Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rumor Has it

The rumor mill is cranking about a possible new catch and release tail water fishery for North Carolina. From a post on our favorite Southeast Fly Fishing Fourm about the Catawba River near Marion, NC:

"he told me that the President? of the Nc Wildlife Commission had been there..They spoke about the Catawba River...Captain said that he was told that they had resolves the Muddy Creek issues and had worked out the access plans...and the fact that they were going add aerators...and designate it a catch and release...BOLD and long over due move for NC Wildlife ."

However, others on the board are skeptical that any such fishery would exist under C&R regulations:

"C and R on the Catawba most likely will never happen. Not on waters where for over 65 years, the land owners have sucker fished, cat fished, AND trout fished, etc............with WORMS !! "

Any readers with inside info care to weigh in?

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