Friday, April 24, 2009

Fin sighted in Carolina

Ran into Jason Puris of fishing website hanging outside one of my favorite suburban carp spots. He was in town working with the FLW bass tourney so we took the opportunity to have a brew and some fish taco's. Check out his website. It is an excellent all around hang out for the angling crowd.

At the same time Jason comes to town, we get reports of a Snakehead being caught in a local lake.

"Fisherman Gary Upton of McAdenville caught the 12-pound, 31-inch northern snakehead Sunday in the lake's Paw Creek arm in Mecklenburg County. He took his saw-toothed catch to a N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission biologist who identified it."

Coincidence? Perhaps....perhaps..


Capt Gordon said...

Need to get that boy out this way. Bonito!

Anonymous said...

Did he give you a Fin hat, trucker style? Still waiting for mine...

Murdock said...

Capt. G. The 6 hour drive is the only thing that kept us from heading your direction.


I didn't snag one but I also left his fly box sitting on the kitchen counter too. Oh well - I did get the promise of a some NY striper knowledge from him though.