Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fly Fishing Headline News: Brownline Edition

April 1st, 2009

All the news that's fit to print, brought to you today from the Northern base of operations in Cherry Hill, NJ:

An obscure fly fishing industry think tank, today announced the creation of the "IBFFA" or "International Brownline Fly Fishing Association." Among the stated mission of the exclusive and secretive organization is to "maintain an official Brownline Hall of Fame which would be a repository for specie specific records relating to rough fish." In addition to certification of the usual line class records, the IBFFA would also maintain "effluent class requirements" relating to the minimum pollution requirements found in the water wherein record candidate fish was caught.
In a related story, it has been reported that Tom Chandler of the Trout Underground, today filed seeking trademark protection for the following terms:
Greenline Fly Fishing - Fly fishing only those areas with a median family income in excess of $100k per year.
Grayline Fly Fishing - Fly fishing only in areas frequented by tour buses.
Redline Fly Fishing - Fly fishing only in active war zones.
Thin Blueline Fly Fishing - Fly Fishing only in high crime areas.
Captain Gordon Churchill, still distraught from the elimination of his Duke Blue Devils from this year's NCAA tournament, has announced his efforts to garner favor from newly converted brownline anglers for his beloved Redfish by hereafter referring to them as "Sea Carp."
Proponents of Alaska's proposed Pebble Mine see good things in store for brownliner's should their open pit gold mine come to fruition. "Anglers should think of the mine and its tailings as the world's largest and newest brownline fishery."
Finally, insert your own version of headline here re: Newly formed video production company embraces brownlining, selects "Carp Bums" as name.


KBarton10 said...

The NFL must've acted really quickly to claim "clotheslining."

All the IBFFA has to do is figure a way to get it back.

Capt Gordon said...


Anonymous said...

We like sea carp

Rex said...

Another fun April Fools blog. Thanks.

The Trout Underground said...

Given the economic realities, the Trout Underground has also trademarked "Poorlining"

(Where you can't afford to fishing, but sit in your living room with a short fly rod and pretend the cat is a trout).

Kara said...

These are all great headlines. Thanks for the creativity and humor in a world that hasn't had much of either lately.

Murdock said...


Redlining - when Lee casts for a redfish and ends up lining it.....s

Murdock said...

Good ones KB and Tom.