Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Found in the urban wild

Knoxville, TN


FoulHooked said...

begs the question...

is the sign telling you to run, or stating that zombies run? I suppose if zombies run, you better run as well.

one more question...are these Nazi zombies, or zombies of the more common type?

Capt Gordon said...

Dude! What have i been telling you?!?!

Murdock said...

I agree the signs were everywhere in Knoxville.

I did take the sign to mean that I should run but the question could also be asked as to who the warning was directed. Does it mean for me the human reader to run because of the danger of zombies or does intend to point out a danger to the zombies. Either way I think prudence is advised.

I am pretty sure that we are dealing with the common zombie as no uniforms were sighted and they seemed much less determined.

The only one I actually saw on this trip was in the Hilton bar. It was pretty focused on some sort of beverage so I decided just to give a wide berth rather than to engage.