Monday, April 30, 2007

Media Fishing Reference of the week

This week finds an out of place fishing reference in Ed Hardin's article about our own Carolina Panther's draft day experience:

Playing its offseason strategy to the extreme, Carolina almost traded completely out of the first round of the NFL Draft after making no effort to trade up Saturday. While one league prospect went trout fishing and another flopped around like a beached trout, the Panthers decided this wasn't the day to go angling.

One of the benefits of having an office in uptown (it would be called downtown in any other city) Charlotte is our proximity to the Panther's practice field. On some days during the season you might just find us getting a few autographs on our lunch hour right beside the bad kids who are cutting school.

Paper is to rock as candy is to wounded warriors?

From an article in the where a viewer poll picked a story for the CBS Evening news "Assignment America" to cover. It seems today candy beats the blood of patriots almost everytime.

A Tuscola candy shop will appear this Friday on the "CBS Evening News," thanks to the help of area computer users. CBS News announced Sunday night that Flesor's Candy Kitchen in downtown Tuscola was the top choice in Internet voting over the weekend.
The story of a Greek immigrant named Gus Flesor establishing the shop in 1901 and two granddaughters who reopened the shop in 2003 got more votes than a story on fly fishing for wounded soldiers and a 13-year-old boy who is the CEO of a baseball bat company.

link to our previous coverage of this item.

The excellent RPS poster above comes from this site.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Don't ask don't tell?

Could the harmones flushed down the toilet wind up giving your favorite species of trout what amounts to a sex change? According to the Vail Daily, it just might.

"Estrogen, the main female sex hormone, is the big culprit here. While most treatment plants remove 90 percent to 95 percent of chemicals and hormones from wastewater before it heads back to a river, trace amounts of estrogen are enough to alter the sex of a fish."Sex determination is dependent on hormones, and hormones from the outside could override the ones inside a fish," Vajda said.The consequence of too much estrogen in the water? The Waynes become Wandas, and women rule the river."

Rumor Has it

The rumor mill is cranking about a possible new catch and release tail water fishery for North Carolina. From a post on our favorite Southeast Fly Fishing Fourm about the Catawba River near Marion, NC:

"he told me that the President? of the Nc Wildlife Commission had been there..They spoke about the Catawba River...Captain said that he was told that they had resolves the Muddy Creek issues and had worked out the access plans...and the fact that they were going add aerators...and designate it a catch and release...BOLD and long over due move for NC Wildlife ."

However, others on the board are skeptical that any such fishery would exist under C&R regulations:

"C and R on the Catawba most likely will never happen. Not on waters where for over 65 years, the land owners have sucker fished, cat fished, AND trout fished, etc............with WORMS !! "

Any readers with inside info care to weigh in?

Friday, April 27, 2007


Fresh Friday Fodder For Fly Fishers

The 2007 Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Championships will be going on this weekend on four different venues around Cody, Wyoming. Competitors are trying to qualify for a slot on Fly Fishing Team USA. Our own Southeast Regional qualifier is being planned for mid to late August.
Our chums from Moldy Chum have officially gone fishing. Something we have done far too little of lately. However, this is something we plan to correct this with our pal Paisley this weekend.
Pete from Fishing Jones has pointed us to an excellent UK blog called the Disabled Angler. We couldn't help but be impressed with their Reels on Wheels concept.
The always inspirational Fly Fishing Rabbi answers a question about something of which we often find ourselves guilty, praying for trout to bite. I have often accused my father, who is a minister, of using his unique relationship with the Man upstairs as a means to catch more fish than me.
Finally, the Flyfishin' blog gives us something meaningful to do this Friday morning. CBS News is previewing three stories for its Assignment America segment. One of these is about the excellent Project Healing Waters organization that takes wounded warriors fly fishing as a form of rehab. If enough viewers vote for the PHW story today CBS will cover an event in Long Island and run the story next Friday. Visit the Flyfishin' blog to read about it then cast your vote via this link to help bring this great group some publicity.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now I have absolutely no excuse

Arkansas' Baxter Bulletin website has an article about Mountain Home fly tyer Al Taylor. Mr Taylor is an accomplished fly tyer even though he is almost legally blind due to macular degeneration.

Taylor, who said he was diagnosed with macular degeneration more than six years ago, jokes that making flies these days he has to feel and beg — feel the materials to make the fly and beg people to tell him what color it is. "Is this the pink?" he asks a nearby person during a fly-tying demonstration last weekend.

New Mobile Offices

When we found this up for auction on the Government Liquidation website we couldn't help but think how good it would look sitting in our local trailer park.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Paul Proios as The Trout Whisperer

Hey Sil, Could you pass me an Elk Hair Caddis?

Dyke Hendrickson writes via about his youthful foray into fishing on some property owned by "The Family."

The reason there were many brook trout was that no adults would fish the streams. The land was owned by Mafia henchman. No joke. These guys, with five o'clock shadows and Cadillacs which at that time were the length of Rhode Island, would yell, scream and sometimes even point what appeared to be guns to get strangers to leave.

Has CTU's Budget Been Cut?

Last year we noticed that Jack Bauer, who saves the world regularly on the Fox's hit television show, "24" kept his CTU earpieces in one of those Okuma / Wheatley type metal fly boxes with the spring loaded doors. This year it looks like there might have been budget cuts. In this past Monday's episode, Agent Doyle (Ricky Schroder) takes his earpiece out of a Meiho M-62 plastic fly box. I carry two of these handy boxes in my chest pack at all times.
Their website wouldn't let me get a screen capture but you can still check it out for yourself by viewing last week's episode. Skip ahead to the last segment and take a look. It shows up at the 35:43 minute mark.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If these are Nomads....

When I think of nomads, typically I think of wandering folk, tending herds and living in yurts. However, "The Nomads of the Sea" gives a whole new meaning to the term. The Nomads of the Sea is a live aboard fly fishing mother ship that allows its anglers to access remote parts of Chilean Patagonia.
The Atmosphere has a steel hull, twin engines and twin propellers with variable pitch to be able to maneuver easily no matter the current or sea conditions. It also provides the ability to deploy the jet boats and/or our Bell 407 helicopter.

Our Mother Ship is reliable and possess unique characteristics that provide comfort to our guests. Among them we must point out our spectacular cabins and a Spa service that pampers the guests like no other. Like if this wasn't enough, the Atmosphere has developed a Chilean Cuisine menu that includes typical dishes in a modern and fresh way.
Perhaps the crew of the Nomad would be interested in having us join them on a trip so that we could write a proper review for our popular fly fishing website. We won't be holding our breath.

Chandler to visit GSMNP: Calamity Ensues

Famed blogging angler Tom Chandler of the Trout Underground is planning to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the next couple of weeks. Around the time he announced his plans to visit the park on his excellent blog, several area roads were closed due to high wind and downed trees. Now, as the time for his visit approaches, we learn of a forest fire in the park that has closed a campground and trails.

"A visitor reported the fire to the park around 2:30 p.m. on Monday. The fire is about 1.5 miles inside the park boundary and is located about 0.3 mile from the Big Creek Trailhead between Big Creek Trail and Chestnut Branch Trail. Aerial reconnaissance of the fire yesterday afternoon estimated the fire to be about 40 acres north of Big Creek Trail."


Salt Water Fly Box Filler Deal

So let's say you are planning a salt water fly fishing trip this summer and find yourself running short of time at the tying vise? Don't fret but rather take advantage of one of these deals on Jim Black saltwater flies from Sierra Trading Post.

Jim Blacks Saltwater Minnow Fly Selection - Dream Cast, 4 Dozen 69.95

Jim Blacks Saltwater Striper and Bluefish Fly Selection - Dream Cast, 4 Dozen 79.95

Jim Blacks Ultimate Saltwater Fly Selection - Dream Cast, 5 Dozen 119.95

Monday, April 23, 2007

Blue Heron Kayaks

The heron is a beautiful bird that moves silently through the water in search of fish. This kayak certainly fits the bill.

New South Holston / Watauga Fishing Reports

Rod Champion from Champion Outfitters has uploaded a new fishing report for the South Holston and Watauga tail waters in East Tennessee. He gives us some great tips about which flies are working best and also announces the opening of their new shop located just below the weir dam on the South Holston River.

"On the Watauga, the big caddis’ are hatching off daily, from morning til evening. Use a size 10 or 12 dark caddis for this event. And an event it is. It is a major, air filling hatch. Of course, on a caddis’ hatch, where ever you are, a soft hackle is the ticket. For Caddis’ only ride on the water to lay their eggs. Otherwise, they burst up and as emergers and are gone. Thus a swinging soft hackle is the trick. "

Visit's fishing report page to read the entire report. Remember you too can let your fellow anglers know how the fishing is on your home water by visiting our "Submit Reports Page." We will be sure to give you credit and think happy thoughts about you.

Healing Waters

Douglas Dear, the owner of Virginia fly fishing destination Rose River Farm, gave us a heads up about an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch about wounded Army Ranger Eivind Forseth's experience fly fishing through Project Healing Waters.
"At the time, I was very frustrated with every aspect of my life because of my wounds and my recovery from the wounds. I thought it was just one more thing that was going to frustrate me, and it would be one more thing to remind me I had a permanent disability."
Hooking a fish changed all that.
Project healing water's mission says it all:
Project Healing Waters salutes all of our brave armed forces, and strives to serve those who have come home woundedand aid in their physical and emotional recovery by introducing or rebuilding the skills of fly fishing and fly tying.
Here is a link to the article in the Times Dispatch and a link to the good folks at Rose River Farms where they offer trophy trout fishing.

Monday Morning eBay Zen

Our weekend scan of eBay reveals some true gems that must be seen to be appreciated:

Gone Fishing Cake Topper

Fly fishing not working out for you? Perhaps you might want these Harpoon Gun plans. Just perfect for fish, frogs, or bringing a silent end to anglers who crowd you on the river.

Fly fishing really not working for you? Maybe you should consider purchasing this guide to worm farming and selling bait.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Tennessee Valley Angler

You have to think that a blog written by folks using the pen name's Hawgdaddy, Insane, and Drake deserves a look. The Tennessee Valley Angler is written by three North Alabama outdoorsmen and, as the title suggests, is all about fly fishing and bass fishing in the Tennessee Valley.
Our goal is to express our thoughts on fishing and the outdoors. You can also follow our progress in learning to create custom fishing rods, hand-tied flies, and bass lures. Eventually, we’d like to get into building bamboo fly rods, but that’s a ways down the road. All three of us grew up bass fishing on Lake Guntersville, and we still do that with conventional tackle on occasion. Of late we have all become interested in fly fishing, and we fly fish as much as possible, for bass and panfish locally and for trout at whatever location we have the money and time to visit.
Sounds like our sort of people. Accordingly, sidebar links have been added.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Foyer Tarpon

Silver King by Kent Ullberg available via the IGFA online store for $9,990.90

60 Things Worth Shortening Your Life For

From the "not exactly fishing related department" comes this article in Esquire magazine that spells out 60 things the author feels are worth shortening your life for. Here are few of our favorites from the list:
1. Danger dogs. The Tijuana delicacy -- a hot dog wrapped in bacon, fried, and topped with mayo -- has made its way to San Diego and Los Angeles, sold from carts outside stadiums, clubs, and wherever hungry drunks congregate.
12. Punching Barry Bonds in the face.
15. Smoking Cubans (In Cuba).
26. Combo No. 4 at the Varsity in Athens, Georgia.
28. The fugu (poisonous blowfish) tasting menu at Morimoto in New York and Philadelphia
32. Carousing with the Mob.
Feel free to add your own (fly fishing related or not) in the comments.

Vosseler's "Unique" Fly Tying Vice

Aside from catching our eye, the design of this fly tying vice from Vosseler has been awarded a red dot design award for 2007. The "vice" rotates on 5 different axis points, can hold two flies at once, and features a suction cup base that won't mar and allows you to tie flies on your desk top, drift boat, pick up truck, smooth river rock, or even our shiny bald head.
"Crafted from surgical steel and high-grade aluminium, the Vosseler tying vice is as tough as it is versatile."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Greater Cotter Trout Fest - April 20-21 2007

This heads up comes from an alert commenter on our previous post about Paisley, Zugbug, and Garwood's recent trip to Arkansas to fish the White River.

"White River Lover said...
We'd love to see all you fisherfolks at the Great Cotter Trout Fest this weekend. It's the sixth annual fishing party at Cotter, Arkansas, Trout Capital USA! "

The Great Cotter Trout Fest will be held this weekend "under the Rainbow bridge in Cotter's Big Spring Park." Here is a link to the press release with all the details about the event.

We would attend but we have an appointment this weekend to match wits with a wild turkey. Most folks are putting their money on the turkey.

America's Most Endangered Rivers 2007

#9 Neuse River, North Carolina. View the entire list here.

Is that a rainbow in the back yard? reports that flooding from recent storms in Connecticut may have swept hundreds of trout into peoples back yards and fields. The article also warns that if you find one and pick it up without the proper fishing license you could get a ticket.

"Fishing without the $20 state license carries a $77 fine during the season, and $154 during off season. The fines can be applied even if the fish are caught by hand."

The Department of Environmental Protection suggests the following proceedure for handling out of place trout:

"People who find any wayward trout are being asked to pick up the fish and put them back into the nearest permanent body of water. "

Arkansas: White River Fishing Report

Paisley with an excellent White River brown trout

Garwood floating the White River in his White River Pontoon staffers Paisley, Garwood, and Zugbug recently float fished Arkansas' White River. Read about their excellent trip on's Fishing Reports page.

It seems I am the only one not getting to fish in Arkansas this month. Tennessee contributing editor Jay Moore is fishing this week on the White River with one of his valued customers. We should have an up to date report from him shortly.

Remember we will publish just about anything around here so feel free to brag by sending us your own fishing reports and photos.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Inevitable: Death, Taxes, Discounts on Gear

Unless you are planning on heading to a country that has no extradition treaty with the United States in the next few days, you probably fall into one of two distinct camps, those who had to pay or those who will get a refund. Either way we here at feel that you deserve some tax day coupon love. So go ahead and console yourself as you drop that fat check in the mailbox at 11:59:59 this evening by picking up some shiny new fly fishing equipment. You will certainly feel better.

Coupon 125x125
Click the banner above to save an additional 7% on orders of $95 at Sierra Trading Post.

Thompson Cigar
Getting a refund? Then show "The Man" he doesn't have you down and order some primo smokes at 15% off., Inc.
Better not forget Mom.

Smith Optics:

Purveyors of fine and functional fishing eyewear, Smith Optics announced today the launch of a new website with a domain name that sums up all of the things an angler really cares about when it comes to fishing eyewear in four little words: The site adds a new twist or two in the marketing of polarized glasses.
"Not only does the site offer up unique details about Smith Optics’ high performance lens tints and cutting edge frame styles, it also features a condition simulator that allows you to “test drive” any of Smith Optics’ legendary Polarized or Polarchromic™ lenses in a variety of conditions."

Monday, April 16, 2007

Trees downed in GSMNP - Hwy 441 blocked

Anglers preparing for a trip to fish the Great Smoky Mountains National Park should be advised that last night's windstorm brought down large numbers of trees around the park. According to this article highway 441 which runs over the mountain between the town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the Cherokee Indian Reservation, is blocked with over 200 trees down.

"The area where about 200 trees fell onto the road is in North Carolina, near the Tennessee state line, east of Newfound Gap. There was no estimate of when the highway would be opened again and no word about damage to the roadway. Crews were scheduled to work until dark on Monday."

The National Park Service website reports the following road closures:

Temporary Closures • Newfound Gap Road (US-441) - due to ice and wind damage
Clingmans Dome Road - due to ice and snow
• Parsons Branch Road - was severely damaged by a flood. Repairs to the road began on October 16, 2006. For safety reasons, the road will be closed to all public use, including hikers, equestrians, and cyclists during construction.

He doesn't fly jets that well either.

From an article in the Seattle Times about actor Tom Skerritt's performance in a local play comes this admission:
"The fly-fishing casts were the product of stand-ins. Skerritt tells a story on himself about going to Montana afterward to fish with friends and dumbfounding guides with his angler ineptness, including a near-fall out of the boat."

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Review: Trout Bum Diaries Vol. 2 - Kiwi Camo

The Angling Exploration Group could rightly be called pioneers of fly fishing's new media. Their Trout Bum Diaries: Volume 1 set in the fly fishing paradise of Patagonia, opened the door for a new sort of fly fishing video. This new format shuns the teaching of technique in favor of pure entertainment value and adventure. It was for this reason that we were excited to watch their newest offering, Trout Bum Diaries: Volume II Kiwi Camo.
Kiwi Camo chronicles the trout bum's four month adventure to fish the back country rivers of New Zealand. During their journey they brave everything from biting swarms of bugs to a sheep traffic jam in their quest for some of the largest trout on the planet. We get to watch as they perfect a style of fishing that is somewhat foreign to them. Long leaders, light tippet and big flies mean that they often find themselves ditching graceful casts in favor of the "chuck and duck."
The rivers in the shadow lands are huge and the giant trout are scarce, so fishing here often becomes a team sport with one person acting as spotter and directing his fellow angler's casts with both sharing in the joy of a successful hook up or the disappointment of a missed bite.
One of the things I have always enjoyed about the AEG's work is that they show both the good and the bad. Their videos seem to tell us, "Sure you can fish New Zealand with us but you better not mind the smell of sheep or be bothered by a few dozen sand flea bites along the way." It reminds us that the payoff of the trout bum lifestyle, while rewarding, requires that a price be paid. These guys and gals gladly pay that price and the reward is getting to fish.
Kiwi Camo's production quality is a step up from AEG's first video. Volume two has a decidedly more professional feel with less narration and more dialog. The scenery is sublime and the fish porn outstanding! My wife always has "problems" with me after viewing a Trout Bum flick. After watching one, I can't help but do the math to see just how long the money in my 401k would last on my own trout bum adventure.
Trout Bum Diaries: Volume 2, Kiwi Camo is available from the Angling Exploration Group's website for $26.95 (as of this printing). It is a 75 minute long letterbox DVD wth dolby digital stereo sound. You can view a trailer by clicking here.

Rods, Reels, & Real Estate

Fly fishing retail powerhouse, Orvis, is getting into the high end real estate market. Orvis will join Cabelas in listing properties of interest to outdoors men and women via their catalogs and websites. A recent article in the Great Falls Tribune spells it out:

"For Orvis, the property has to meet three criteria: The land needs to have conservation value, meaning it can't be over developed; it has to have strong recreational and sporting attributes; and it has to be deemed a strong investment, Watson said. "We're selective in what we take," he said. The aim is that if Orvis is listing it, it's a high-quality sporting property, he said"

Friday, April 13, 2007

Roanoke River Striper Report

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Comission has posted a fishing report about the striper run on the Roanoke River.
"Bobby Colston, owner of Colston's Tackle Box on Highway 48 south of Gaston, heard several reports of anglers catching decent numbers of stripers around Weldon. Colston said anglers were having the most luck fishing bucktails—either white or chartreuse—and sassy shad jigs. One fisherman fishing above the Hwy. 48 bridge caught and released six small stripers using a bucktail lure. “The stripers aren’t running strong just yet, but they’re coming,” Colston said."
Officer Ron Barnes of the NC DMV caught this one during the Roanoke River run last year.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shad Toss

The 37th annual Grifton, NC Shad Festival April 17th - 22nd.


Skwala Time

According to an article in today's Denver Post it is time for the Skwala Stonefly hatch on the Bitterroot.

"A large stonefly that appears in late March on certain rivers of the northern Rockies, the skwala is a bug shrouded in considerable mystery. It receives little mention in angling literature and is even less known to most anglers outside the area."

While you contemplate the stonefly hatch you should check out the website of the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at Brigham Young University. They have an entire section devoted to everything "Stonefly"

Trout Stanley

"What do fraternal twins, a man named after a fish, and a missing stripper who happens to be a Scrabble champion all have in common? According to playwright Claudia Dey, these seemingly haphazard items are intrinsically linked."
Sounds like almost all the things we look for in a play.
Of course some folks didn't like it and compared it to fish guts.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Alaska News Via SourDough Notes

If you want to keep up with what the U.S. Forest Service is up to in Alaska check out their new newsletter, "SourDough Notes."
The new electronic SourDough Notes will allow the Alaska Region to reach a broader audience and to publish in color. Through the electronic version, the Forest Service will share stories from Alaska’s two national forests—the Tongass and Chugach—and beyond.
Here’s just a peek at what is on the Web right now:
Go to Rio de Janeiro with Tongass ecologist Rick Turner on a search for the critically endangered plant, the Empress of Brazil—found only in mountains north of the city
See photos of a new fungus discovered on the Chugach National Forest
Get ready for the Chugach National Forest Centennial Celebration o Mendenhall icebergs for KTOO radio staff
Oooh fungus porn! Seriously the most recent issue does have some great information and some neat articles for anglers interested in Alaska.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Streamworks: Lighted Nippers

Do you have trouble clipping the tag ends off of your knots while standing waist deep in the surf before sunrise? If you do you might consider this set of lighted nippers from Streamworks.
The Lighted Nipper Plus "features a tiny high-intensity L.E.D. for illumination. Sealed, waterproof light focuses through the cutting edges of the NIPPER, illuminating the eye of the hook. Very helpful in any light.A threader/eye cleaning tool nests conveniently in the body of the NIPPER and assists in attaching the fly to a leader. An imbedded magnet provides a temporary holding area for flies during tippet/fly replacement."

Nano Fish Porn

Fish art meets nanotech and brings us what might possibly be the worlds smallest piece of art.
"Fish was created using nanoentonography, a new process developed by the artist for ARmark to safeguard products and brands from counterfeiting. The ARmark authentication system works by incorporating microscopic layers of covert markers to create brand-owner specific information into products. There are up to eight different levels of security that can be applied to these covert markers that are mere microns wide. With infinite possibilities for unique coding (shapes, colors, numbers and patterns) the product is impossible to replicate. "

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sierra Trading Post April Coupon

Coupon 125x125

It really stinks that some tweaking meth head broke into your truck and stole all your sweet fishing equipment. Try not to think of the $20 he will be getting for that custom four weight rod you so enjoyed. Instead replace it by using the coupon banner above and get 7% off your order of $95 or more. See every cloud does have a silver lining...sort of...

Outdoor Skills: Know your meth labs

There are lots of things in the wilderness that can hurt you. Outdoorsmen know to watch for things like snakes, deer ticks, and bears, but would you know what to do if you run into the strong smell of cat urine while fishing that blue line brookie stream? While there is a slight chance that you are being stalked by a cougar with a bladder control problem, it is more likely that you have stumbled upon a working meth lab. These labs (and their tweaked out owners) can be very dangerous. Authorites advise touching nothing and making a hasty retreat.

An article in Outdoor Life Magazine gives details on a growing problem for those who enjoy being in the wilderness.

"Twelve months earlier in Ashley County, Ark., deer hunters tipped sheriff’s investigators to the fact that methamphetamine manufacturers had taken over remote deer blinds and were using them as labs. Narcotics detectives ended up finding four cooking operations set up in Ashley County deer blinds. In Wright County, Minn., four years before, cookers decided to use ice- fishing shanties to manufacture meth on Waverly Lake."

The Boulder County Colorado website has a section devoted to identifying the signs of an active meth lab.

Carrot Rods...Get Your Carrot Rods...

It is official. Carrot based fly rods have made it to the marketplace. Back in February we told you about these innovative rods made from Curran which is derived from Bugs Bunny's favorite snack. Now they are available for purchase from the Just Cast premium fishing rod company located in the UK. A root vegetable rod does not necessarily equal an inexpensive fly rod as these fly rods sell for in excess of $700 us.
Maybe the good folks at Just Cast will see fit to send us one to try. If it doesn't work well we could always eat it with some ranch dressing.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Phantom Fly Fisher: Lon Chaney Sr.

According to this article in "The Independent," the man of 1000 faces was a fly fisher.
"The research threw up endearingly banal details. For example, the ghoulish star spent time between takes teaching actresses to knit and had a passion for fly fishing."

Review: Fish Eye Fly Fishing Video Mag: Get Bent!

We learned about Burl Production's Fish Eye Fly Fishing Video Magazine from Key West Fishing Guide, Justin Rea during a recent trip down South. Justin put us in touch with Mikey Wier and he was nice enough to send us a review copy of Volume 3 which carries the appropriate title "Get Bent!". Once we had inserted the DVD and cranked up the screening room we realized we had met Mr. Wier at last year's Five Minutes of Fly Fishing competition at the Fly Fishing Retailers Show.
Rather than focus on just one angler's adventures or one type of fly fishing, "Get Bent" is a virtual variety show for the fly fishing aficionado. One of the things that stands out about this issue is seeing first hand the pure excitement and enjoyment of the sport that a young angler, Loren Elliott experiences every time he makes a fly rod connection with a trout. Loren has a talent for fly fishing and a love for the sport that is evident with every cast. Another segment shows Mr. Wier getting into the act and we are witness as he catches one of California's largest wild rainbow trout ever on a fly. As if that weren't enough the DVD has three more segments that run gamut from fishing in the high country snow to a peaceful yet belly boat crowded lake full with Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.
This DVD also brings a novel approach to advertising for the genre, the promo video. Simply put the paid ads keep your attention just as well as the magazine content. On this disc the promo video's include some of the best footage in the issue. Tarpon, Bones, and Permit with Capt. Justin Rea, Red fish on the fly in Louisana's red zone and an inside look at the Sage rod factory. In short don't fast forward through this great content.
Burl Production's Fish Eye Fly Fishing Video Magazine, Issue 3 is available via the Fish Eye Videos Website at for $22.00 shipped. Burl Productions also films destination and lodge promos and will even professionally film your own fishing trip and provide you with DVD's to share with friends and family.