009

A time for bait?

I fly fish for everything. Tarpon and bones, carp and gar, trees and boat docks. May not catch as many or the biggest. But that is my passion. Yet when I take my girls, sometimes after the fly is not working fast enough, I have to hook on a minnow. Hook it in the lip or tail , I just do not know? Add a little weight or what bobbin to use?Who really knows on this blog! But to kids you look so good no matter what. Take a kid fishing and get a book on live bait rigs for down time. Capt. Paul

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Gamefish status for specks and reds in NC?

There is legislation before the NC house to list red drum and speckled trout as gamefish, which means they would not be able to be sold or otherwise marketed here. It is listed as H918 and you can find out more about it from the Coastal Fisheries Reform Group . Contact your representatives if you live in NC or even if you don't. Tell them you support this legislation.
If you want to see what kind of thinking we are fighting against here on the coast read this editorial from the Carteret News Times . Make sure you leave a comment. In my opinion, you are sure to be appalled at the poor writing and lack of basic journalism skills (at the very least).

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fly Fishing Headline News: Brownline Edition

April 1st, 2009

All the news that's fit to print, brought to you today from the Northern base of operations in Cherry Hill, NJ:

An obscure fly fishing industry think tank, today announced the creation of the "IBFFA" or "International Brownline Fly Fishing Association." Among the stated mission of the exclusive and secretive organization is to "maintain an official Brownline Hall of Fame which would be a repository for specie specific records relating to rough fish." In addition to certification of the usual line class records, the IBFFA would also maintain "effluent class requirements" relating to the minimum pollution requirements found in the water wherein record candidate fish was caught.
In a related story, it has been reported that Tom Chandler of the Trout Underground, today filed seeking trademark protection for the following terms:
Greenline Fly Fishing - Fly fishing only those areas with a median family income in excess of $100k per year.
Grayline Fly Fishing - Fly fishing only in areas frequented by tour buses.
Redline Fly Fishing - Fly fishing only in active war zones.
Thin Blueline Fly Fishing - Fly Fishing only in high crime areas.
Captain Gordon Churchill, still distraught from the elimination of his Duke Blue Devils from this year's NCAA tournament, has announced his efforts to garner favor from newly converted brownline anglers for his beloved Redfish by hereafter referring to them as "Sea Carp."
Proponents of Alaska's proposed Pebble Mine see good things in store for brownliner's should their open pit gold mine come to fruition. "Anglers should think of the mine and its tailings as the world's largest and newest brownline fishery."
Finally, insert your own version of headline here re: Newly formed video production company embraces brownlining, selects "Carp Bums" as name.