Monday, April 20, 2009

TrashFlies: Sprinkle's Poptart Wrapper Midge

FlyfishMagazine's Editor of fly tying with found items, Brad Sprinkle just sent us this beautiful example of his art.

This is a simple one material fly. It was an idea that came one day when I was waiting for a long while in the Jeep and tying to pass the time. I hadn't taken very many materials and had tied as many as I wanted of what I had planned. I found a Pop Tart wrapper in the floor that my son had finished off earlier. Well what could be done with this thin silver material crossed my mind. Here's what came of it.

Hook: #18 Tiemco Scud
Abdomen: Pop Tart Wrapper cut to thin strips.
Rib: Black tying thread
Head: Black tying thread
Note: All coated with head cement, super glue, or Sally Hansens clear polish.

See Brad's previous article "Trash Flies" to get some insight on his inspiration and what he can do with the stuff most of us throw away.

You can also follow Brad on twitter @teachrtec (also, while you are at it, feel free to follow us as well @flyfishmagazine)

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