Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gear: Glacier Outdoor Combo Pack Demo Video

Here at FlyfishMagazine we have what the Editorial Trophy Wife some people have called an unnatural obsession with backpacks and pretty much any device that helps us schlep our gear around the country on our fishing expeditions. It is no wonder then that we were intrigued greatly when we got word of the new Combo Pack from Glacier Outdoor which incorporates some new features. From their Press Release:
The Combo Pack is a back pack with a universal chest pack attached for convenience and practicality. The Chest Pack has special straps that can be attached to any life-vest or any backpack. It can also be used alone when not attached to the Glacier Glove pack or any other backpack.
The Combo Unit Back Pack features a water resistant fleece lined pouch for glasses, ample storage, and bright interior lining for increased visibility. It also includes multiple fishing rod holders and comfortable form fitting straps. The Back Pack buckles to the Glacier Glove Chest Pack.
Check out this video product demo and you will understand why we think that Glacier Outdoor might be on to something with this combo pack.
The Combo Pack is available from the Glacier Outdoor website and retails for $149.99 or you can skip the back pack and buy just the chest pack for $59.99

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